Tips and Tricks for Toddlers #3 “Identifying Sensations – Helping Children Figure Out What They Need. "

4m | Dec 19, 2022

Just in time for the holidays! My intention with this third short mindfulness recording is to help children (and adults) manage some of the issues that arise around this time of year. Food and weather come to mind mainly. Overindulging can occur which can cause tummy aches and a too full digestive tract. This can lead to congestion or more susceptibility to colds and flus.

“Identifying Sensations” is a great introduction to connecting with both physical and emotional signals that the body gives. Listening to your body’s responses is a mindful practice we can all use! I’m hoping you will take advantage of this 4 minute recording for yourself and the young ones in your life. I recommend a few minutes afterwards for reflection and/or discussion.

Enjoy! Happy and Healthy Holidays to you!

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