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The Average Consumer's Guide to Cryptocurrency


Ep. 489 The Future of Cross-Chain Communication on Web3 with Push Protocol
Show Details39min 49s
Ep. 488 An Inside Look to Working with Sam Bankman Fried & FTX
Show Details39min 51s
Ep. 487 The Crypto FTX Bear Market: How Long Will This Last?
Show Details17min 10s
Ep. 486 Safe and Secure Liquid Staking with Lido
Show Details40min 6s
Ep. 485 The Crypto Rundown: Full FTX Update and Where The Crypto Markets Stand Today
Show Details31min 21s
Ep. 484 The Future of Viral Content Leveraging Web3
Show Details30min 26s
Ep. 483 The Future of Regulation in The Crypto Markets
Show Details28min 56s
Ep. 482 Pi Network, The Only Crypto Currency You Can Mine from Your Phone
Show Details30min 26s
Ep. 481 Owning Your Social Capital with The Blockchain
Show Details39min 48s
Ep. 480 Data Driven Decisions in the New World of Finance
Show Details31min 41s
Ep. 479 The Future of Combat Sports via The Blockchain
Show Details33min 58s
Ep: 478 The Different Verticals of DeFi, With Sergej Kunz of 1inch Network
Show Details32min 57s
Ep: 477 - Grinding out Web3 Innovations in a Bear Market, With Jane Ma of zkLend
Show Details35min 5s
Ep: 476 - Integrating True Digital Ownership into the Metaverse, With Sebastian Borget of Sandbox
Show Details39min 35s
Ep: 475 The Central Bank of DeFi With Sam Kazemian of Frax
Show Details41min 2s
Ep. 474 - World Economy Breakdown, With Lex Sokolin of ConsenSys
Show Details49min 8s
Ep. 473 - Tying Passions Together Thanks to Web3, With Nick Swinmurn of Hellebore
Show Details53min 11s
Ep. 472 - The Start of a New Era Begins Now, With Kosala Hemachandra of MEW
Show Details46min 3s
Ep. 471 - Money at the Speed of Life, With Douglas Borthwick of INX
Show Details50min 38s
Ep. 470 - Enabling a More Cooperative World, With Dean Tribble of Agoric
Show Details43min 25s
Ep. 469 - How and When We'll See Safe Crypto Payments for All, With Ran Goldi of Fireblocks
Show Details50min 29s
Ep. 468 - Regulation While Allowing Innovation, With Jennifer Schonberger of Yahoo Finance
Show Details43min 20s
Ep. 467 - How the Best Is yet to Come, With Elitsa Taskova of NEXO
Show Details37min 34s
Ep. 466 - Efficiently Evaluating Equity From Infancy to Exit, With Brett Palatiello of Interplay
Show Details39min 35s
Ep. 465 - Building Protocols Based on Freedom of Expression, With Michael O’Rourke of Pocket Network
Show Details42min 4s
Ep. 464 - Prioritizing Privacy By Default, With Alex Pruden of Aleo
Show Details43min 56s
Ep. 463 - The ‘Scarcity of Access’ Value, With 0xCassie
Show Details38min 20s
Ep. 462 - Taking Advantage of Disruptive Change, With Betty of Deadfellaz
Show Details45min 25s
Ep. 461 - Getting Into the NFT Art Game Early, With John Crain & Jonathan Perkins of SuperRare
Show Details48min 36s
Ep. 460 - Managing the ETH Merge, With Jesse Pollak of Coinbase
Show Details55min 31s
Ep. 459 - Creating NFT 2.0, With Halsey Minor of Vivid Labs
Show Details45min 38s
Ep. 458 - Incorporating the ‘Reasoning’ of Intelligence Into a Machine, With Paul Lee of Mind AI
Show Details37min 7s
Ep. 457 - Thinking Mobile-First, With Garrett Kinsman of Nodle
Show Details48min 38s
Ep. 456 - Looking Under the NFT Hood, With Adam De Cata of NFT Tech
Show Details32min 17s
Ep. 455 - How Crypto Can Go Meaningly Mainstream, With Matt Hougan of Bitwise Asset Management
Show Details50min 2s
Ep. 454 - Rethinking Cloud Computing, With Bob Miles of Salad Technologies
Show Details47min 31s
Ep. 453 - Being Better Than Ever in a Down Market, With Steven Goldfeder of Arbitrum & Offchain Labs
Show Details40min 3s
Ep. 452 - Being a Bear Market Survivor, With Marcello Mari of SingularityDAO
Show Details31min 46s
Ep. 451 - Digital Currency Summit Preview With Paolo Ardoino of Bitfinex
Show Details31min 45s
Ep. 450 - Creating a True Internet of Value, With James Prestwich of Nomad
Show Details35min 33s
Ep. 449 - Developing the Google of Web3, With Kyle Rojas of Edge & Node and The Graph
Show Details33min 57s
Ep. 448 - Thinking Beyond the NFT Pale, With Sam Lester of Remaster
Show Details45min 37s
Ep. 447 - Rolling NFTs, Gaming, and the Metaverse All Into One, With Tom Fleetham of Zilliqa
Show Details32min 7s
Ep. 446 - The Priority of Privacy, With Josh Swihart of Zcash
Show Details41min 1s
Ep. 445 - The 2022 Moment Changing Crypto for Years to Come, With Rafael Cosman of Trust Token
Show Details55min 57s
Ep. 444 - Binding Centralized and Decentralized Systems Together, With Ganesh Swami of Covalent
Show Details35min 34s
Ep. 443 - Making the World a Better Place via Crypto, With Pat Duffy of The Giving Block
Show Details41min 31s
Ep. 442 - Still Being All-in on Crypto & Blockchain, With Rob Frasca of Cosimo X
Show Details41min 9s
Ep. 441 - The Public Good Behind Stablecoins, With David Puth of Centre Consortium
Show Details40min 38s
Ep. 440 - Making Over-the-Counter Decentralized Trading Possible, With 0xDorsal of Integral
Show Details52min 25s
Ep. 439 - Executing True Financial Inclusion, With Marcel Harmann of THORWallet DEX
Show Details27min 41s
Ep. 438 - The Cryptography Roots of Crypto, With the Legendary David Chaum of xx network
Show Details48min 51s
Ep. 437 - Alternative Lending and Borrowing in Crypto, With Michael Bentley of Euler
Show Details41min 30s
Ep. 436 - How DeFi Can Go Mainstream, with Danny Chong of Tranchess
Show Details51min 21s
Ep. 435 - How Crypto Is Merging With the Massive Gaming Industry, With Chris Wood of Pixelmatic
Show Details47min 38s
Ep. 434 - Giving Crypto Life via Web3 with Ahmed Al-Balaghi of Biconomy
Show Details36min 42s
Ep. 433 - Investing in Crypto Through Your IRA with Todd Southwick of iTrust Capital
Show Details36min 49s
Ep. 432 - The Ultimate Crypto-Data Aggregator with Erik Saberski of The TIE
Show Details29min 35s
Ep. 431 - Guiding the Novice Investor with Bryan Hernandez of Structure
Show Details30min 34s
Ep. 430 - Metaverse & Gaming with Caleb Applegate of Enjin
