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Career Path Angel Show

A career podcast that talks about everything you need to succeed as a young working professional starting your career. We discuss ways to build your professional reputation, set goals, manage office politics, sharpen management skills, offer self development tools and explore inspiring career paths by seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs.


How do I say NO at work?
Show Details18min 41s
What is the difference between Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills?
Show Details15min 50s
How do I deal with a toxic colleague or boss?
Show Details20min 55s
How do you convince someone to do something for you at work? Interview with Jennifer Bahdi
Show Details27min 53s
When I start a new job, how do I ensure all job expectations are met?
Show Details19min 8s
How do I handle a coworker that takes credit for my work?
Show Details17min 27s
How do I terminate an employee?
Show Details19min 5s
What type of confidence mindset do I need to jump into entrepreneurship? (Interview with Bree Lucas)
Show Details26min 39s
How do I plan for Success?
Show Details14min 17s
How do I make a Career Change?
Show Details21min 27s
What does professional networking really mean?
Show Details18min 19s
What does it take to be a great leader? Interview with Cicy George
Show Details28min 55s
How do I start a business? Interview with Mark McCallum
Show Details31min 17s
What does Managing Up really mean?
Show Details19min
What can I do to shine or be proactive at work? Interview with Maisa Rahmy
Show Details25min 42s
Why the phrase 'The Customer is Always Right' is Wrong!
Show Details23min 33s
How embracing change can lead you forward in your career towards your dream job.
Show Details19min 35s
Welcome to the Career Path Angel Show!
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