GO Love | Missions Month 2024 | Gary Thompson

32m | Mar 3, 2024

Moving with Compassion, Service, and Generosity

With this First Week of "GO," we jump into the essence of missions, compassion, service, and generosity. Pastor Gary Thompson passionately explores the profound call to action embedded within the Christian faith.

Discover how love moves with compassion, service, and generosity as we discuss biblical narratives, personal anecdotes, and real-life testimonies. From supporting local missions to partnering with global ministries, the message underscores the transformative power of generosity in funding God's kingdom work.

Experience the heartwarming testimonies of individuals like Jonas, a missionary from Ethiopia, and Stacy Guerrero, sharing stories of lives transformed through acts of compassion and service. Learn how ordinary individuals become pipelines for God's love and mercy, impacting lives both locally and globally.

Be inspired to embrace a lifestyle of compassion, service, and generosity, understanding that every act of kindness and every contribution plays a vital role in advancing God's kingdom. As Pastor Gary leads us in prayer, let's reflect on our resources, time, and opportunities to partner with God in bringing hope and transformation to the world.

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Eastridge Church South Campus