Show Details38min 11s
Ep. 429 - Blockchain-Based Social Media with Bill Ottman of Minds
Show Details59min 33s
Ep. 428 - The World of Wallets with Matej Zak of Trezor
Show Details29min 45s
Ep. 427 - Heading Towards Volatile Times with Alex Shipp of Offshift
Show Details42min 6s
Ep. 426 - Efficiently Evaluating the Market with James Giancotti of Oddup
Show Details30min 22s
Ep. 425 - Preparing the World for NFTs with Denis Lam of Vera
Show Details44min
Ep. 424 - Diving Head-First Into DeFi with Luigi D'Onorio Demeo of Ava Labs
Show Details34min 3s
Ep. 423 - Banking in Crypto with Jack McDonald of PolySign
Show Details22min 39s
Why Regulation Doesn’t Need to Be a Negative with Bo Oney of Coinsource
Show Details35min 30s
Ep. 421 - Gaming & Crypto with Will Deane of Rainmaker Games
Show Details28min 36s
Ep 420 - Farming to Earn Yield with Huf Haus of ReFi
Show Details32min 32s
Ep. 419 - The Need for a Decentralized World with Spencer Graham of DAOHaus
Show Details33min 24s
Ep. 418 - "Bitboy" Ben Armstrong
Show Details35min 33s
Ep. 417 - Investing in Crypto the Philanthropic Way with Elizabeth Teixeira of Sandclock
Show Details31min 18s
Ep. 416 - How Blockchain is the Endgame with Dominic Williams of Dfinity
Show Details32min 20s
Ep. 415 - Protecting Ourselves Against the Downside with Dr. Markus Franke of Celo
Show Details45min 50s
Ep. 414 - The World of Crypto Security with Aaron Lint of Anchorage
Show Details35min 44s
Ep. 413 - Premonition Turned Mainstream with Charly Fei of Cosmos & IBC
Show Details35min 33s
Ep. 412 - DCS Preview with Brian Gallagher of Partisia and John Peurifoy of Floating Point Group
Show Details50min 37s
Ep. 411 - The Fuel Behind the NFT Rocket Boom with Anthony Georgiades of Pastel Network
Show Details38min 33s
Ep. 410 - Building on and Adjusting to an Evolving Ethereum with Derek Alia of Futureswap
Show Details32min 41s
Ep. 409 - Risk Management with Neil Zumwalde of Credmark
Show Details46min 58s
Ep. 408 - The Next Internet with Matt Cutler of Blocknative
Show Details47min 11s
Ep. 407 - Why Crypto Works with Adam Back and Arnab Naskar
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 406 - Combining Crypto Worlds with Dan Reecer of Acala Network
Show Details44min 2s
Ep. 405 - Driving Innovation for the World’s Future with Rob LoCascio of LivePerson
Show Details40min 26s
Ep. 404 - Becoming the Crucial Backbone of Crypto with Robert Materazzi of Lukka
Show Details30min 4s
Ep. 403 - Creating an Unbiased and Empowering Decentralized Platform with Al Morris of Koii Network
Show Details42min 57s
Ep. 402 - Using Crypto to Fight Climate Change with Paul Gambill of Nori
Show Details40min 12s
Ep. 401 - Pivoting in a Changing Market with Yenwen Feng of Perpetual Protocol
Show Details36min 21s
Ep. 400 - Replicating the Financial Institution to Replace It with Kevin Tai of Linear Finance
Show Details29min 24s
Ep. 399 - Fusing Old and New World Finance, Building the Future Economy w/ Lex Sokolin of ConsenSys
Show Details58min 22s
Ep. 398 - Building a Futuristic and Sustainable Blockchain with Max Kordek of Lisk
Show Details39min 16s
Ep. 397 - Starting up and Standing out in This Early Founders Market with Brandon Millman of Phantom
Show Details38min 49s
Ep. 396 - Designing the Best Products in the World With Simon Judd of Index Coop
Show Details48min 19s
Ep. 395 - Developing DeFi Technology From the Ground Up with Chris Hart of Civic
Show Details37min 27s
Ep. 394 - Building a DeFi Layer 2 System with Will Harborne of DeversiFi
Show Details33min 20s
Ep. 393 - The Future of Regulations... And How to Legally Kill an Industry with Author Wesley Thysse
Show Details56min 27s
Ep. 392 - The Decentralized Talent Network with Adam Jackson of Braintrust
Show Details30min 41s
Ep. 391 - Decentralizing Governance with Luis Cuende of Aragon
Show Details32min 56s
Ep. 390 - Shaking Up Traditional Financial Institutions with Rafael Cosman of TrustToken
Show Details44min 23s
Ep. 389 - The Biggest Little Blockchain City in the World with Mayor Hillary Schieve
Show Details36min 2s
Ep. 388 - One-Stop-Shop for Monetization with Solo Ceesay of Calaxy
Show Details37min 32s
Ep. 387 - Becoming a Transactional Platform with Iqbal Gandham of Ledger
Show Details34min 36s
Ep. 386 - How Crypto Is Only Getting Started with Leemon Baird of Hedera Hashgraph
Show Details45min 25s
Ep. 385 - Complex Financial Contracts Made Easy with Hart Lambur of UMA
Show Details32min 16s
Ep. 384 - The New FORTH Token with Evan Kuo of Ampleforth
Show Details33min 39s
Ep. 383 - Advanced Trading Made Easy with Hisham Khan of CCAI
Show Details28min 14s
Ep. 382 - Fundraising on the Blockchain with Rob Ebers of Polkastarter
Show Details45min 34s
Ep. 381 - Building a One Billion User Blockchain with Paddy Cerri of Minima
Show Details33min 37s
Ep. 380 - Becoming a Crypto Leader After Life in Traditional Finance with Jack McDonald of Polysign
Show Details26min 27s
Ep. 379 - User-Friendly Blockchain with Peter DePaulo of NEAR Protocol
Show Details38min 23s
Ep. 378 - Options Trading for the Average Consumer with Rob Levy of HXRO
Show Details49min 6s
Ep. 377 - Enabling the New Economy with Dave Hodgson of NEM Ventures
Show Details36min 41s
Ep. 376 - Withstanding the Test of Time with George Harrap of Step Finance
Show Details44min 27s
Ep. 375 - Analyzing Market Volatility and Derivatives with Barney Mannerings of Vega
Show Details45min 52s
Ep. 374 - DeFi 101, Yield Farming, & Building Crypto Communities w/ Harvest Finance
Show Details50min 59s
Ep. 373 - An Increasingly Crypto-Friendly World with Dean Steinbeck of Horizen Labs
Show Details44min 18s
Ep. 372 - Crypto Influence on Technology with Michael O'Rourke of Pocket Network
Show Details23min 53s
Ep. 371 - Execute Smarter Trades with Yuri Sorokin from 3 Commas
Show Details24min 33s
Ep. 370 - Managing DeFi Risk with Michael Beck from Union Finance
Show Details34min 23s
