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Cam Released! Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon New Teams!- Looking Forward! 2020 - Green Bay and New Orlean Saints
Show Details47min 44s
NFL Free Agency- Day 2 of Legal Tampering! The QB Dominos Fall! Brady is a What-now? - Draftvice!- Ft. DJ Intence
Show Details1hr 4min
NFL Free Agency-First Day of "Legal Tampering" Reaction! (and Franchise Tag news!) - Ft. DJ Intence- Draftvice!
Show Details1hr 15min
Looking Forward! - Jacksonville Jaguars and the Los Angeles Chargers in 2020 - Draftvice!
Show Details34min 12s
Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers- Looking Forward to 2020! - Draftvice
Show Details48min 10s
Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns- Looking Forward! 2020 - Draftvice
Show Details51min 48s
Looking Forward! 2020 - Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals Ft. Shane McMurdo - Draftvice
Show Details52min 36s
Looking Forward! 2020 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans- Draftvice- Ft. Harry Van Ness
Show Details37min 8s
The Future of the San Fransisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs in 2020 & Super Bowl Recap! - Draftvice- Featuring DJ Intence !
Show Details48min 38s
Super Bowl Preview! & the upcoming QB Carousel of Progress!
Show Details31min 27s
Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals - Looking Forward to 2020!- Draftvice
Show Details28min 50s
Draftvice- Looking Forward! 2020 - Denver Broncos & Detroit Lions - Ft. Ricky Sinnig
Show Details40min 27s
2020 Offseason Plans- New York Jets & Dan Snyder's Washington team
Show Details41min 17s
New Head Coaching Hires! Panthers, Giants, Washington and Cowboys! ft. Harry Van Ness
Show Details33min 15s
NFL Coach Firings- Black Monday Reactions (Rest of) -
Show Details18min 30s
Black Monday? BROWNS Tuesday! Freddie got Fired and Dorsey OUT!
Show Details33min 49s
Draftvice- Trades and Trade Deadline Preview! - Sanders, Sanu, Ramsey & Conley!
Show Details10min 20s
Draftvice- NFL Week 8 Preview!
Show Details38min 8s
Draftvice-Fantasy Football- Week 3 Thoughts & Waiver Wire
Show Details24min 53s
Drink draft! With Stand up comedian Luke Rothschild! & Steve! Week 3 Review!
Show Details26min 3s
Week 2 Thoughts and Waiver wire!- Draftvice!
Show Details21min 5s
Draftvice- Week 1 Reaction - Waiver Wire Targets
Show Details33min 8s
Fantasy Football- Draft is over, now what?! Cut down day's effect on fantasy.
Show Details31min 2s
Texans Trade Clowney and Mortgage for Tunsil! Lesean McCoy Cut!
Show Details55min 28s
5 BOLD predictions (each) for Fantasy Football- Ft. Harry Van Ness
Show Details26min 33s
A Video Game Draft! Featuring- Sean Barry and Harry Van Ness
Show Details30min 53s
Andrew Luck Retires! Lamar Miller tears his ACL, preseason and Playoff Predictions! Featuring- Sean Barry and Harry Van Ness
Show Details56min 44s
Fantasy Football- 5 Players to Target & 1 Player to AVOID With: Shane McMurdo & Ricky Sinnig
Show Details40min 30s
Fantasy Football- Expert Consensus Ranking -Draftvice-With: Shane McMurdo & Ricky Sinnig
Show Details37min 3s
Fantasy Football- ADP (Average Draft Position) Shockers, Over/Unders & Strategies- Guest: Ryan Lodge
Show Details1hr 5min
Draftvice- A Cartoon draft! With Comedian Ryan Lodge! Luck hurts, AB on the brain, Clowney up 4 Trade?
Show Details50min 29s
AfterVice- A Hot Pepper Challenge! Ft. Stand-up Comedian Luke Rothschild!
Show Details50min 23s
Fantasy Football - Doing your own ranks, Draft & in season strategy- Guest: Joe Yannucci
Show Details59min 6s
A Fastfood draft! With Stand up comedian Luke Rothschild! - Also, Preseason woes, trades & more!
Show Details46min 1s
Fantasy Football - Busts, Dynasties and Desires- Ft. Jordan Fried/Harry Van Ness
Show Details55min 12s
Draftvice- United States Draft- Worst to First- Ft. Jordan Fried/Harry Van Ness
Show Details55min 38s
Fantasy Football- Big Damn Wide Receiver Episode Part 2
Show Details52min 3s
Fantasy Football -Big Damn Wide Recevier Episode Part 1
Show Details42min 33s
Draftvice- NFL Mascot Draft- AJ Green Inj-Mike Daniels cut/signs-More holdouts and extensions!
