Health and Fitness with dove and Dragon with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Catherine Gagnon

Season 3 | Episode 29
27m | Sep 18, 2022 

Are you tired of :

Excessive worry. Fatigue. Self-Doubt. Stress. Weight Issues?

My name is Catherine Gagnon, Health and Life Vitality Mentor! I work with people who are tired of feeling tired. I help you regain Energy and Vitality so that you can live a balanced and joyful Life while savouring every moment of it!

Embark on a transformational journey to remove your barriers to freedom such as indecisiveness, relationships issues and lack of motivation, and access your healthiest version of confidence, love and vitality creating your most empowered self.

Together, we will accelerate your journey to global wellness in your body-mind-soul.

Through the Energy Equation™ (E2) we liberate energy leaks in the body (fatigue, pain, overweight) & the mind (doubt, stress, low self-esteem), so your soul can fully express its true state & find freedom.

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