Ep. 369 - The Power of Decentralized Real-time Data w/ Henri Pihkala from Streamr
Show Details24min 44s
Ep. 368 - From An Investment Firm Perspective with Annabelle Huang from Amber Group
Show Details26min 53s
Ep. 367 - Man Meets Machine Learning w/ Human Protocol
Show Details48min 48s
Ep. 366 - Building a Faster Internet w/ Syntropy
Show Details27min 6s
Ep. 365 - Trading 101 with Avi Felman from Blocktower
Show Details51min 55s
Ep. 364 - The Future of Capital Markets w/ Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon
Show Details20min 50s
Ep. 363 - Protect Yourself From SIM Swap Attacks with Haseeb Awan from Efani
Show Details35min 38s
Ep. 362 - Privacy vs. Transparency in Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts w/ Oasis Protocol
Show Details48min 39s
Ep. 361 - Bridging Traditional Finance and Blockchain, w/ First Digital Trust
Show Details32min 5s
Ep. 360 - DeFi on EOS w/ EOSfinex's Steven Quinn
Show Details45min 17s
Ep. 359 - Why Cryptocurrency is Necessary for a True Democracy, w/ Blockdaemon's Konstantin Richter
Show Details31min 43s
Ep. 358 - The "Google" of Crypto (that pays you), w/ Presearch founder Colin Pape
Show Details48min
Ep. 357 - Crypto Research with Garrick Hilleman of the London School of Economics and
Show Details57min 22s
Ep. 356 - Spending crypto and mainstream adoption, w/ AMP Founder Tyler Spalding
Show Details46min 1s
Ep. 355 - Deep Dive on Crypto Oracles w/ Band Protocol founder Soravis Srinawakoon
Show Details39min 7s
Ep. 354 - Building One of the Largest Crypto Exchanges in History, w/ BitFlyer's Joel Edgerton
Show Details38min 3s
Ep. 353 - Behind the Scenes of a Company Holding BILLIONS of $$$ in Bitcoin, w/ Prime Trust
Show Details29min 3s
Ep. 352 - Deep Dive on IOTA, w/ founder Dom Schiener
Show Details42min 27s
Ep. 351 - Deep Dive on Cardano (ADA) w/ founder Charles Hoskinson
Show Details1hr
Ep. 350 - Deep Dive on Ampleforth (AMPL), w/ co-founders Evan Kuo and Brandon Iles
Show Details44min 35s
Ep. 349 - Deep Dive into Cosmos Network (ATOM) and Consensus, with Tess Rinearson of Interchain Gmbh
Show Details39min 41s
Ep. 348 - Browse the Web. Rate things. Earn Crypto. w/ Founder, Nir Kabessa
Show Details36min 6s
Ep. 347 - Crypto Debit Cards and Digital Wallets, w/ Uphold
Show Details25min 42s
Ep. 346 - Create Your Own Economy, w/ Fuse Network founder Mark Smargon
Show Details40min 37s
Ep. 345 - How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing YOUR Life w/ Fetch AI founder, Humayn Sheikh
Show Details39min 22s
Ep. 344 - Crypto Taxes w/ Zenledger COO, Dan Hannum (DISCOUNT CODE INSIDE!)
Show Details42min 53s
Ep. 343 - Market Update with Alex Saunders, Nuggets News
Show Details45min 58s
Ep. 341 - Bitcoin ATMs: The Unsung Heroes of Mass Adoption, w/ Chris McAlary from CoinCloud
Show Details35min 1s
Ep. 3 - Founders Series - Kadena
Show Details50min 30s
Ep. 340 - eToro's Quarterly Report, w/ Josh Frank (TheTie) and Guy Hirsch (eToro USA)
Show Details59min 11s
Ep. 342 - Interoperability & Polkadot w/ Joe Petrowski and Peter Mauric from Parity
Show Details49min 19s
Ep. 339 - Decentralized Storage: The Final Frontier, w/ Bluzelle CEO & founder, Pavel Bains
Show Details37min 21s
Ep. 338 - Firearms, Freedom & Finance w/ TUSC Network
Show Details45min 53s
Ep. 337 - DeFi Deep Dive w/ KAVA Labs CEO & founder Brian Kerr
Show Details56min 37s
Ep. 336 - Crypto Wallets and the Future of Ethereum, w/ MyEtherWallet
Show Details26min 59s
Ep. 335 - The Terrifying Potential Fallout From the SEC's Court Battle with Telegram, w/ Jorge Pesok
Show Details34min 18s
Ep. 334 - Earning Bitcoin-back with EVERY Purchase, w/ Fold App CEO Will Reeves
Show Details35min 50s
Ep. 333 - Why this Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader Started a Bitcoin Exchange w/ BTSE's Brian Wong
Show Details28min 41s
Ep. 332 - Crypto's New World Order built on Algorand, w/ IBMR's David Sinjin Jung
Show Details51min 3s
Ep. 331 - Dollar Cost Averaging w/ Cory Klipstein from Swan Bitcoin
Show Details38min 18s
Ep. 330 - Fmr. Morgan Stanley VP & Citi MD goes ALL IN on Crypto w/ Dave Weisberger, CEO, Coinroutes
Show Details52min 3s
Ep. 329 - Former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Dan Doney, CEO, Securrency
Show Details51min 9s
Ep. 328 - X-Ray Vision: How Crypto Moves Between Users and Exchanges, w/ analytics firm Valega Chain
Show Details28min 52s
Ep. 327 - What are "derivatives" (options & futures) & Why They Matter, w/ Phemex CEO Jack Tao
Show Details33min 54s
Ep. 326 - A Conversation with IOTA founder, David Sonstebo
Show Details47min 53s
Ep. 325 - eToro's Quarterly Report, w/ Josh Frank (TheTIE) and Sacha Ghebali (Kaiko)
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 324 - Putting the Stock Market on the Blockchain w/ Ami Ben David, CEO of Ownera
Show Details41min 31s
Ep. 323 - A Conversation with former JP Morgan and SEC Will Martino, Founder of Kadena
Show Details43min 51s
Ep. 322 - Taking Power Back from Governments! w/ Nym Founder Harry Halpin
Show Details49min 41s
Ep. 321 - A Conversation with Blockstack founder Muneeb Ali
Show Details41min 32s
Ep. 320 - Inside the Life and Mind of an Investment Banker, w/ Alex Grodnik
Show Details26min 40s
Ep. 319 - A Conversation with Chainlink founder, Sergey Nazarov
Show Details46min 17s
Ep. 318 - Global Recession is Looming, but YOU have Crypto w/ Delta Exchange CEO Pankaj Balani
Show Details50min 34s
Ep. 317 - The World's...Smallest Blockchain? w/ Emre Tekisalp of Coda
Show Details41min 6s
Ep. 316 - "And the Future of the Internet Looks Like..." w/ Tal Kol co-founder, Orbs
Show Details33min 40s
Ep. 315 - Crypto Media, Ethics, and Journalism w/ Cointelegraph Magazine's Jon Rice
Show Details33min 22s
Ep. 314 - Hedge Fund Level Tools for the Everyday Investor, w/ ITB CEO Jesus Rodriguez
Show Details35min 27s
Ep. 25 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details36min 40s
Ep. 313 - A Hedge Fund by the People, for the People, w/ Ember Fund's Alex Wang
