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Collected Sounds

Collected Sounds was founded as a music blog in 1999. Life got in the way, along with burnout and the need for a "real" job and the blogger lifestyle had to go. Since the Pandemic I decided to bring it back, and add a podcast feature to the brand. The vision of this podcast is dynamic and I'm open to suggestions.


The Activity Continues Trailer Season Two
Show Details1min 39s
Introducing: The Activity Continues: The Villisca Ax Murder House.
Show Details1hr 10min
The Eyes Have It by Philip K. Dick
Show Details9min
Year End 2021 Update
Show Details6min 13s
Afterward: Chapter 4 (final)
Show Details23min 11s
Afterward: Chapter 3
Show Details22min 31s
Afterward: Chapter 2
Show Details12min 37s
Afterward: Chapter 1
Show Details21min 18s
Tales from the Shift: Announcement
Show Details1min 20s
Volsteadland: Teaser trailer
Show Details1min 57s
The Dead Smile #4 (final)
Show Details17min 19s
The Dead Smile #3
Show Details15min 9s
The Dead Smile #2
Show Details16min 17s
The Dead Smile #1
Show Details14min 27s
A Haunted House
Show Details8min 26s
Show Details2min 1s