2023 Quarterback Carousel- Reacting to Quarterback landing spots & potential future homes! Draftvice

20m | Mar 13, 2023

2023 Quarterback Carousel- Reacting to Quarterback landing spots and potential future homes! - Draftvice #nflfreeagency2023 #nflfreeagency

Free agency for the 2023 #NFL Season is almost here and Quarterback being the most important position in football- its one that rarely sees turnover if you have a good one. None the less the #2023nfl offseason is almost underway as we have already had the signing of Derek Carr to the Saints, a massive trade up for the first overall pick, multiple QB extensions with Geno Smith and Daniel Jones. Oh and Lamar Jackson- a league MVP- just got hit with the none-exclusive franchise tag. #nflnews

Watch reaction to Bears trading the first overall pick to the Panthers:

Aaron Rodgers - Jets, Greenbay, retirement? #NYJets

Jameis Winston (still under contract but definitely getting cut)

Derek Carr

Saints #neworleanssaints #whodeynation #whodey

Negotiated with jets and panthers

Jimmy Garrapolo



Baker Mayfield

Tampa, LA Rams, 49ers

Andy Dalton

Daniel Jones

It's going to be a 4-year deal worth $160M, sources say, with $35M more in upside. They are finalizing.


Seattle if they don’t draft/sign anyone

49ers, rams



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