• Free Falls Assessment for Older People living with Frailty

    This special episode highlights Home Instead's free falls assessment initiative. Falls significantly impact the lives and well-being of older adults, especially in their later years. We'll discuss how we conduct these free assessments to help prevent falls. If you or a loved one is at risk, please reach out here. We offer free falls assessments in Farnham, Fleet, Farnborough, Ascot, Camberley, Wokingham, Watford, and surrounding areas.

    10m - Jul 11, 2024
  • Companionship in Farnham by Farnham Assist

    Home Instead, a leading home care provider in Farnham, is chatting with Rodney Bates, Manager at Farnham Assist. Farnham Assist's mission is to support the elderly and vulnerable in our Farnham community, offering a helping hand and a friendly face to those who need it most. We explore the incredible work being done by Farnham Assist volunteers, share inspiring stories, including Rodney's own experience, and provide you with practical tips to enhance your loved one's well-being. If you’re a family member of an older person needing a bit more stimulation and engagement, this podcast is especially for you. We’ll offer insights and activities to keep your loved ones mentally active and socially connected, ensuring they feel valued and included.

    36m - Jun 18, 2024
  • Peter Taylor Elected Mayor of Watford on all things Watford

    We had an insightful conversation with Peter about Watford, delving into what makes this town unique and exploring the myriad opportunities available for both businesses and residents. Watford, with its rich history and vibrant community, offers a distinctive charm that sets it apart. Peter highlighted the town's special features, from its cultural landmarks and green spaces to its thriving business environment.

    Throughout our discussion, we emphasized various resources and signposts available within the episode that guide listeners to additional information. These resources include details about current events, business opportunities, and community engagement activities happening in Watford. Whether you're a business owner looking to invest or a resident wanting to immerse yourself in local life, there are numerous avenues to explore and get involved.

    In the episode, you'll find pointers to websites, local organizations, and community groups that provide further insights into Watford's offerings. These resources aim to help businesses and residents fully engage with the town, fostering a sense of community and encouraging participation in its ongoing development. From networking events and business forums to cultural festivals and volunteer opportunities, Watford has something for everyone.

    28m - May 31, 2024
  • Frailty Virtual Ward at Frimley Health Trust

    Join me on this fascinating conversation with Dr. Lucy Abbott, MBBS, MSc, FRCP (Geriatrics), Consultant Geriatrician. Lucy is the Chief of Service for Community Services and Older People's Medicine at Frimley Health Foundation Trust.

    Mahdi, Director at Home Instead Farnborough, Fleet, Farnham and the host of Older Wiser Together interviewed Dr Abbott on frailty care, providing clinical care at home, and the advent of virtual wards, enabling people to remain at home where appropriate rather than receiving care in the hospital.

    We discuss the benefits for someone living with dementia who may be frail, how receiving care at home (hospital at home) can help the person avoid disorientation from hospitalisation and recover faster at home.

    Dr. Abbott was quoted in the latest CQC State of Care report for pioneering work on virtual wards, otherwise known as frailty virtual wards. The pioneering work Dr. Abbott and her team have done continues to inspire advocates for healthcare at home to launch similar services in their respective chronic condition specialisms.

    Find out more how you can access the Frailty Virtual Ward at Frimley.

    59m - Mar 4, 2024
  • healthy social life is key to longevity - Home Instead Bracknell podcast

    Home Instead chatted to Paul Samuels of Men's Matters about the importance of keeping a healthy social life as we age. Paul talks about how their social group in Maindenhead is making a difference to the life of older men. We chatted about how important it is that people have genuine and authentic relationships as they get older. We reference a popular Ted Talk by Robert Waldinger of Harvard University too which is a great listen. Check it out here.

    If you or someone you know would benefit from companionship in Ascot, Bracknell, Camberley or Wokingham area please give Home Instead Bracknell a call on 01276 903106. We change the lives of people we support through person centred care and personalised support.

    13m - Jan 21, 2024
  • From South Africa to the UK as a Care Professional

    Mel, our recent recruit, shares her story of seeking employment in the UK as a care professional. She delves into the visa sponsorship process and offers tips and insights for South Africans considering a relocation to the UK to work in the care industry.

    13m - Aug 10, 2023
  • What support is there for carers of people living with Dementia in Farnborough and Fleet

    Andover-Mind team share the outstanding work they do in supporting people living with dementia and their carers in the community. I am joined by Bev Caldwell, Dementia Advisor and Trina Sidwell, Team Leader. Bev and her team cover North Team which includes areas like Fleet, and Farnborough.

