To The Trees!

36m | Oct 14, 2021

[Best experienced with headphones]

To the Trees! I’m in love with nature! She gave us magic points on our bodies to press that help with pain, stress and anxiety. Acupressure, a yin practice for the whole family! Yoga Nidra means sleep of the yogi where one is deeply relaxed, yet keenly aware. A brain boost that opens neural pathways!All practices enhanced by sound healing instruments and/or music.

  • 1:55 a Meta 1 minute Meditation – “I am here.”
  • 3:26 Practice #1 Bend Like a Tree/Cleanse with the Rain/ Stretching and Tapping
  • 11:33 Practice #2 Acupressure for Calming and Energy
  • 19:43 Practice #3 iRest Yoga Nidra – a Restoring Body and Breath Scan
  • 31:19 Ladino Song, Arvoles, Trees with Guest Flamenco Guitarist Shane Derk, recorded at Charlito’s Studio, Albuquerque, NM 

Plant a tree appropriate for your region! We need them!Sharing Acupressure: When doing acupressure with another person, be sure to ground and center yourself before you start by feeling into your feet and breathing deeply into your belly and chest. Visualize yourself inside of an egg of blue light. Stand or sit beside them, chair facing them. Check with them regarding the amount of pressure they desire. Hold the points until you feel the energy pulse steady and strong. When finished, feel into feet, shake hands out down toward earth and/or touch the ground. Bow to each other. Resources: and You Tube Channel “Notable Healing Sheila Fox”Integrative Restoration Institute for the Inner Resource Exercise For info on the sound healing system used in this podcast Send comments to Sheila at

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