Crypto Rundown: Inside The Newest AI Crypto "ASI Coin"

21m | Jun 13, 2024

PLEASE NOTE: The original date upon recording live at Consensus in Austin Texas the date for the ASI merger was June 13th. On 6/11/2024 it was postponed to July 15th, 2024. While watching this interview please keep this in mind as we were interviewing based on the original announcement! There is still awesome information about the merger so hope you enjoy!

In this episode of the Crypto Rundown Bryce Paul interviews Humayun Sheikh, the founder of FetchAI, about the monumental ASI merger combining FetchAI, AGIX (SingularityNET), and Ocean Protocol into a $7.5 billion valuation powerhouse. This merger represents a strategic consolidation aimed at strengthening the capabilities of decentralized AI against centralized tech giants. Sheikh outlines the complementary nature of the merging entities—Fetch AI's agent-based applications, AGIX's AI modeling, and Ocean's data handling—and their collective potential to revolutionize AI usage across various industries. The discussion provides insight into the technical and community-driven aspects of the merger, emphasizing its potential to redefine AI development and deployment in a decentralized framework.

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