Hear The Gear

Ever looked for a podcast that simply used different microphones and gear on each episode? Well now you can hear the gear before you buy the gear! I will use a different microphone each week, unprocessed so you can get an idea if a piece of gear should be yours, or if it should stay on the shelf! BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Also get some tips and tricks to use in your podcasting adventures!


Galaxy Audio GA64 Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Capsule Switching Option
Show Details7min 36s
The CAD E50 Condenser Microphone
Show Details7min 14s
The Maono AU-300HD XLR / USB Dynamic Microphone
Show Details8min 5s
The Behringer SL 84C Dynamic $12 Microphone
Show Details6min 17s
The Realistic MC-1000 Vintage Dynamic Microphone
Show Details2min 49s
The CAD PodMaster SuperD XLR End Address Broadcast Microphone
Show Details12min 57s
The Shure PE56D Vintage Unidyne I Dynamic Microphone
Show Details8min 53s
The Peavey PVM 44 Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details6min 40s
The Samson Q8 Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Show Details5min 39s
The Rode PodMic Dynamic End Address Microphone and Podcast Hosting Tips!
Show Details21min 57s
The MXL BCC-1 End Address Broadcast Condenser Microphone
Show Details8min 6s
The Audio Technica AT2005 USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone and....Headphones?
Show Details13min 43s
The Audix F55 Handheld Dynamic Microphone and why it and many others beat a Blue Yeti for Podcasting
Show Details11min 57s
The Shure 588SB Handheld Dynamic Microphone on The Zoom Podtrak P4
Show Details8min 9s