Show Details31min 52s
Ep. 312 - Mining Since Bitcoin's Birth, w/ Kristy-Leigh Minehan AKA "OhGodAGirl"
Show Details47min 50s
Ep. 311 - Fortune 100 Company Adopts Crypto, w/ Honeywell Exec. Lisa Butters
Show Details36min 26s
Ep. 24 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details49min 43s
Ep. 310 - You're Being Watched, w/ Orchid CEO & former Pantera Capital partner Dr. Steven Waterhouse
Show Details45min 37s
Ep. 23 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details42min 40s
Ep. 309 - Earn Crypto Everyday, w/ StormX CEO Simon Yu
Show Details30min 2s
Ep. 22 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details39min 2s
Ep. 308 - Inside the Mind of One of Crypto's Greatest Hedge Fund, w/ DARMA Capital's Andrew Keys
Show Details37min 52s
Ep. 307 - Institutional Crypto Adoption w/ "Forbes 30 under 30" Edward Woodford of SeedCX
Show Details35min 31s
Ep. 306 - Trade the Crypto Markets like a Pro, w/ Evan Feng of Tapestry Capital
Show Details33min 15s
Ep. 305 - Understanding Capital Markets and the Global Flow of Money, w/ eToro's Guy Hirsch
Show Details47min 10s
Ep. 304 - Talking with Australia's Biggest Crypto News Source
Show Details37min 44s
Ep. 303 - Using Twitter to Predict the Future w/ TheTie CEO Joshua Frank
Show Details51min 42s
Ep. 302 - Governing the Masses w/ Decred
Show Details45min 14s
Ep. 301 - A Conversation With CTO of Bitfinex and Tether, Paolo Ardoino
Show Details42min 36s
Ep. 2 - Founder's Series - Sylo
Show Details38min 18s
Ep. 300 - Travel the World on Crypto, w/ Travala CEO Matthew Luczynski
Show Details24min 22s
Ep. 299 - "Why I Left Amazon to Go All-in on Crypto", w/ Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara
Show Details46min 6s
Ep. 298 - Law and Order: Crypto Victims Unit, w/ Elliptic
Show Details47min 1s
Ep. 297 - Data as the Newest Financial Instrument w/ Constellation Network
Show Details52min 34s
Ep. 296 - Bitcoin and Sound Money Deep Dive w/ Blockstream's CSO Samson Mow
Show Details40min 49s
Ep. 295 - Why Jan. 3 is the Most Important Day in Crypto, w/ Trace Mayer
Show Details59min
Ep. 21 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details42min 45s
Ep. 294 - The Time I Lived w/ Ethereum's Founder & Building Startups w/ Mouse Belt's Galen Danziger
Show Details31min 14s
Ep. 293 - Crypto's "Netscape Moment," A Coming of Age Story: w/ FIO's David Gold
Show Details38min 53s
Ep. 20 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details26min 28s
Ep. 292 - Behind the Scenes w/ Facebook's Libra Association Founding Member Bison Trails Joe Lallouz
Show Details52min 48s
Ep. 291 - Beating Big Brother and Banks with Blockchain, w/ Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky
Show Details55min 53s
Ep. 19 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details28min 57s
Ep. 290 - Comparing the Internet's Past and Blockchain's Present, w/ SKALE Network's Jack O'Holleran
Show Details46min 48s
Ep. 289 - Trade like the Best and Be First w/ CEO Patrick Gorrell
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 18 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details32min 27s
Ep. 288 - Investment Portfolio Construction and Ampleforth, The First Bitfinex IEO
Show Details58min 33s
Ep. 287 - John McAfee - Past, Present and Future
Show Details55min 22s
Ep. 286 - Free Yourself From Digital Slavery w/ Blockstack
Show Details32min 24s
Ep. 285 - How to Become a Venture Capitalist w/ as Little as $10 w/'s Kendrick Nguyen
Show Details41min 26s
Ep. 284 - Coinmine One Giveaway, Crypto Mining 101 w/ CEO Farbood Nivi
Show Details40min 21s
Ep. 17 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details28min 2s
Ep. 283 - DeFi, Oracles, and the New Cross-Chain pTokens w/ Thomas Bertani
Show Details55min 30s
Ep. 282 - Behind the Scenes w/ One of Crypto's Biggest Trader, Blockfills
Show Details59min 37s
Ep. 16 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details40min 49s
Ep. 281 - LiquidApps: The Missing Link, w/ CEO & co-founder Beni Hakak
Show Details29min 48s
Ep. 280 - Former Wall Street Analyst Goes All-in on Crypto w/ Lou Kerner
Show Details33min 24s
Ep. 15 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details29min 13s
Ep. 279 - This Solution Might Surprise You...w/ bloXroute's Uri Klarman
Show Details50min 3s
Ep. 278 - Blockchain and Crypto's Endless Possibilities, w/ Abstrakt CEO Corey Segall
Show Details47min 2s
Ep. 14 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details50min 12s
Ep. 277 - Insolar: The Blockchain for Every Business
Show Details33min 7s
Ep. 276 - The Security Token Ecosystem w/ Vertalo CEO Dave Hendricks
Show Details49min 27s
Ep. 13 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details42min 43s
Ep. 275 - DeFi Deep Dive w/ Kyber Network Founder Loi Luu
Show Details46min 31s
Ep. 274 - Monetize Your Internet Activity. Now. With STREAMR's Shiv Malik
Show Details39min 41s
Ep. 12 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details27min 49s
Ep. 273 - How to Get an Edge in Trading Crypto, w/ Parsiq and Coinmetro
Show Details46min 28s
Ep. 1 - Founders Series - QTUM
Show Details54min 45s
Ep. 11 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details40min 6s
Ep. 272 - Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom and Future w/ Alex Gladstein Human Rights Foundation
Show Details51min 21s
Ep. 271 - Solving The Biggest Headache In Crypto W/ Founder Florian Le Goff
Show Details31min
Ep. 10 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details40min 21s
Ep. 270 - A True Crusader for Crypto w/ Atomic Wallet CEO Konstantin Gladych
Show Details24min 43s
Ep. 269 - The Biggest Data Company in Crypto: BraveNewCoin Launch IEO w/ Founder & CEO Fran Strajnar
Show Details56min 1s
Ep. 9 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details32min 46s
Ep. 268 - Hot Takes and all things Ethereum! w/ MyEtherWallet founder & CEO, Kosala Hemachandra
Show Details41min 18s
Ep. 267 - 2030: The Beginning of the End...?
