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We are a podcast for up and comers and multi talented people who need a outlet to be heard and seen. There are many folks out there who never get the chance to showcase what they do on this show they will.


Nate Ortiz round 2 Sports on the Brain
Show Details41min 37s
Sonny Falu a legend in the making
Show Details32min 4s
Nate Ortiz "The determined"
Show Details35min 15s
Who am I am I not really "Puerto Rican" LATINX , HISPANIC , LATINO
Show Details30min
"GURU" why so many and are they really needed....???
Show Details30min 1s
My Covid19 life lesson
Show Details29min 45s
"Home Training"
Show Details29min 55s
Dandelion Queen
Show Details29min 55s
Frankly Francisco Podcast Intro
Show Details15min 32s