In 2047 Do We Need Jobs?

29m | Mar 21, 2023

With a whole new class of recently jobless, new neighborhoods form where people use social platforms to learn new skills, trade, and form cooperatives. Some say rich people are imploding capitalism. Pen (formally Bud) brings counterfeit yeast meat to a pub potluck. Alarms go off as an attack on the nation goes into effect.

Many of the characters in this project appear in future episodes. 

Using storytelling to place you in a time period, this series takes you, year by year, into the future. From 2040 to 2195. If you like emerging tech, eco-tech, futurism, perma-culture, apocalyptic survival scenarios, and disruptive science, sit back and enjoy short stories that showcase my research into how the future may play out.

This is Episode 27 of the podcast "In 20xx Scifi and Futurism." The companion site is where you can find a timeline of the future, descriptions of future development, and printed fiction.

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In 20xx Scifi and Futurism