Show Details36min 29s
Ep. 8 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details43min 36s
Ep. 266 - An Investing Revolution w/ Invictus Capital
Show Details28min 3s
Ep. 265 - One Chain to Rule the Cosmos
Show Details41min 56s
Ep. 7 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details34min 7s
Ep. 264 - Down The Rabbit Hole with Michael Rosenblat from BRD
Show Details33min 24s
Ep. 263 - Next Generation "Smart" Event Ticketing w/ EventChain
Show Details25min 43s
Ep. 6 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details45min 41s
Ep. 262 - Peeling Back Layer 2: Scaling Solutions w/ Nervos Network
Show Details28min 59s
Ep. 261 - Props to Adi Sideman For Making Social Media Great Again
Show Details27min 43s
Ep. 5 - The Weekly Fire
Show Details47min 50s
Ep. 260 - Life in the White House and Better Smart Contracts w/ Ed Felten of Offchain Labs
Show Details30min 1s
Ep. 259 - Is "Hashgraph" the new Blockchain? w/ Hedera CEO Mance Harmon
Show Details37min 57s
Ep. 4 of The Weekly Fire
Show Details33min 11s
Ep. 258 - Going Deep w/ Komodo's Steve Lee
Show Details28min 25s
Ep. 257 - No BS with "Bitcoin Pizza" Author Samantha Radocchia
Show Details38min 25s
Ep. 3 of The Weekly Fire
Show Details37min 58s
Ep. 256 - Punk isn't just learned to code.
Show Details29min 25s
Ep. 255 - Flexa: What Happens When a NASA Engineer Builds a Crypto Network
Show Details34min 5s
Ep. 2 of The Weekly Fire
Show Details29min 7s
Ep. 254 - Terrorists, Trade Wars, AI, OH MY!
Show Details41min 4s
Ep. 253 - Step into the Litecoin: Why PoW Mining Rewards Halve, with Franklyn Richards
Show Details32min 37s
Ep. 1 of The Weekly Fire
Show Details15min 15s
Ep. 252 - The Largest Infrastructure Opportunity in the World
Show Details30min 15s
Ep. 251 - Bancor's Vision of the Future w/ Nate Hindman
Show Details27min 50s
Ep. 250 - Flipside Crypto: Is your Cryptoasset Legit?
Show Details24min 3s
Ep. 249 - CoinMetro: The Exchange of the Future is Here
Show Details39min 24s
Ep. 248 - BiCameral Ventures and iTrust: VCs, 401ks, and IRAs
Show Details25min 51s
Ep. 247 - Spending vs. Saving Crypto with Paxos and TokenCard
Show Details25min 57s
Ep. 246 - IDEX and Nexchange!
Show Details26min 20s
Ep. 245 - Power and Quantum Resistance: KWH and QRL
Show Details28min 2s
Ep. 244 - Nothing Sexier than Secure Private Keys: Eric Larcheveque, Founder, Ledger
Show Details22min 15s
Ep. 243 - From The Archive: Nano and HoloChain
Show Details30min 16s
Ep. 242 - Libra: Facebook's Entry into Crypto
Show Details46min 39s
Ep. 241 - Ben Mezrich: Bitcoin Billionaires
Show Details22min 29s
Ep. 240 - Bryce Paul & PizzaMind: New Hosts!
Show Details22min
Ep. 239 - Jameson Lopp: Lightning Network, CASA Nodes, & Dr. Craig Wright
Show Details40min 42s
Ep. 238 - Is Code Law? w/ Neyma Jahan:: A Crypto 101 & Evolvement Collaboration
Show Details27min 43s
Ep. 237 - Nanome VR 101- A Crypto 101 & Evolvement Collaboration
Show Details26min 23s
Ep. 235 - Chatting with James Altucher
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 234 - Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) 101
Show Details26min 47s
Ep. 233 - Komodo, Namecoin, Vertcoin 101
Show Details47min 29s
Ep. 232 - Bluzelle & Invitcus Capital 101
Show Details35min 49s
Ep. 231 - Horizen, Decred, Casino Coin 101
Show Details50min 15s
Ep. 230 - Zcoin Zerocoin Cryptography Flaw Update
Show Details14min 51s
Ep. 229 - Quantum Computing: Is Bitcoin (and the world) F**ked?
Show Details28min 28s
Ep. 228 - GOLD: An Introduction w/ Mike Greenacre
Show Details51min 15s
Ep. 227 - OST & Travala 101
Show Details36min 24s
Ep. 226 - Unstoppable Domains, Portis, & SuperRare 101
Show Details53min 21s
Ep. 225 - Zcoin & IOTex 101
Show Details43min 2s
Ep. 224 - Zilliqa & Streamr Project Update
Show Details48min 46s
Ep. 223 - ICO 101: New Episodes
Show Details4min 12s
Ep. 222 - Amanda Gutterman: CMO ConsenSys/Cofounder Ethereal
Show Details39min 4s
Ep. 221 - IOST 101 w/ Jimmy Zhong CEO
Show Details36min 18s
Ep. 220 - & Bounties Network 101
Show Details39min 43s
Ep. 219 - Binance’s Charity Initiative w/ Helen Hai
Show Details43min 29s
Ep. 218 - Proof Of Location 101 W/ Arie Trouw
Show Details47min 23s
Ep. 217 - MakerDAO & Nori 101
Show Details52min 1s
Ep. 216 - MakerDAO & DAI 101 w/ Rune Christensen
Show Details47min 9s
Ep. 215 - Celer, Rhombus, & TrueBit 101
Show Details45min 17s
Ep. 214 - How Can We Trust Small Exchanges?
