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CAPT On Record

Let's have a heart to heart about your mental health. CAPT On Record features CAPTains and their unique stories about self-care, struggles and student life.

A project by the 10th Social Innovation Wing in CAPT.

Made With ❤️, Team Youth Are Not Alone (YANA)


ep5: how to stay motivated? | ashwin
Show Details44min 55s
ep 4: how to be a good friend? | zhe xin
Show Details26min 29s
ep 3: how do we manage our relationships? | dhatri
Show Details42min 46s
ep 2: how to achieve balance in university? | joel
Show Details23min 9s
ep 1: how to live well? | kye sheen
Show Details28min 32s
ep 0: youth are not alone
Show Details40min 54s