Eastridge Church South Campus

South Campus Sunday Messages


7- 18 Cameron Moore
Show Details37min 45s
Fight To Win | Brandon Daniel
Show Details40min 55s
Share the Gospel at Every Opportunity | Cameron Moore
Show Details35min 32s
Don't be Afraid | Gary Thompson
Show Details37min 15s
Game Plan for sharing the Gospel | Gary Thompson
Show Details27min 46s
From One To Many | Gary Thompson
Show Details31min 56s
Witness | What are you willing to give? | Gary Thompson
Show Details34min 14s
Witness | Following Jesus cost you Everything | Gary Thompson
Show Details29min 54s
Witness | Can People Tell You've been with Jesus? | Gary Thompson
Show Details33min 37s
Easter | Why Not Jesus? | Gary Thompson
Show Details29min 29s
Final Words | Peace by the Holy Spirit | KURT PETERSHEIM
Show Details38min 4s
Final Words | Jesus Washes Feet | Gary Thompson
Show Details33min 22s
Re:Set | RE:Frame | Hunter Holbrook
Show Details32min 22s
Re:Set | RE:Concile | Gary Thompson
Show Details34min 17s
Re:Set | RE:Name | Gary Thompson
Show Details27min 17s
Re:Set | RE:Memeber | Gary Thompson
Show Details36min 35s
Re:Set | RE:Build | Gary Thompson
Show Details30min 34s
RE:SET | RE:Pent | Gary Thompson
Show Details20min 29s
RE:SET | RE:Deem | Hunter Holbrook
Show Details30min 26s
Re:Set | Restart - Creation | Gary Thompson
Show Details17min 39s
Re:Set | Recovery | Brad Rutledge
Show Details21min 48s
Faithful Servant | Austin Stephens
Show Details19min
Behold | The Light | Hunter Holbrook
Show Details18min 57s
Behold | The Life | Scott Moore
Show Details22min 34s