Show Details48min 13s
Ep. 213 - JP Morgan Coin 101
Show Details42min 15s
Ep. 212 - Caitlin Long: Advocating Blockchain Legislation
Show Details50min 13s
Ep. 211 - National Geographic’s Commitment: Tech for Global Betterment
Show Details47min 58s
Ep. 210 - Richard Heart: Bitcoin Failed As A Currency & Bitcoin HEX
Show Details42min 50s
Ep. 209 - Mt. GOX: Investigating the Facts
Show Details29min 53s
Ep. 208 - Brock Pierce: GOX Rising
Show Details37min 44s
Ep. 207 - Staying BAD w/ Joel Comm & Travis Wright
Show Details36min 15s
Ep. 206 - Token 2049 w/ Christopher Strauch
Show Details35min 14s
Ep. 205 - Brave New Coin 101 w/ CEO Fran Strajnar
Show Details36min 34s
Ep. 204 - Meet Listeners: Jace, Ken, Arseni, & GOT Miner
Show Details52min 22s
Ep. 203 - Decentralization 101 w/ Allen Hena
Show Details47min 9s
Ep. 202 - Ledger Nano X w/ CEO Eric Larcheveque
Show Details42min 42s
Ep. 201 - CoolWallet S w/ Michael Ou CEO CoolbitX
Show Details36min 9s
Ep. 200 - The 23andMe Dilemma w/ Dr. David Koepsell
Show Details42min 29s
Ep. 199 - Baseball to Blockchain: The Tyler Adkison Story
Show Details34min 9s
Ep. 198 - Evolution of the Encyclopedia w/ Dr. Larry Sanger Cofounder Wikipedia
Show Details41min 24s
Ep. 197 - ICO 101 Presents: Unitychain 101
Show Details33min 36s
Ep. 196 - Blockfolio 101 w/ CEO Edward Moncada
Show Details55min 47s
Ep. 195 - MimbleWimble & BEAM 101 w/ Alexander Zaidelson
Show Details44min 21s
Ep. 194 - Climate Change: Can Blockchain Help? w/ Chris Round
Show Details40min 18s
Ep. 193 - Trace Mayer: Talking From Experience / Proof of Keys January 3rd
Show Details49min 10s
Ep. 192 - Tales from the Crypto w/ Mario Nawfal
Show Details43min 24s
Ep. 191 - Status Network: Nabil Naghdy COO
Show Details16min 57s
Ep. 190 - Kyber Network: Loi Luu CEO Singapore Episode
Show Details11min 8s
Ep. 189 - 2018 Crypto Taxes w/ Mario Costanz CEO Crypto Tax Prep
Show Details43min 15s
Ep. 188 - AELF: Zhuling Chen Singapore Episode
Show Details15min 45s
Ep. 187 - Zilliqa: Xinshu Dong Singapore Episode
Show Details15min 3s
Ep. 186 - Everex: Alexi Lane CEO and Founder Singapore Episode
Show Details9min 56s
Ep. 185 - The Evolution of Regulation & ETFs w/ Jamie Khurshid & Mike Greenacre
Show Details45min 3s
Ep. 184 - ICO 101: The Bolt Network
Show Details38min 4s
Ep. 183 - Trading the Bear Market w/ Trader Cobb
Show Details39min 6s
Ep. 182 - What Bitcoin Did’s Peter McCormack
Show Details51min 45s
Ep. 181 - ICO 101 Presents - The Universal Protocol
Show Details41min 37s
Ep. 180 - Making of the Bitcoin Podcast Network 101
Show Details59min 20s
Ep. 179 - Listener Entrepreneurs
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 178 - XYO Network 101: Displacing GPS w/ Co-founder Scott Scheper
Show Details52min 55s
Ep. 177 - ICO 101: Decentralized Exchanges by Thorchain
Show Details52min 19s
Ep. 176 - Bitcoin Criticism: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain w/ David Gerard
Show Details49min 59s
Ep. 175 - John McAfee 101
Show Details38min 13s
Ep. 174 - ICO 101: Lending 101 w/ Lendingblock
Show Details39min 10s
Ep. 173 - Jameson Lopp: Living Anonymously, Anarcho-Capitalism, & The Future
Show Details1hr
Ep. 172 - ICO 101: DUSK Network 101
Show Details41min 5s
Ep. 171 - AELF 101 w/ COO Chen Zhuling
Show Details50min 30s
Ep. 170 - Taiwan: Asia's Crypto Oasis w/ Congressman Jason Hsu
Show Details51min 57s
Ep. 169 - Computer 101 w/ Rong Chen Founder of Elastos
Show Details46min 37s
Ep. 168 - Liquid: Regulated Fiat to Crypto Exchange 101 w/ CEO Mike Kayamori
Show Details56min 39s
Ep. 167 - ICO 101 Presents: Preview of CryptoCurve
Show Details14min 20s
Ep. 166 - Advertising Fraud 101: Blockchain’s Solution w/ Angelo Dodaro
Show Details55min 54s
Ep. 165 - ICO 101 Presents: AERGO 101
Show Details38min 41s
Ep. 164 - Chatting the Crypto Space w/ Matthew Aaron, Aaron Paul & Jake Ryan
Show Details49min 34s
Ep. 163 - Is Security Better Now Than a Year Ago? W/ Dan Rice
Show Details48min 15s
Ep. 162 - Women 4 Blockchain Conference & Hackathon w/ Anna Vladi
Show Details31min 40s
Ep. 161 - Masternodes 101 w/ Thomas McLaughlin & Earl Myers
Show Details50min 28s
Ep. 160 - All Things Security and Twitter Scams 101 w/ @RayREDACTED
Show Details1hr 4min
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 158 - What Is The Byzantine Generals’ Problem [Rebroadcast]
Show Details32min 3s
Ep. 157 - Double Episode- Smart Contracts 101 W: Matthew Aaron & Amy Wan CEO Sagewise
Show Details57min 41s
Ep. 156 - [Rebroadcast] How Exchanges Work w/ Dan Rice Co - Founder & CTO Of Sagewise
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 155 - Listeners of CRYPTO 101 2: Tori Cruse, Sina Sahami, & Valentina Khan
Show Details48min 48s
Ep. 154 - ICO101: Interview with Formosa Financial w/ Ryan Terribilini CEO
Show Details29min 24s
Ep. 153 - Who is Shill Nye? Journey of the Average Consumer
Show Details44min 52s
Ep. 152 - Fake community. Fake Volume. Fake Products. What is Real in ICO’s? w/ Ternio Founders
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep. 151 - LISK 101 w/ Max Kordex CEO/Founder
Show Details57min 35s
Ep. 150 - Listeners of CRYPTO 101: Carl Gunaratnam, Sevan Mardirossian & Tireoin ’Toto’ McCabe
Show Details46min 49s
Ep. 149 - UBIQ 101 w/ Alex Sterk
Show Details47min 45s
Ep. 148 - ICO 101 Preview Formosa Financial
Show Details19min 3s
Ep. 147 - eToro 101: Is it legit? W/ Guy Hirsch eToro Managing Director USA
Show Details40min 39s
Ep. 146 - Mini Pod: Puerto Rico: Whats the story? w/ Bianca Graulau
Show Details18min 33s
Ep. 145 - Ontology 101 and the BTC Markets w/ Li Jun CEO and Founder
Show Details31min 8s
Ep. 144 - Safe Reliable Internet of the Future: Elastos w/ CEO & Founder Rong Chen
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 143 - ICO101 & Fluzcoin: The intelligent retail currency protocol
Show Details54min 6s
Ep. 142 - DASH 101 and the Future of Payments w/ Ryan Taylor DASH Core CEO
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep: 141 - Meet The Crypto Cousins- Gary Leland & Tony Cecala
Show Details43min 43s
Ep. 140 - ICO101: AENCO - A Blockchain Based Health Tech Solutions Platform
Show Details54min 32s
Ep. 139 - Crypto PR 101 w/ David Wachsman CEO Wachsman PR
Show Details57min 33s
Ep. 138 - Part 2: Human Rights & the Blockchain w/ Hazem Al-Nakib
Show Details38min 7s
Ep. 137 - ICO Mission Control: A framework for launching ICO’s
Show Details44min 1s
Ep. 136 - Human Rights & the Blockchain Part 1 w/ Hazem Al-Nakib
Show Details47min 30s
Ep. 135 - Security Token Offerings (STO) 101 w/ Sam Kawtharani
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 134 - Evolution of the Blockchain Space w/ Tracy Leparulo
Show Details52min 24s
Ep. 133 - Henri Pihkala CEO Streamr/DATAcoin: The Future of Internet of Things
Show Details58min 58s
Ep. 132 - Rebroadcast: Trading 101 w/ Carter Thomas of Coin Mastery
Show Details52min 34s
Ep 131 - Oz Sultan: Race, Ethnicity, Politics, & Blockchain
Show Details53min 9s
Ep. 130 - Castbox/Contentbox 101 w/ Co-Founder: Shibin Li
Show Details40min 40s
Ep. 129 - Brock Pierce 101 w/ Brock Pierce
Show Details41min 34s
Ep. 128 - $100k BTC in 2021? + VRM/VRC w/ Doug Pike
Show Details32min 39s
Ep. 127 - Jeff Berwick “The Dollar Vigilante”
Show Details57min 37s
Ep. 126 - ZEN Cash 101 & 51% Attack w/ Robert Viglione
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 125 - Floating Islands in Paradise that Use Crypto!
