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"That's It, That's All!" with Shawn Gumataotao

“That’s It, That’s All!” is inspired by my Dad, Eulogio Gumataotao, and one his many sayings or musings that drove our family either crazy or motivated us while growing up. It is a statement about being precise. A simple statement. “That’s It That’s All” dives into a host of issues and topics-we’ll try to be concise with words that matter. The podcast we are certain will open your minds to ideas to inspire, educate or cause you to reflect. We may get a bit crazy too. All in a good way to keep us going and keep you listening!


Episode 46-Repeal The Jones Act
Show Details21min 32s
Episode 45-Government Can't Be All Things To All People
Show Details24min 45s
Episode 44-How Federal Funding Is Used in Guam
Show Details23min 25s
Episode 43-Are You Voting Republican or Democrat In The 2022 Guam Elections?
Show Details25min
Episode 42-Realism and Reassurance in Public Messaging: A Micronesian’s Perspective
Show Details23min 32s
Episode 41-Random Thoughts. What is up Guam?
Show Details23min 46s
Episode 40-The Best Candidate for the Guam Legislature
Show Details23min 10s
Episode 39-Who Will Be The Next Governor of Guam?
Show Details27min 9s
Episode 38-What I Learned In 2021
Show Details21min 5s
Episode 37-Christmas in the Islands
Show Details21min 53s
Episode 36-Crime in the US Territories
Show Details23min 42s
Episode 35-Random Thoughts. Really Random!
Show Details23min 40s
BONUS-An Interview with the Honorable Johnny C. Gogo
Show Details24min
Episode 34-Time To Play: Why Sports Matter In These COVID Times
Show Details23min 58s
Episode 33-The 2022 Election Circus Is Here
Show Details22min 14s
Episode 32-US Lifts Travel Ban: Guam Ready or Not?
Show Details22min 17s
Episode 31-Guam’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Bus Ride
Show Details22min 37s
Episode 30-9/11: 20 Years Later-A Guam Story
Show Details24min 22s
Episode 29-The All Rise Roll Out
Show Details25min 4s
Episode 28-Realism and Reassurance in Public Messaging: A Micronesian’s Perspective
Show Details23min 44s
Episode 27-Shawn Answers Your Questions
Show Details23min
BONUS-An Interview with Former Guam Governor Felix P. Camacho
Show Details34min 6s
Episode 26-The Liberation of Guam
Show Details21min 18s
BONUS-An Interview with Community Defense Liaison Office Director Vera Topasna on the Guam Military Buildup
Show Details34min 6s
Episode 25-Modernizing Guam’s Medical Malpractice Law
Show Details23min 57s
Episode 24-Random Thoughts on Online Teaching
Show Details20min 28s
Episode 23-The Re-Opening of California
Show Details23min 5s
BONUS-An Interview with Eulogio Gumataotao-The Inspiration Behind The “That’s It, That’s All!” Podcast
Show Details28min 12s
Episode 22-Guam v. United States
Show Details24min 57s
Episode 21-A Message To Graduates Across America
Show Details20min 58s
Episode 20-661 Million Ways! How Will Guam Utilize American Rescue Plan Act Funds?
Show Details26min 13s
Episode 19-An Introspective Look At Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Show Details21min 47s
Episode 18-Tourism in the US States and Territories: Visitors Coming Soon!
Show Details23min 34s
Episode 17-The Strained Relationship Between Americans and Their State, Territorial and Federal Government in 2021
Show Details26min 31s
Episode 16-The Jones Act: Time to Repeal?
Show Details24min 24s
Episode 15-Let Them Play! The Return of High School Sports in a US Territory
Show Details23min 42s
Episode 14-Agenda Setting Theory: Micronesian Perspective on Mass Media
Show Details29min 16s
Episode 13-“Cookiegate”: Dust Up on Capitol Hill
Show Details28min 27s
Episode 12-COVID-19 on Guam: One Year Later
Show Details28min 4s
Episode 11-State of the Island Address 2021: “No Governor Can Make Changes Alone”
Show Details24min 39s
Episode 10-The Age of Discovery: Guam’s First Contact 500 Years Later
Show Details24min 30s
Episode 9-The 36th Guam Legislature: A Look At Their First Session
Show Details21min 40s
Episode 8-The Guam move to PCOR 3 Again!?!
Show Details23min 51s
Episode 7-Micronesia Leaves The Pacific Islands Forum
Show Details26min 5s
Episode 6-Random Thoughts on Turning 50 Years Old
Show Details24min 43s
Episode 5-Minimum Wage Policy: Impacts on the US Territories
Show Details24min 58s
Episode 4-Getting back to "Face to Face" Instruction in American Schools
Show Details26min 42s
Episode 3-The Inauguration of an American President: A Perspective from Guam USA
Show Details26min 11s
BONUS-President Trump Impeached A Second Time by Congress
Show Details3min 24s
Episode 2-COVID-19: The Ongoing Global Pandemic
Show Details25min 53s
BONUS-US Capitol Breached
Show Details25min 32s
BONUS-A New Speaker of the Guam Legislature
Show Details3min 35s
Episode 1-Which way do we go? A look at the Guam Legislature
Show Details24min 8s
Welcome to "That's It, That's All!"
Show Details31s