Muslims In Your Backyard

Muslims In Your Backyard is a podcast focused on understanding and analyzing the issues, problems and lifestyles of Muslims in the 21st Century. Join me as I begin a journey into understanding the religion of Islam and the role it plays politically, socially and religiously in the lives of Muslims in the 21st Century.


Perceptions of Success and Failure
Show Details41min 26s
The Student Mental Health Crisis in Canada
Show Details46min 53s
What is the Ummah? (pt. 2)
Show Details41min 41s
What is the Ummah? (pt.1)
Show Details41min 56s
Residential Schools
Show Details47min 24s
Recapping the 2021 Canadian Election
Show Details47min 25s
Past and Present Heroes: His Name was Yusuf
Show Details51min 36s
Reconnecting with the Quran
Show Details32min 39s
"Rising" Islamophobia
Show Details37min 45s
The Hajj
Show Details37min 42s
Forgotten History: The Lion King, The Mali Empire and Islam
Show Details37min 9s
Muslims under Scrutiny
Show Details30min 52s
Why are you Muslim?
Show Details25min 13s
Introducing the Muslims in Your Backyard Podcast
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