Casefile Presents: Dragonfly, Brett Cantor Murder Mystery Trailer

3m | Jul 1, 2023

Listen to the new Dragonfly trailer from Casefile Presents a rock 'n' roll true crime story that premieres on July 18, 2023.

Step inside the shadowy world of the 90s music industry with Casefile Presents. We go behind the velvet ropes to explore the exclusive Hollywood club scene and the nightlife king and queen pins who ruled it. 

At the center of it all was Brett Cantor, who by 1992, had built an impressive career as an A&R executive at Chrysalis Music Group and was instrumental in helping discover bands like Rage Against the Machine. Brett was at the top of his game, dating actress Rose McGowan and signing on as a partner in a popular Hollywood nightclub called Dragonfly. 

But Brett’s life was tragically cut short when he was found murdered on July 30, 1993, sending shockwaves through the music scene, and his case remains unsolved to this day.

Follow Casefile Presents as they reveal the findings of the three-year cold case investigation into Brett Cantor’s unsolved murder and explore the dark side of Hollywood.

Visit the official websites at to subscribe now! The new series is to be released via on all your favorite streaming platforms. Don't miss the premiere on July 18, 2023.

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