• EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 18 - In Season Adjustments

    This week, Justin and Travis talk about what a lot of athletes are going thru right now in regard to the when, why and how of mid-season adjustments. Many athletes struggle when it comes to figuring out if you are preparing for a lesson or preparing for a game. Understanding the physical, mental or approach aspects will lead to a better understanding of pattern changing, mental approach, dealing with failure along with the varying degrees of pressure along with causes of anxiety. The rabbit holes the fellas go down this week is beneficial for players, coaches and parents alike.

    S1E18 - 49m - Jun 16, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 17 - Unwritten Rules of Baseball

    As the boys returned from a little hiatus, Justin and Travis dive right in regarding the hot topic of the “unwritten rules” of baseball. Ones they like, ones they would like to change and a really interesting story each of the guys talk about their own run ins with those unwritten rules.

    S1E17 - 43m - May 24, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 16- I feel the need, the need for speed

    The theme for this week is velocity. Justin and Travis talk about their top three reason why there is so much velocity in the game today. In addition to their list, the guys talk about:

    -      Have we gone away from the days of youth three sport athletes?

    -      When did “PO” start to enter youth athletics?

    -      Is youth sports specialization what is needed to compete?

    -      The amount of information out there and who/what to listen to

    -      Is the plague of UCL injuries due to overuse?

    -      What is the difference between long toss and a weighted ball program?

    -      Will we ever see a 110 mph thrower? If so how long it might take to get there and what type of athlete would it take

    S1E16 - 54m - Mar 28, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 15- If I knew then what I know now

    We have all had that one hypothetical question asked of us “If you had a time machine, what would you do?”. I this week’s episode Justin and Travis discuss some of the things they would go back and tell their younger selves that they know now.

    In addition, the guys talking about:

    -      What you take literally as a hitter and what you take as a swing thought

    -      How cues can be completely different in the outcome for a player and how that can determine success of failure as a player.

    -      Does barrel dumping lead to pulling the baseball more?

    -      Instruction insight Travis and Justin give to their own kids.

    -      What pitches should young hitters just getting started in the game be looking to swing at?

    -      How to “out athlete” the game of baseball

    -      Velo now vs Velo then

    -      What is the right level of baseball for you?

    S1E15 - 52m - Mar 21, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 14- Narrowing it down to 3

    A question that the guys are asked on a regular basis is what are their favorite drills.

    While Justin and Travis don’t have cookie-cutter drills that are going to be an answer for everyone, this week they talk about their “go to” drills if the had to only choose 3 to use for the rest of their lives to build better hitters.

    S1E14 - 52m - Mar 13, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 13- Linear vs Rotational Debate

    In lucky episode number 13, Justin and Travis dive deep into the Linear vs Rotational discussion to go along with things like:

    Finding your niche/building your brand in social media

    Humanization of the game

    Qualities some of the best coaches have

    The importance of “cues” and recognizing individual needs

    Swing Up vs Swing Down debate

    Along with everyone’s favorite segment “Don’t be That Guy”

    S1E13 - 47m - Mar 4, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 12- Epidemic of Barrel Dumping

    Coming off of last weeks detailed discussion on deceleration, Justin and Travis spend this week talking about the epidemic of barrel dumping.

    Along the way, the guys also touch on:

    The process of intaking information

    One-posture hitters

    Is soft toss/front toss bad?

    When to add velocity into training

    Teaching for success is a lesson vs finding success in a game

    How are lessons impacted by parents/guardians not being allowed in the building?

    Along with the acclaimed segment “Don’t be that guy”

    S1E12 - 47m - Feb 25, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 11- Diving into Deceleration

    Last week Justin and Travis hinted at what the theme for this week’s show would be, and that is diving in detail about deceleration. What is it? Why is it important? How to teach/understand it? Examples to look for. They don’t talk much about “absolutes” anymore but do say that the ability to decelerate might be one of them.

    Plus, the newest segment “Don’t Be That Guy”

    S1E11 - 50m - Feb 21, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode 10- Trends: Past, Present and Future

    The fellas are back at it again this week diving into and having some real good discussions. Some of what they talk and debate about include:

    -      What trend(s) do you think we will see in pitching next?