    We also have a special guest on this podcast, Chrissy, a primary carer who looks after her husband living with Dementia. Chrissy shares her experience of how Mind team have supported her on the caring journey she has been on.

    If you are someone like Chrissy caring for a loved one living with dementia and residing in Farnborough, Fleet or surrounding areas make sure to reach out to the Andover-Mind team at enquiries@andovermind.org.uk or call them on 01264 332 297. You are not alone.

    23m - Jun 13, 2023
  • Community clubs in Farnborough and Fleet

    Mahdi talks to Travis Dodkin, from Brendoncare, a charity that provides opportunities for social interaction for older people and specifically their Farnborough and Fleet community clubs.

    10m - Mar 15, 2023
  • Story of an independant funeral director in North Camp Farnborough

    Join us as we chat to local funeral director owner, Paula Clinch about the difference type of service that independent funeral directors offer and what they bring to the community.

    12m - Mar 15, 2023
  • Aldershot and Farnborough heritage trails unearthed

    Joint us as we speak with Rushmoor Borough Council's town centres manager, Diane Highet, discussing the Aldershot and Farnborough Heritage Trails and the accompanying app.

    12m - Mar 15, 2023
  • Could a Care Manager have work-life balance?

    Join Mahdi, the Director of Care at Home Instead and Emma , a Care Manager as they discuss the importance of work life balance. Learn more about how at Home Instead we work to create that very important work-life balance, a happy and engaged team. It is possible!

    10m - Mar 1, 2023
  • Are you thinking about caring as a profession?

    In this show Mahdi and Rich talk about what it is like to come into the caring profession. If you have not worked in care before, you might be surprised to know, that there is a lot of "free" training out there. If you have the passion for helping others, you will learn in this episode, where to find the training and support you need to get started as a care professional! How exciting! Check out the show and enjoy.

    12m - Jul 23, 2022
  • how do you know the time is right for home care- 3 signs

    In this episode Mahdi gives an overview of three signs that suggests your loved one might benefit from home care. We also talk about monitoring technologies to ensure an older person is safe and well hydrated at home. Hope you find the show informative.

    12m - Jul 23, 2022
  • How to get your eyesight tested at home- for free!

    Join me as I chat to Paul Chapman_Hatchet, Strategic Partnership Director at Outside Clinic. We will discuss how important it is to regularly check your eyesight, especially for older people. Did you know that you can book an eye test or hearing test at home - and for free?

    It was a joy to record this episode with Paul, he cares about providing outstanding service to older people in their homes, or wherever they maybe living. We share that in common.

    Leading Local is a show about local business leaders. It is sponsored by Home Instead Farnborough, Fleet and Farnham which provides outstanding care service to clients in Farnham, Fleet and Farnborough. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for future episodes. Please like and share the episodes to help us create more shows for you.

    20m - Jun 28, 2022
  • Dementia and carers with Mary Jordan

    Join me as I speak with Mary Jordan of Adapt Dementia. Mary specialises in supporting people living with dementia and the people who care for them. She is a published author on the subject and in this episode shares a wealth of wisdom relevant to those who care for a loved one living with dementia. This is a great introduction into dementia. Mary explains how dementia affects a person and those close to them. She goes further to explain why it is so important to ask for help early on and where to go to find that help.

    Leading Local is a show about local business leaders in Farnborough, Fleet and Farnham that are providing outstanding service to their clients especially older people. Subscribe to our newsletterand stay tuned for future episodes. Please like and share the episodes to help us create more shows for you.

    24m - May 26, 2022
  • fall prevention starts with right shoes

    Join me as I speak with Nadia Arden-Scott of Footscapes in Farnborough. Nadia has been a shoe fitter for many year and shares some great insights on why it is important to get the right shoes and even how shoes tell a lot about our health status. This show is all about raising awareness around the right footwear. Shoes that are a right fit are essential to prevent falls in older people, and prevent sores in people living with diabetes. Enjoy the wisdom and check out Nadia's shop in North Camp when you are around www.footscape-shoes.co.uk

    Leading Local is a show about local business leaders in Farnborough, Fleet and Farnham that are providing outstanding service to their clients especially older people. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for future episodes. Please like and share the episodes to help us create more shows for you.

    16m - May 23, 2022
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