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We're Sorry. We Can't. Don't Hate Us–

Decades after falling in love with Sex and the City as teens, Emma (she/they) and Shannon (she/they) answer Carrie's questions about life, love, and themselves through a modern lens. Episodes come out every second Thursday.

Produced by Stephen Cook

Logo by Jaime Clanachan

Theme song by Travis Bretzer

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What Do We Believe In?
Show Details58min 13s
Why Are We Afraid of Therapy?
Show Details1hr 4min
What DID We Have Right in School?
Show Details1hr 11min
Can We Truly Forget When We Forgive?
Show Details1hr 6min
Single and Fabulous?
Show Details1hr 27min
And Just Like That... Carrie Dumped Big
Show Details2hr 17min
How Can Carrie Smoke and Ice Skate at the Same Time But Not Understand Bisexuality?
Show Details51min 54s
Minisode: Top Crushes From the SATC Universe!
Show Details22min 14s
And Just Like That... Big Died So We Could Live
Show Details2hr 29min
How Do We See Ourselves?
Show Details1hr 4min
Are We Sluts?
Show Details52min 16s
Are We Emotional Sluts?
Show Details1hr 3min
What Are Adult Friendships Supposed to Look Like?
Show Details47min 45s
What's the Best Way to Break Up With Someone?
Show Details47min 44s