    -      Is the next effective hitter going to be a “steep guy”, and why? (or why not)

    -      Revisiting the concept of “Preferred Posture”

    -      How do pitchers combat what hitters are trying to do?

    -      Superior Decision-Making vs Superior Bat to Ball Skill debate

    -      When do you insert decision making into skill acquisition?

    -      Risk/Reward of increase strikeouts

    -      Manipulation of the baseball and control with variability training

    -      Knocking of creativity in drills in our industry

    S1E10 - 49m - Feb 12, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Nine- Exit Velocity and Consistency of Contact

    Justin and Travis or EliteBaseball.TV are back at in again this week. Roles have changed a little with Travis doing more of the heavy lifting when discussing things such as:

    -      Starting to do things in person again

    -      Using the gym as a transfer portal to the cage

    -      Being challenged by others

    -      “White Board Meetings” the staff have been having lately

    -      Removing Hip/Shoulder Separation

    -      How to get in & out of a position, not just out of it

    -      Ideas to keep kids in baseball as long as possible

    -      How to connect the upper body to the rigid lower body

    -      How to help create a feel to eliminate some “Slinky” until we get stronger

    -      Big Engine with Poor Brakes hitters vs Small Engine with Terrific Brakes hitters

    -      Exit Velocity vs Consistency of Contact

    -      Exit Velocity metrics at each level of baseball

    S1E9 - 52m - Feb 6, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Eight- Decision Making

    In episode 8, Justin and Travis spend a good amount of time on the concept of “Decision Making” along with going into greater detail about:

    Why it is so hard to fix a hitter who barrel dumps?

    Is getting the ball in the air more of a swing trait or a timing related issue?

    How to deal with and create an approach for plus velocity as an amateur hitter

    “Pushy and Steep” Hitters vs “Losing the Barrel” hitters

    Old School vs New School culture of learning

    Is Decision Making an innate quality or something you can get better at?

    “Don’t Strike Out” mentality

    Passive vs Aggressive Hitters

    Travis talks about a decision-making process he uses with his hitters

    Is the way we give lessons correct?

    Some stories that might make you laugh from Travis and Justin about growing up in small towns and their baseball experiences with woods, wrestling, skipping school. You will just have to tune in and find out.

    S1E8 - 53m - Jan 30, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Seven- Importance of Understanding a Players Movement Profile

    Thanks to the joys of technology, this week’s guest had to be rescheduled, but as the saying goes, the show must go on.

    In this week’s episode, as is been in episodes past, Justin and Travis dive into a wide variety of topics with this week being a little heavier on the throwing side of things but with an underlying theme of the importance of identifying movement profiles and conducting movement screens.  Along with:

    -      Surface comps vs reality in terms of movement

    -      Why not to prescribe a certain movement without knowing the athletes underlying capability

    -      Experience with the TPI certification in Atlanta

    -      Passive vs Active Range of Motion

    -      Discussion of “whip” in correlation with shoulder and hip separation

    -      Patience with younger/looser moving hitters

    -      Dealing with how athletes perceive themselves

    -      Why fast turning athletes are potential “red flags”

    -      Chasing exit speed and velocity while cheating the showcase/tryout metrics

    -      Where does the batting tee fit in a training program?

    -      Discussing different eras of baseball

    -      Diving in-depth with some certain traits of Ken Griffey Jr, Tim Lincecum and Aroldis Chapman

    -      “Cooke Cutter” style approach of teaching athletes

    -      Optimal Stride Length of pitchers

    -      Creating and understanding of proprioception

    For more information, make sure to check us out at EliteBaseball.TV

    S1E7 - 56m - Jan 22, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Six- Sit Down with Big League Hitting Coach Andy Haines

    Professional Big League Hitting Coach, and longtime friend, Andy Haines sits down with the fellas this week to cover a wide variety of topics including:

    - Does Andy still believe that the most important aspect to hitting was getting a pitch to hit (pitch selection)?

    - What do pro hitters go to mechanics first when things don’t get well, but is the last thing to discuss when things are going well?

    - Mental issues of dealing with failure and the vulnerability of hitters

    - Does he think that right now, hitting has never been harder?

    - Following the trends of pitchers and how to make adjustments

    - How hard is it to be a pitcher these days?

