The Genuine Convos podcast

Spontaneity is a skill we humans are losing little by little everyday. We live a mundane, repetitive, and meaningless present hoping for a good future. In the modern world, many people take the road of specialization. But to be truly human, is to be a generalist. The Genuine Convos podcast is an attempt to rediscover our humanity. As the name suggests, the podcast is based upon spontaneous genuine conversations with me, Soumy, your host and a bunch of not so famous but wise individuals. To honour the human nature, in this podcast no topic is out of interest, we dive into as many interesting rabbit holes as we can. You’re interested in aliens and psychedelics? Good, I am terrified by one and fascinated by the other. Fitness and nutrition you say? Me too! You want to learn more about relationship dynamics and human nature? Put those headphones on. We are by no means experts in anything, but we try to dabble with all the topics and things we are interested in. Lastly, to cut all the BS and present wrappings, we keep it real in the Genuine Convos ground. Everything said and to be said, everything done and to be done is kept and will be kept fully honest and from the heart. I invite you great souls of this planet to join me in this journey to live more vibrantly than ever before, to love without any boundaries and to laugh more louder than yesterday! 😉

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Genuine Convo #29 with Eva Lebedinsky
Show Details2hr 22min
Genuine Convo #28 with Angeles Maria Figueredo
Show Details2hr 21min
Genuine Convo #27 with Abdul
Show Details2hr 47min
Genuine Convo #26 with Waseem Safi
Show Details2hr 7min
Genuine Convo #25 with Annika Cosman
Show Details3hr 46min
Genuine Convo #24 with Jeyla Gulamaliyeva
Show Details2hr 18min
Genuine Convo #23 with Mohamed Elsayyad
Show Details1hr 16min
Genuine Convo #22 with Mark Zhuang, Kenneth Lai & Anish Singla
Show Details2hr 31min
Genuine Convo #21 with Slavic Shaman
Show Details1hr 40min
Genuine Convo #20 with Simran Sadhwani (First video podcast)!!
Show Details1hr 38min
Genuine Convo #19 with Mohsin Ashfaq
Show Details3hr 3min
Genuine Convo #18 with Hassan Mockaddam
Show Details2hr 22min
Genuine Convo #17 with Arseniy Kruglikov
Show Details2hr 59min
Genuine Convo # 16 with Jeovahni Duncan
Show Details2hr 9min
Genuine Convo #15 with Sushrut Mohapatra
Show Details1hr 15min
Genuine Convo # 14 with Sabby
Show Details1hr 48min
Genuine Convo #13 with Dhey Lalseta
Show Details2hr 17min
Genuine Convo #12 with Miguel Ancheta
Show Details2hr 29min
Genuine Convo #11 with Ayush Majumder & Aaditya Shah
Show Details2hr 49min
Genuine Convo #10 with Mehtab Sekhon
Show Details2hr 5min
Genuine Convo #9 with Bilal Shah
Show Details1hr 56min
Genuine Convo #8 with Sushrut Mohapatra
Show Details2hr 16min
Genuine Convo #7 with Mustafa Ali & Mohammed Ali
Show Details3hr 29min
Genuine Convo #6 with Anish Singla & Vaishakh VM
Show Details2hr 16min
Genuine Convo # 5 with Sabby
Show Details2hr 19min
Genuine Convo #4 with Vaishakh Vinod Menon & Nakul Dharan
Show Details2hr 55min
Genuine Convo #3 with Ayush Majumder & Aaditya Shah
Show Details3hr 8min
Genuine Convo #2 with Vaishakh Vinod Menon
Show Details2hr 11min
Genuine Convo #1 with Aaditya Shah
Show Details1hr 37min
Welcome to The Genuine Convos Podcast! (A preview)
Show Details38min 47s