LOKI Speaks (Telugu Podcast)

Myself LOKI, me and my friends are going to be discussing on various topics from politics to cinema.


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We did inspired a lot of people. Yeah we really do, and if U don't believe listen to what people say about us:

When I came to India for reading Bhagavad Gita, heard these LOKI speaks podcasts and got inspired to propose the theory of relativity ---Alfred Einstin

When I first went to Sri Ramkrishn Padmahasan, I sneaked into his room and have seen him listening to these LOKI speaks podcasts while meditating ---Saami Vivek Nandu

When I went to sponsor LOKI speaks team, they are recording these podcasts as simple as I make tweets, and I immediately went to Idly and suggested him to start musings ---RGB


Trippin on our Schooling ft. My Take On
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LOKI Speaks Trailer (Telugu Podcasts)
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