This is a self-improvement focused show for growth-minded, Gen Z and Millennials - like you - about the science and art behind making your dream life a reality that gives you the mindset, tools, and strategies for making daily progress towards your dream life.

Guests include Bestselling Authors, Neuroscientists, Entrepreneurs, and Dream chasers around the world who share their knowledge, greatest stories, and life lessons with us.

Host Tim Bishop - co-founder of The Dreamers Initiative, student of life, and conversation junkie - is a member of Gen Z who is on a mission to identify how to truly live the dream life, and he wants to help you do the same.

This podcast is brought to you by The Dreamers Initiative - a personal development community for Gen Z and Millennials that provides tools to make their dream lives a reality.

2-3 Episodes a week.

P.S. To all dreamers out there, your dream life isn’t 20 years away. Your dream life is today. Start now. Act with intention. Dream big. We are here to support your journey :)


Dreamology Podcast Introduction
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