Show Details50min 28s
Ep. 124 - How Blockchain Could Have Changed My Life: Matthew’s Motivation
Show Details21min 38s
Ep. 123 - The Crypto Influencer Awards
Show Details31min 48s
Ep. 122 - Back to Basics Part 3 w/ Dani Amsalem: Basic Crypto Tech Terms
Show Details20min 13s
Ep. 121 - Back to Basics Part 2 w/ Dani Amsalem: Basic Crypto Slang
Show Details17min 7s
Ep. 120 - Back to Basics Part 1 w/ Dani Amsalem: Basic Crypto Terms
Show Details22min 20s
Ep. 119 - Ethereal Summit: Richard Burton of
Show Details53min 8s
Ep. 118 - Ethereal Summit: Joseph Lubin
Show Details31min 19s
Ep. 117 - @Ethereal: ConsenSys, Eva Kaili, Veris Foundation, Pangea, Totle, Crowd, Blockchain Beach
Show Details38min 32s
Ep. 116 - Ethereal Summit: Token Foundry, MetaCert, Foam, Colendi
Show Details53min 11s
Ep. 115 - Global Cooling! Rising Food Prices! & the Blockchain w/ Adapt 2030’s David DuByne
Show Details59min 24s
Ep. 114 - [Rebroadcast] The 7 Step Guide to Getting into Cryptocurrency
Show Details34min 26s
Ep. 113 - Our Responsibility in the Space w/ the CRYPTO 101 Bloggers
Show Details56min 10s
Ep. 112 - Ethereal Summit 101: May 11th - May 12th w/ Jesse Grushack
Show Details33min 49s
Ep. 111 - Exodus Wallet 101 w/ Kris Merkel of Exodus Wallet
Show Details39min 59s
Ep. 110 - Branded Currency 101 w/ Holly Glowaty
Show Details39min 37s
Ep. 109 - Meet Chang Peng “CZ” Zhao: CEO/Founder Binance
Show Details39min 56s
Ep. 108 - The CRYPTO 101 Crew Chats the Recent Bear! w/ Aaron, Dani, Mark, & Matthew Aaron
Show Details47min 54s
Ep. 107 - Monero (XMR) & Fluffy Pony 101 w/ Riccardo Spagni aka Fluffy Pony
Show Details48min 2s
Ep. 106 - Howard Marks Part 2: Start Engine & How to Do an ICO Properly
Show Details39min 24s
Ep. 105 - Activision and Acclaim w/ CEO Howard Marks: Behind the Scenes, 90’s Video Game Companies
Show Details38min 34s
Ep. 104 - Meet the Listeners: Alan Percal and Nigel Coleman
Show Details45min 24s
Ep. 103 - Privacy Coins 101 w/ Snappy Snap of PIVX
Show Details51min 35s
Ep. 102 - Taylor Monahan Shares Personal Experiences on Starting a Business in the Crypto Space
Show Details43min 31s
Ep. 101 - An Inside Look into ICO Consulting: w/ Victor Larionov
Show Details37min 42s
Ep. 100 - Aaron Paul Fireside Chat
Show Details10min 39s
Ep. 99 - Can We Fight FB, Google, & Cambridge Analytica: w/ Roger Haenni CEO of Datum
Show Details53min 8s
Ep. 97 - Is a P2P Sharing Economy Practical? a Debate w/ Josh Fraser of Origin Protocol
Show Details43min 4s
Ep. 96 - Explaining the Byzantine General's Problem w/ Doug Pike
Show Details31min 50s
Ep. 95 - A Candid Conversation about the Digital Asset Space w/ Hazem Al-Nakib
Show Details34min 28s
Ep. 94 - Who is Jameson Lopp w/ Jameson Lopp
Show Details55min 21s
Ep. 93 - What I learned from Interviewing Power Ledger (POWR)
Show Details19min 1s
Ep. 92 - How to Change Your Career to Work In the Blockchain Industry
Show Details30min 14s
Ep. 91 - Want to Get Paid Off of Your Social Content?
Show Details49min 19s
Ep. 90 - Crypto Security 101 w/ Taylor Monahan Founder of MyCrypto & Dani Amsalem
Show Details51min 48s
Ep. 89 - Trading 101 w/ Carter Thomas of Coin Mastery
Show Details54min
Ep. 88 - Is Data the New Oil? W/ CEO of Synapse.AI Dan Gailey & PETRO Review
Show Details33min 6s
Ep. 87 - Meet Jeremy Goodwin CEO SYNCFAB
Show Details52min 36s
Ep. 86 - Please Welcome Aaron Paul to the CRYPTO 101 Family
Show Details3min 47s
Ep. 85 - We Need to Define What is Cryptocurrency Now! w/ Hazem Al-Nakib
Show Details52min 47s
Ep. 84 - A Chat with Andy Tian CEO of Uplive and GIFTO (GTO)
Show Details31min 46s
Ep. 83 - Power Ledger (POWR) w/ Dr. Jemma Green
Show Details40min 44s
Ep. 82 - Meet Listeners Tina Penman & Georgia Rakusen
Show Details32min 45s
Ep. 81 - CoinBase & GDAX Overview: Step 2 of the 7 Step Beginner’s Guide
Show Details41min 4s
Ep. 80 - My Ether Wallet & My Crypto 101 w/ Founder Taylor Monahan ft: Dani Amsalem
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 79 - Kyber Network w/ CEO Loi Luu: The Framework for Payments!
