A Behavioral Shift

29m | Oct 7, 2021

(Best experienced with headphones)

“When Covid hit, we had to change our go go go behaviors. Planes, trains, cars didn’t run. Pollution cleared, air was fresh, waterways became cleaner…… Earth showed us she could heal and come into balance”

All practices enhanced by sound healing Instruments and/or music

  • 2:24 “Shaking your bod. Almost an instant remedy for letting go of whatever”
  • 8:41 - a 30 second Meta Meditation, Watching thoughts
  • 10:23 Deeply, nourishing relaxation, a few yin moments with a Yoga Nidra
  • 21:48 Yiddish Folk Song, Aleyn in Veg, Alone in the Road 

Help stop global warming. Check out her film “Call of the Forest” and her latest book “To Speak for the Trees”

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