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Death by Misadventure: True Crime Paranormal

True crime, unsolved murder mysteries, and paranormal stories of the rich and famous. Take a wild supernatural ride as we investigate the mysterious deaths and take a mystical look at those who died under infamous circumstances. Hosted by Jacy Nova and Thom Dre.


RIVER PHOENIX: Last Night at the Viper Room with Author Gavin Edwards
Show Details24min 43s
JIMI HENDRIX: Rockstar's Mysterious Death with Author Brad Schreiber
Show Details34min 32s
Death by Misadventure Announcement
Show Details47s
MARILYN MONROE: Hollywood Murder Mystery
Show Details40min 40s
Show Details34min 17s
LYNYRD SKYNYRD: Plane Crash Mystery
Show Details43min 5s
SCOTT WEILAND: Fall to Pieces
Show Details41min 46s
JAYNE MANSFIELD: Secret Hollywood Curse
Show Details29min 49s
HEATH LEDGER: Tomorrow Never Comes
Show Details30min 26s
AARON SWARTZ: Dark Knight of the Web
Show Details37min 11s
AMITYVILLE MURDERS: Haunting Tale of the DeFeo Family
Show Details31min 10s
Show Details48min 8s
ELVIS PRESLEY: Death in Graceland
Show Details46min 52s
SHARON TATE: Manson Murder Mystery
Show Details52min 48s
LAYNE STALEY: Man in the Box
Show Details38min 7s
LIL PEEP: When I Die You'll Love Me
Show Details33min 45s
PAUL WALKER: Fast & Furious
Show Details32min 5s
PRINCE: When Doves Cry
Show Details42min 17s
GRAM PARSONS: Death at Joshua Tree Inn
Show Details45min 39s
JIMI HENDRIX: Deadly Purple Haze
Show Details41min 29s
JANIS JOPLIN: Piece of My Heart
Show Details36min 14s
RANDY RHOADS: Deadly Plane Crash
Show Details32min 54s
BRIAN JONES: Sympathy for the Devil
Show Details40min 57s
CHATEAU MARMONT: Death in Bungalow 3
Show Details31min 3s
AALIYAH: Haunting Premonition
Show Details31min 6s
THE VIPER ROOM: Hollywood Murder Mystery
Show Details31min 26s
27 CLUB: Rockstars Deadly Curse
Show Details50min 11s
TOM PETTY: Runnin' Down a Dream
Show Details42min 14s
CHRIS CORNELL: Fell on Black Days
Show Details44min 18s
BON SCOTT: Haunting Death of AC/DC Singer
Show Details55min 54s
MARC BOLAN: The Deadly Curse of T.Rex
Show Details51min 56s
VIOLA BEACH: The Deadly Crash
Show Details45min 8s