Shelor Select

The official podcast of Chris Shelor. Hello, I'm Chris Shelor and I started a podcast. I have noticed that sitting down and talking to people seems to be a lost art. I think conversations have been lost in the media and I want this to help bring that back in some form. I wanted to create something that helps me to learn about how others live their lives and why do they think the way they think.


#12 - Jonthan Anderson
Show Details45min 4s
#11 - Hannah Rich
Show Details1hr 50min
#10 - Trever Simpkins
Show Details1hr 44min
#9 - James Chilton & Chad Perry
Show Details52min 20s
#8 - James Chilton
Show Details1hr 42min
#7 - Jonathan Anderson
Show Details1hr 38min
#6 - James & Sara Chilton
Show Details1hr 45min
#5 - James & Sara Chilton
Show Details1hr 22min
#4 - Jonathan Anderson
Show Details1hr 20min
#3 - James Chilton
Show Details1hr 41min
#2 - James Chilton
Show Details2hr 9min
#1 - James Chilton
Show Details56min 52s