How do I protect my children from child sex abuse?* (Interview with Rosalia Rivera)

Season 2 | Episode 3
35m | Apr 15, 2023

A worry many working parents have when leaving their children with babysitters or other caretakers is the prospect of potential child sex abuse.

Angel Mary interviews the content creator behind @consentparenting and two timed Tedx speaker Rosalia Rivera about her work to educate parents and guardians in order to protect children from child sex abuse. Rosalia, who has been featured on CNN, FOX, Parents Magazine, among others, also discusses her own career path that led her into this very important work and also gives parents tips on how to discuss the topic with both their children as well as the adults around them.

*Trigger warning: Content discussed in this episode includes discussions about survivor trauma and child sex abuse as well as other topics of a sensitive nature.*

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