Show Details35min 4s
Fantasy Football- Draftvice & Runningbacks
Show Details1hr 20min
Draftvice- Suspension Bonanza- Gordon/Elliot Holdouts- Cut McCoy?- Way too Early AFC East
Show Details46min 12s
Draftvice- Fantasy Football- Fantasy Tight Ends
Show Details31min 50s
Draftvice- Country Draft- Special Guest Stand up Comic: Dave Namery
Show Details47min 14s
Draftvice- Sitcom draft- Way too early AFC North predictions- Pass rush v. Coverage
Show Details53min 10s
Draftvice- NBA Edition
Show Details16min 56s
Draftvice- Candy draft- Way too early AFC West predictions- Guest: Kevin Monahan (Comedian)
Show Details39min 56s
Draftvice- Fantasy Football- Fantasy Quarterbacks- Guest: Ricky Sinnig
Show Details42min 43s
Draftvice- Breakfast Cereal draft- Way too early NFC East predictions- Guest: Ricky Sinnig
Show Details38min 41s
Draftvice- Movie Director/Actor draft- NFC West too early and top 5 QBs
Show Details57min 51s
(After)Vice- Top 5 movies, Cerrone/Ferguson fight, 3 Artists to listen on an island
Show Details34min 34s
Draftvice- Jets hire a GM, Texans Fire theirs! A Stand up comedy draft! OT rules- Gerald McCoy signs
Show Details39min 18s
A (Notso) Draftvice- Guest:Jonathan Swift- Sex in a desert? Gyros? Prison or Port Jervas? Halal Guys or Juicy Platters?
Show Details16min 38s
Draftvice- Way too Early NFC South, Shane reacts to Brojo's QB Tiers, Marijuana Guest Host: Jonathan Swift
Show Details36min 45s
Draftvice- McCoy released by TB, Suh signs, NCAA proposes new rule profiting personal likeness- WAY TOO EARLY NFC NORTH
Show Details49min 49s
Draftvice- News Rundown! - Patrick Peterson suspended, Dak worth 30 Million? 5th year option pickups, Ziggy2Seahawks
Show Details35min 56s
Draftvice- Breakdown! Jets Firing of General Manager Mike Maccagnan- Guest Host: Stephen Pumilia
Show Details50min 32s
Draftvice- AFC North Review- 2019 NFL Draft Reactions-Guest Host: Shane McMurdo
Show Details59min 57s
Draftvice- NFC North Review-2019 NFL Draft Reactions- Guest Host: Shane McMurdo
Show Details48min 59s
Draftvice- NFC South Review- 2019 NFL Draft Reactions-Guest Host: Shane McMurdo
Show Details1hr 4min
Draftvice- AFC South Review-2019 NFL Draft Reactions- Guest Host: Shane McMurdo
Show Details1hr 11min
Draftvice- NFC West Review -2019 NFL Draft Reactions - Guest host - Ricky Sinnig
Show Details41min 47s
Draftvice- AFC West Review- 2019 NFL Draft Reactions- Guest Host: Ricky Sinnig
Show Details44min 32s
Draftvice- AFC East-2019 NFL Draft Review - Guest host: Sean Barry
Show Details32min 53s
Draftvice- NFC East- 2019 NFL Draft Review- Guest host: Sean Barry
Show Details43min 27s
Draftvice- 2019 NFL Draft- Defensive Tackle- Special Podcast- Defensive Line Rankings Preview
Show Details12min 48s
Draftvice- 2019 NFL Draft - Quick Edge Ranking preview- Special Episode
Show Details14min 11s
Draftvice- 2019 NFL Draft - AFC and NFCSouth - Draft Preview-
Show Details53min 54s
Draftvice- 2019 NFL Draft - AFC and NFC West - Draft Preview- Guest host - Part II
Show Details1hr 28min
Draftvice- 2019 NFL Draft- Corners & Safeties- Defensive Backs Expert Ricky Sinnig- AFC/NFC West Draft Preview- Part 1.
Show Details1hr
Draftvice- NFL Free Agency Preview (air date: 3/11/19)
Show Details49min 12s
Draftvice- Brojo and AQ discuss the NFC and AFC East, 2019 Draft's QBs and Gronk (Orig. Air 3/26/19)
Show Details58min 59s
Draftvice- Brojo and AQ look at AFC and NCF North- JOrdy Nelson retires (air date: 4/7/19)
Show Details53min 54s
Draftvice- NFL Free Agency Bonanza review (air date: 3/17/19)
Show Details1hr 37min