    - When to hold back, interact, and push as a coach

    - What does success look like?

    - Dealing with “keyboard warriors” on social media

    - How to get hitters mindset right and take advantage of the situation

    - Big league hitters and their incorporation of exit velocity

    - What is takes to be a great competitor

    - Epidemic of competing too much, too soon

    Some really good stuff here with some very good baseball minds this week with Justin, Travis and special guest Andy Haines (with a guest appearance by Willie Mays Haines)

    Make sure to check our more information at www.elitebaseball.tv

    S1E6 - 56m - Jan 14, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Five- Absolute Movement

    In this week’s Episode, Justin and Travis cover a wide array of topics including:

    Hitting and Pitching “Absolutes”

    Movement Types and Movement Profiles

    Filtering out info on social media

    How does movement impact the outcome of the swing?

    Where to start when wanting to become a hitting coach

    Lower body role in speed creation

    Ankle and Hip Mobility and its underutilization in hitting and pitching

    Renting the Move vs Owning the Move

    Benefits of training deceleration

    Different ways of looking at timing

    Athleticism and youth athletes

    S1E5 - 57m - Jan 7, 2021
  • EBT Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Four - Sit Down with Rachel Folden

    While Travis was away for the holidays, we were thrilled to sit down with softball standout and now professional baseball hitting coach Rachel Folden.

    In this weeks crossover episode Justin and Rachel go in-depth on an array of topics including:

    - Magness Effect

    -Fastpitch riseball vs Baseball 4-seam fastball

    - What is the difference between the baseball and softball swing?

    - Developing athletes at a young level

    -The most important and critical element in hitting

    -Timing of the baseball vs softball delivers and which one is harder?

    -The next break thru focus in hitting

    -Creativeness and building your unique style while teaching

    -Rachels path from baseball and softball at a young age to where she is now, one of the first female coaches in professional baseball.


    While we missed Travis this week, and by no means saying he was "Wally Pipped" here, this is really an episode you will not want to miss. 

    S1E4 - 54m - Dec 31, 2020
  • EBT: Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Three - Holiday Episode

    In the Holiday Episode of the Elite Baseball Talk Podcast Justin Stone and Travis Kerber talk about things they want to see under the tree for 2021 including:

    – For hitters to “catch more barrels” and how they think this can be done.

    – How to increase barrel distance in the hitting zone

    – To put out the dumpster fire that is “hitting twitter”

    – For a universal DH in baseball, and why

    In addition to talking about their favorite baseball holiday gifts growing up the guys talk about

    – What they forecast the future of 100+ mph arms

    – Acceleration vs Deceleration

    – Physics, Chickens, Eggs and Magic Tricks.

    A little bit of everything.

    From all of us at EliteBaseball.TV, Happy Holidays!

    S1E3 - 55m - Dec 24, 2020
  • EBT: Elite Baseball Talk: Episode Two - Hot Ham and Cheese with a Side of Public Speaking

    In this weeks episode, Justin and Travis talk dive into their experiences on the public speaking circuit in places like Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Minnesota, Dallas, Waco and Nashville to name a few. Some things that have gone well and things that didn't go so well along with things they wish they had done more of as a young coach looking to get better.

    S1E2 - 58m - Dec 17, 2020
  • EBT: Elite Baseball Talk: Episode One - So it begins........

    You are used to seeing and hearing EliteBaseball.TV's Justin Stone and Travis Kerber in an individual setting, but what happens when bring them together, give them an hour, a microphone and no script?

    You get the inaugural Elite Baseball Talk Podcast.

    This must hear interaction goes beyond the game itself. In this hour you will hear the guys talk about

    -The evolution of them as baseball guys and what they knew (or thought they knew) when they started compared to what they know now and the people who helped them along the way.

    -How it takes vulnerability to be humble?

    -Why curiosity makes a good coach?

    - Stories of their interaction with pro guys when they first started thru today

    - How they have grown their networks, and how it was so much more difficult to grow it when they first started compared to today.

    - What Fortnite has to do with baseball

    - How they grew a baseball business

    - What they did during COVID

    - Drama in the Drive-Thru

    - Why hitting is cyclical. What are some if the things the guys are using now that they haven't used in years.

    59m - Dec 12, 2020
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