• Why Texas Tech Basketball Looks Different This Year

    In this week's show, Jackson Moody discusses Texas Tech pulling one out against TCU, likely clinching a tournament bid. Why does Tech basketball looks so different this year than previous years?

    41m | Feb 23, 2024
  • Texas Tech Baseball Season Preview

    It's time to look to baseball as Jackson Moody previews the opening weekend in Arlington. Kyle Robinson, Zane Petty and Jack Washburn are the starters for the weekend. Where does that leave Parish and Rogers? Plus a look at a stacked infield and an outfield that lacks a bit of depth.

    24m | Feb 16, 2024
  • Texas Tech Hammers Kansas With Favorable Schedule Coming Up

    Texas Tech hammers Kansas in Lubbock to put together two straight wins after three straight losses. Jackson Moody discusses how Warren Washington and Robert Jennings kept Hunter Dickinson in their pocket, plus a career night for Darrion Williams and some optimism around Washington's injury. Lastly, here's why the final six games for Texas Tech are as ideal as possible.

    26m | Feb 14, 2024
  • Texas Tech Loses Third Straight: Is it Time to be Concerned?

    Texas Tech has dropped three straight, but Jackson Moody explains why it's not as concerning as you may think. Plus, here's what we learned against Baylor, is KyeRon in the rotation and is Toussaint back? Also, why Baylor is the last place that should be booing a player for a he said, she said civil suit.

    29m | Feb 7, 2024
  • Texas Tech Basketball Remains a Contender in the Big 12

    Texas Tech upsets Oklahoma in Norman behind another comeback and huge say from Chance McMillian. Jackson Moody talks about why Tech caught a break with TCU and Baylor, plus some really good chemistry between Warren Washington and Pop. Is this team a Big 12 Title contender, or is a top four Big 12 finish probably a more realistic expectation?

    20m | Jan 30, 2024
  • Texas Tech Sits Alone in First Place in the Big 12

    After a crazy comeback against BYU, Texas Tech now sits alone atop the Big 12 after Kansas State falls in Ames. Jackson Moody discusses what Tech needs to do against OU to stay there, and why this game is coming at the perfect time.

    24m | Jan 25, 2024
  • Texas Tech Blown Out By Houston: Is There Cause for Concern?

    Texas Tech gets blown out by Houston, but now the question is whether or not there is cause for concern. Plus, now the Red Raiders get set for BYU on Saturday. Jackson Moody discusses that and more!

    33m | Jan 19, 2024
  • Texas Tech Basketball Beats Oklahoma State and Gets Set for Kansas State

    Texas Tech beats Oklahoma State at home in convincing fashion, plus a preview of tomorrow's matchup with Kansas State and keys to the game. Jackson Moody discusses why is this game so important to both teams, and a look around the Big 12 as a whole.

    20m | Jan 12, 2024
  • Texas Tech Starts Off Big 12 Play With Texas Upset

    Texas Tech starts off Big 12 play with an upset over the Texas Longhorns. Jackson Moody reacts to the game and what Coach McCasland got right and a look at some players who played a key role. But unfortunately, Texas Tech scandals are back and why he thinks Pop Isaacs should continue to play during the investigation.

    28m | Jan 9, 2024
  • Texas Tech Basketball Begins Big 12 Play!

    Texas Tech opens Big 12 play in Austin, and Jackson Moody talks about what Tech can exploit and what they need to be cautious of in this game. Plus Drew Steffe is officially in the portal, but Jackson does not think there's much of a need to worry.

    21m | Jan 5, 2024
  • Texas Tech Basketball Playing Its Best of the Early Season

    The Texas Tech Red Raiders are coming off their two best games of the basketball season thus far with conference play right around the corner. Jackson Moody dives into where the program stands, plus he puts the Drew Steffe rumors swirl.

    26m | Jan 2, 2024
  • Texas Tech Wins Its Bowl Game, Plus Eric Monroe Interview

    This week, Jackson Moody talks about Texas Tech's Bowl win, plus he chats with former Red Raider Eric Monroe!

    38m | Dec 22, 2023
  • Texas Tech Gets Set for Cal in the Independence Bowl

    This week, Jackson Moody gives you a preview of Tech's bowl game vs Cal. Plus, Tahj Brooks comes back, and some huge additions in the portal. Finally, the bad news with Tech basketball as Cambridge is done for the season, and how that changes the look of Texas Tech's season.

    22m | Dec 15, 2023
  • Texas Tech Gets Cal in Bowl Game, Plus the Transfer Portal is Open

    Tech gets Cal in the Independence Bowl and Jackson Moody explains why it's a good match up and terrible timing. Plus, he takes a look at the transfer portal, and how the wide receivers will look next season. Also, Basketball loses a heartbreaker, but here's why it's positive.

    25m | Dec 6, 2023
  • What Needs to Improve for Texas Tech Football?

    This week, Jackson Moody reacts to Texas Tech getting thrashed in Austin and what has to improve for next season. Despite the football team's struggles, Tech basketball gets better as the tournament goes in in the Bahamas. What went right for them? Also, what changes to the lineup would he like to see before Conference play?

    34m | Nov 30, 2023
  • It's a HUGE Week for Texas Tech Athletics

    It's an enormous week for Texas Tech athletics with football getting set to play the Longhorns for the last time in the Big 12, while basketball gears up for the Battle for Atlantis!

    41m | Nov 21, 2023
  • Texas Tech Tries to Build Off Kansas Win vs. UCF

    In this week's show, Jackson Moody discusses what Texas Tech did right against Kansas and how they can build on this against UCF this week.

    25m | Nov 16, 2023
  • Behren Morton is Back, Texas Tech Hoops Open Up

    In this week's show, Texas Tech gets a massive win against TCU, Behren Morton returns and Kittley calls a good game. Plus, Texas Tech basketball opens up on Wednesday night against A&M Commerce, a look at that one, and a look around the Big 12. Plus the horrible Big 12 scheduling matrix.

    25m | Nov 8, 2023
  • Texas Tech Gets Set to Play TCU on Thursday Night, Plus Hoops Gets Underway

    This week's show includes Jackson Moody giving Texas Tech fans a preview of TCU, and what Tech can do offensively to exploit the Frogs. Plus Texas Tech hoops gets the Grant McCasland era underway with a win over Top 15 Texas A&M. What does this season tell us about the upcoming basketball season and how this group could look come conference play?

    26m | Nov 1, 2023
  • Can Texas Tech Football Fix Itself in November?

    In this week's episode, Jackson Moody discusses Texas Tech wining the Big 12 Championship in soccer, the Rangers are heading to the World Series. Oh, and e talks about whatever that was on Saturday in Provo. Plus, why the defense still looks good, and faith in DeRuyter is far from lost. But, where does Tech go from here, and what can they fix for the last four games?

    23m | Oct 26, 2023
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