Show Details34min 28s
Ep. 78 - Guest Host Roni Rose & UCLA Cyber Days Event: Win Tickets at CRYPTO 101 FB Page
Show Details20min 44s
Ep. 77 - How To Survive A Bear Attack
Show Details10min 3s
Ep. 76 - Banking the Unbanked: Humaniq (HMQ) w/ Hazem Al-Nakib
Show Details52min 38s
Ep. 75 - How Crypto Taxes Work w/ Mario Costanz CEO Crypto Tax Prep
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 74 - Get Yo' House In Order
Show Details17min 10s
Ep. 73 - How Exchanges SHOULD/WILL Work w/ Alexander Kravets: Founder & CEO
Show Details42min 41s
Ep. 72 - Buy Your Own 1956 Porsche on the Blockchain w/ Marco Abele Founder/CEO TEND
Show Details39min 44s
Ep. 71 - How Exchanges Work w/ Dan Rice Co-Founder & CTO of Bootstrap Legal
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 70 - Crypto Ideology & The Future w/ Doug Pike Part 2: Conclusion from BTC Scaling Debate
Show Details30min 52s
Ep. 69 - The Current State of AI and Avance Hub
Show Details38min 52s
Ep. 68 - Zilliqa: A Solution to the Scaling Debate w/ CEO Dr. Xinshu Dong
Show Details33min 41s
Ep. 67 - Step 2: Gemini Exchange 101 w/ Dani Amsalem
Show Details25min 49s
Ep. 66 - Repost: Our Two Rules of Trading
Show Details16min 2s
Ep. 65 - Meet Listeners Jayden, Treavor, And Darrion: New Crypto Fellows
Show Details33min 40s
Ep. 64 - Former Wall Street Lawyer Terrence Yang Chats Everything w/ CRYPTO 101
Show Details59min 46s
Ep. 63 - Bitcoin Scaling Debate 101 w/ Doug Pike Co-founder of Verium & Vericoin
Show Details42min 27s
Ep. 62 - 7 Steps Beginner Guide to Getting into Crypto w/ Dani Amsalem
Show Details36min 11s
Ep. 61 - Your Health Information When You Need It w/ Chrissa McFarlane, Founder/CEO Patientory
Show Details29min 38s
Ep. 60 - Wikipedia on the Blockchain? Everipedia: w/ Founder and CEO Theodor Forselius
Show Details22min 55s
Ep. 59 - Democracy on the Blockchain w/ Jamie Skella of Horizon State
Show Details46min 22s
Ep. 58 - ICO and Smart Contract Law with Amy Wan, Founder @ Bootstrap Legal
Show Details49min 48s
Ep. 57 - (Rerelease) What are Smart Contracts
Show Details28min 59s
Ep. 56 - Bridging the Gender Gap NOW: Meet CRYPTO 101 Listener Roni Rose
Show Details21min 40s
Ep. 55 - What is Augur w/ Joey Krug Co-Founder of Augur
Show Details44min 57s
Ep. 54 - 14 Stages of Emotions When Trading & What What We Can Do About It
Show Details25min 43s
Ep. 53 - What is Tether USDT
Show Details18min 47s
Ep. 52 - Rerelease: What Is Disrtributed Ledger And Blockchain w/ Isaac Arthur SFIA
Show Details31min 25s
Ep. 51 - The Power of Crypto! Getting Money to the People Who Need It, Samuel Belay
Show Details37min 3s
Ep. 50 - Bitcoin Scaling, The Media, and Twitter Technical Analysis Dudes
Show Details26min 43s
Ep. 49 - Are ICOs Bulls**t? w/ Pete Woodard of IBC Consulting Group
Show Details37min 51s
Ep. 48 What is Cloud Mining
Show Details27min 23s
Ep. 47 - Impromptu Rant/Commentary #10
Show Details14min 2s
Ep. 46 - CRYPTO 101 listeners Ben Humphris and James Nixon Share Their Trading Experiences
Show Details30min 9s
Ep. 45 - Imagine Owning a Piece of your Favorite Song w/ Stone Temple Pilots, Steve Stewart VEZT
Show Details31min 35s
Ep. 44 - (Rerelease) Trading Terms And Strategies
Show Details29min 50s
Ep 43. - (Rerelease) Coinbase
Show Details21min 43s
Ep 42. - Claudio Perlini CEO of Boulé: What is Democracy on the Blockchain
Show Details31min 33s
Ep. 41 - CEO SyncFab Jeremy Goodwin: What are IPOs and ICOs & Supplychain Blockchain
Show Details51min 42s
Ep. 40 - Diversifying Your Crypto Portfolio
Show Details25min 25s
Ep. 39 - Meet Fellow Crypto101 Listener: Job Plas
Show Details26min 31s
Ep. 38 - My Week in Trading, My Thoughts on Bitcoin 2X, Vericoin Weekly Update
Show Details22min 18s
Ep. 37 - What Are Smart Contracts
Show Details28min 59s
Ep. 36 - Jon Jones: Litecoin Charlie Lee Event Co-organizer: How to organize crypto events
Show Details49min 20s
Ep. 35 - What is SegWit 2x
Show Details17min 5s
Ep. 34 - Interview with Jesse Leimgruber of Bloom: Ethereum Based Credit Scoring
Show Details35min 49s
Ep. 33 - James Lovejoy Lead Developer of Vertcoin (VTC)
Show Details31min 32s
Ep. 32 Condolences To Las Vegas: Can Blockchain Technology Make Guns Safer
Show Details20min 5s
Ep. 31 - Interview w/ Douglas Pike: Lead Developer/Founder Verium & Vericoin
Show Details59min 25s
Ep. 30 - What Is Mining?
Show Details32min 8s
Ep. 29 - Types of Haters in the Crypto World
Show Details22min 58s
Ep. 28 - Where to Check Coin Prices in Real Time
Show Details27min 33s
Ep. 27 - What Gives Cryptocurrency Value
Show Details21min 14s
Ep. 26 - China FUD - Why Not To Worry
Show Details17min 12s
Ep. 25 - Trading Terms and Strategies
Show Details29min 29s
Ep. 24 - Binance Exchange
Show Details31min 2s
Ep. 23 - What is Litecoin (LTC) & Who is Charlie Lee?
Show Details18min 19s
Ep. 22 - NEO WTF & Don't have #FOFU (Fear of F***ing Up)
Show Details29min 4s
Ep. 21 - My Two Trading Rules
Show Details16min 42s
Ep. 20 - What are Hard And Soft Forks?
Show Details14min 2s
Ep. 19 - OAX, Binance, Altcoins Marketing Deficit and Blockchain Manifesto Part 1
Show Details33min 59s
Ep. 18 - What is Distributed Ledger, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain w/ Isaac Arthur
Show Details32min 3s
Ep. 17 - What Is An ICO, IPO, Token, & SEC?
Show Details25min 37s
Ep. 16 - Kraken Overview and Review: Free Euro, Canadian Dollar and Yen Deposits
Show Details24min 37s
Ep. 15 - Who Is Vitalik Buterin? Co-Founder and Inventor of Ethereum
Show Details14min 12s
Ep 14. - NEO, Happy Coin, TenX, Vertcoin
Show Details21min 30s
Ep 13. - Proof of Work & Proof of Stake
Show Details14min 43s
Ep - 12 GDAX: The companion of Coinbase
Show Details11min 4s
Ep. 11 - NEO, BCH, Verium, and Good Customer Service
Show Details28min 29s
Ep. 10 - Bittrex
Show Details22min 52s
Ep. 9 - Public And Private Keys, Plus a Very Bad Star Trek Analogy.
Show Details8min 3s
Ep. 8 - What are Wallets and Should You Use One?
Show Details30min 9s
Ep. 7 - Buying Brand Name Coins and Bitcoin Split
Show Details21min 20s
Ep. 6 - Vericoin Wallet Fix
Show Details7min 4s
Ep. 5 - Poloniex
Show Details18min 45s
Ep. 4 - HODL And Other Slang
Show Details20min 23s