Got Stress? Hold Your Finger!

32m | Nov 19, 2021

 Best Experienced with Headphones.

Managing emotions is so much easier with using Fingerholds. Each finger connects to a meridian that channels energy to a corresponding organ system. I wish I had learned these growing up! Now they are my favorite way to fall asleep.

All practices enhanced by sound healing instruments and/or music.

3:41 Practice #1 A One Minute Meditation, “I am your name”

6:02 Practice #2 Shakin’ It Out! Let go with a little klezmer clarinet!

13:16 Practice #3 Fingerholds to Manage Emotions – Great for kids too!

27:35 Song It’s Alright To Cry from my favorite children’s collection Free to Be You and Me. Written back in 1972 by Carol Hall, almost 50 years ago, this song is as relevant today as ever! Maybe even more so!

Need help with managing emotions, pains, sleeplessness? Try an iRest dyad.

Fingerholds Notes available at or go to and search “fingerholds”

Resources: and You Tube Channel “Notable Healing Sheila Fox”

Capacitar International Fingerholds to Manage Emotions and other great exercises for managing stress and trauma

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