The Ineffable Geeks

Welcome to The Ineffable Geeks Podcast!

A show featuring multi-passionate creatures/geeks who decode and try to make sense of the hyper boles / gimmicks prevalent in pop culture. Every Week, just another set of random Internet geeks named Anshik and Suman will list the ups and downs in the visual and material culture and talk about everything that's going on across Sports, Pop Culture, Tech and many other areas that are "ineffably" connected.

Also, given that Attention Span is an issue, all the episodes are short and sprinkled with "Easter Eggs" (Our attempt to replicate MCU's winning formula)


Weekly Prescriptions #2: Streamable Movies
Show Details11min 28s
Trash Talk drives the Narrative
Show Details22min 39s
Weekly Prescriptions #1: TV Series
Show Details12min 36s
The Office: Dwight Schrute or Michael Scott? Nuff Said!
Show Details20min 47s
Is the God on his way or staying put?! Find out as we unravel the whole Lionel Messi transfer saga!
Show Details26min 13s
“RoadRash vs Nokia Snake?” We Revisit our favourite games from the Past!
Show Details24min 44s
Pokemon vs Batman? Our favourite Cartoon/Anime shows from the 1990's-2000’s
Show Details23min 13s
“Ellen Degeneres is Evil?!” Our Top Picks to replace her!
Show Details22min 49s
Rocky and Other Underdogs that Became The Next Big Thing
Show Details21min 16s