Faces & Feels

An Australian wrestling fan's genuine conversations with and about the faces of pro wrestling and the moments that make them.


74. Kai Douglas
Show Details38min
All Elite Feels - All Out 2021
Show Details2hr 17min
73. TANK
Show Details52min 43s
Faces Of Deathmatch Volume 1: #TOS666 GCW's Tournament Of Survival 6
Show Details1hr 25min
72. 'The Unsolved MISTery' JT Energy
Show Details1hr
71. ICWNHB 17 & The Pit 3 w I Got Your 5 Stars' Jeremy Nickerson
Show Details2hr 14min
70. 'The Ultraviolent Dad' Insane Lane
Show Details59min 41s
69. 'The Wizard King' Orin Veidt
Show Details2hr 2min
68. 'The Sire Of Barbed Wire' Gweedo
Show Details45min 50s
67. Sean Patrick O'Brien
Show Details56min 27s
66. The Ascension Of Neil Diamond Cutter
Show Details46min 36s
65. EPW Hell or Highwater 2021 w Dean Olsen
Show Details47min 13s
64. The Eternal Edward Dusk
Show Details57min 58s
63. Phoenix Kidd
Show Details1hr 5min
62. 'The Death Samurai' Akira
Show Details1hr 26min
61. Alex Xcean Can't Fxcking Die!
Show Details1hr 12min
60. Mad Man Pondo
Show Details1hr 23min
59. Alex Colon
Show Details40min 3s
58. Everything Harder Than Everyone Else w Jenny Valentish
Show Details35min 7s
57. Driving To Disney w August Artois
Show Details36min 54s
56. Deathmatch Worldwide's Corey Higdon
Show Details1hr 21min
55. Driving With 'The Jaystick' JXT
Show Details49min 50s
54. Rochelle Rogue
Show Details37min 10s
53. 'Nobody' Callen Butcher
Show Details1hr
52. The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze Breakdown w DMDU's Jay Stevens
Show Details35min 47s
51. Hey Kids! Meet The Snuff King Gore!
Show Details29min 50s
Episode 50 w The Struggles!
Show Details1hr 27min
49. salsaboiii Addresses The Chelsea Green Controversy
Show Details45min 10s
48. Impact Rebellion Reaction
Show Details1hr 4min
47. Collision Course Preview w EPW's Dean Olsen
Show Details49min 37s
46. The Fall & Rise of 'Smash Mouth' Ritchie Taylor
Show Details53min 26s
BONUS EP: Battle Of The Tough Guys: Your Dose Of Death vs Faces&Feels Part 1
Show Details1hr 11min
45. Tales Of Japan w The Sniper Of The Skies, Robbie Eagles
Show Details1hr 13min
44. The Brain Behind WrestleBrainia
Show Details45min 46s
43. Travis Returns To Talk New Japan Cup & Revolution
Show Details1hr 22min
42. 'Australia's Most Violent Man' Damian Rivers
Show Details45min 40s
41. Kulture City w NHPW's Michael Lee
Show Details50min 56s
40. The Life Of An Australian Luchador w Del Cano
Show Details49min 34s
39. Casanova Valentine Talks Deathmatch Downunder & New Fear City
Show Details1hr 11min
38. Shooting The Sh#t w Neil Diamond Cutter
Show Details1hr 12min
BONUS EP: See You Next Week In The Ring: Suburban Commando Part 2 feat. SYNWIS Podcast
Show Details1hr 19min
BONUS EP: See You Next Week In The Ring: Suburban Commando Part 1 feat. SYNWIS Podcast
Show Details1hr 29min
37. Deathmatch Downunder w Jay Stevens & Erin Dick
Show Details55min 21s
36. Reawakening 19 Nights 1 & 2 w EPW's Dean Olsen
Show Details37min 18s
35. Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 1
Show Details31min 10s
34. Deathmatch Downunder w Joel Bateman
Show Details1hr 20min
33. AEW vs Impact - The Golden Screwjob
Show Details1hr 16min
32. Out Of The Ashes w EPW's Dean Olsen
Show Details1hr 4min
31. Watching Deathmatches With My Dad
Show Details22min 31s
30. AEW Full Gear 2020 Review
Show Details1hr 9min
29. #thankyoutremont
Show Details17min
28. Best Matches of the G1 Climax 2020!
Show Details1hr 21min
27. G1ndering Final
Show Details12min 13s
26. G1ndering Night 18
Show Details10min 32s
25. G1ndering Night 17
Show Details16min 57s
24. G1ndering Night 16
Show Details16min 20s
23. G1ndering Night 15
Show Details9min 32s
22. G1ndering Night 14
Show Details7min 23s
21. G1ndering Night 13
Show Details11min 24s
20. G1ndering Night 12
Show Details8min 9s
19. G1ndering Night 11
Show Details13min 15s
18. G1ndering Night 10
Show Details10min 24s
17. G1ndering Night 9
Show Details9min 1s
16. G1ndering Night 8
Show Details19min 18s
15. G1ndering Night 7
Show Details11min 58s
14. G1ndering Night 6
Show Details14min 22s
13. G1ndering Night 5
Show Details15min 7s
12. G1ndering - Night 4
Show Details14min 58s
11. G1ndering - Night 3
Show Details12min 14s
10. G1ndering - Night 2
Show Details12min 2s
9. G1ndering - Night 1
Show Details15min 34s
8. All Out Jingu Review!
Show Details1hr 9min
7. Kross Takes Over
Show Details1hr 10min
6. Evil Dominion
Show Details31min 26s
5. Stadium Stampede!
Show Details1hr 10min
4. Deathmatch Drive-In & Band-Mate Murder!
Show Details1hr 34min
3. The Origin of Travis & GCW's 2 Cups Stuffed
Show Details1hr 27min
2. Ok, So What's up with Deathmatch?
Show Details30min 2s
1. Where to start with New Japan?
Show Details43min