"That's It, That's All!" with Shawn Gumataotao

“That’s It, That’s All!” is inspired by my Dad, Eulogio Gumataotao, and one his many sayings or musings that drove our family either crazy or motivated us while growing up. It is a statement about being precise. A simple statement. “That’s It That’s All” dives into a host of issues and topics-we’ll try to be concise with words that matter. The podcast we are certain will open your minds to ideas to inspire, educate or cause you to reflect. We may get a bit crazy too. All in a good way to keep us going and keep you listening!


Episode 8-The Guam move to PCOR 3 Again!?!
Show Details23min 51s
Episode 7-Micronesia Leaves The Pacific Islands Forum
Show Details26min 5s
Episode 6-Random Thoughts on Turning 50 Years Old
Show Details24min 43s
Episode 5-Minimum Wage Policy-Impacts on the US Territories
Show Details24min 58s
Episode 4-Getting back to "Face to Face" Instruction in American Schools
Show Details26min 42s
Episode 3-The Inauguration of an American President: A Perspective from Guam USA
Show Details26min 11s
BONUS-President Trump Impeached A Second Time by Congress
Show Details3min 24s
Episode 2-COVID-19: The Ongoing Global Pandemic
Show Details25min 53s
BONUS-US Capitol Breached
Show Details25min 32s
BONUS-A New Speaker of the Guam Legislature
Show Details3min 35s
Episode 1-Which way do we go? A look at the Guam Legislature
Show Details24min 8s
Welcome to "That's It, That's All!"
Show Details31s