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Japan Rugby Weekly

Join Rugby Translator Doug Picken as he brings you a weekly update on all things Rugby in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Each week we will share the news of the week as well as interviewing special guests as they yarn about life in Japan as a professional rugby player.

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Tourists Allowed back in Japan?! JRLO Div 1 Semifinals!
Show Details14min 8s
Everything You Need To Know About Final's Footy in League One!!
Show Details16min 1s
Colin Slade
Show Details59min 59s
Munakata Sanix Blues Ending Rugby Program at Seasons End
Show Details11min 19s
Lukhanyo Am to make League One Debut! Division 1 Round 11 Preview
Show Details14min 5s
Big Changes Coming in the Japan Rugby League One!!
Show Details14min 58s
Japan Rugby League One Round 9 Preview!
Show Details24min 16s
Japan Rugby, the only place where the COVID Regulations are getting stricter!
Show Details13min 38s
How COVID cancellations are determined in the Japan Rugby League One
Show Details16min 29s
Josh Matavesi
Show Details1hr 7min
The Most "Japanese" Scandal Ever?? JRLO R4 Preview
Show Details17min 29s
Japan Rugby League 1 Round 3 Preview
Show Details10min 45s
JRLO R1 Review Ft. Ed Quirk
Show Details1hr 25min
Japan Rugby League 1 Preview
Show Details20min 24s
Edward Quirk
Show Details1hr 49min
Worst Kept Secret in Japanese Rugby Confirmed!
Show Details10min 56s
Luke Thompson back in Japan!?!?!
Show Details12min 57s
Japan Vs Ireland
Show Details7min 53s
Heiden Bedwell-Curtis
Show Details1hr 7min
Australian Wallabies vs Japan Brave Blossoms Review
Show Details14min 49s
Japan Rugby League One Fixtures Confirmed!
Show Details8min 36s
Nick Ealey
Show Details1hr 59min
Translator Mini-Series Episode 2, John Akiba
Show Details1hr 7min
Brave Blossoms Training Squad Announcement
Show Details14min 2s
Ben Gunter
Show Details1hr 13min
Translator Mini-Series Episode 1, Keita Joshua Suzuki
Show Details1hr 9min
Fumiaki Tanaka Moving to the Green Rockets
Show Details11min 31s
Ben Paltridge Interview
Show Details1hr 10min
Michael Little Interview
Show Details1hr 8min
Damian McKenzie Coming to Japan?!
Show Details9min 7s
Mark Abbott Interview
Show Details53min 50s
Tokyo Olympics 2020 ft. Joe Kamana
Show Details20min 34s
Japan Rugby League One Announcement
Show Details19min 57s
Episode 18 ft. James Marshall
Show Details57min 20s
Episode 17 Top League Final Preview
Show Details28min 23s
Episode 16. What Happened to the Red Sparks?
Show Details18min 55s
Episode 15 Japan National Team Announcement + Top League Knockout Tournament
Show Details28min 17s
Episode 14 ft. Shane Gates
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 13 ft. James Moore
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 12 ft. Michael Leitch
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 11 ft. Jack Debreczeni
Show Details38min 56s
Episode 10 Our Best Spots to Visit in Japan!
Show Details35min 35s
Episode 9 ft. Dallas Tatana
Show Details39min 49s
Episode 8. Advice about living in Japan
Show Details30min 15s
Episode 7 ft. Isileli Nakajima
Show Details45min 19s
Episode 6 Top League Rd 1 Preview ft. Jesse Parete
Show Details53min 24s
Episode 5 ft. Brody Macaskill
Show Details28min 32s
Episode 4. Top Challenge League Preview
Show Details33min 50s
Episode 3 ft. Semisi Tupou
Show Details54min 52s
Episode 2. Introductions
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 1 ft. Damian Karauna
Show Details35min 4s