Nourishe With Kristin Bauer

33m | Mar 15, 2021
Master Alchemist, Kristin Bauer, is at the forefront of leading change in the skincare industry formulating a collection of non-surgical, topical, and love-based techniques for face lifting, lip enhancement, and line removal to promote volume restoration, lift the skin, and smooth out lines and wrinkles with natural-looking results. Kristin’s early studies began to take root through a keen interest in DNA mutation and treatment of patients in a hospital burn unit, which led to her intense commitment to understanding the science behind skin growth and regeneration. It was this experience that guided Kristin to formulate specialized treatments focused on DNA repair and the protection of long-term skin rejuvenation. Her daughter, Esse, proved to be a powerful teacher in the advancement of her practice into the holistic realm. “It was when I became pregnant with my daughter that I first began to comprehend on a very deep level the magnitude of chemicals that are all around us. So, I started to question: How can we expect to have healthy bodies, if we are using polluted chemical products on our skin?” Her ongoing research and implementation of innovative treatments and new modalities of healing the skin and body led to the launch of Nourishe Organics: Genuine Beauty Inspired By Mother Earth. Nourishe Organics’ original line of skincare products is made from the most authentic, organic ingredients available, using ethically grown and harvested raw materials with absolutely no preservatives.

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