Wiz Capper & Tony Marks Podcast

The weekly "T-Wiz Podcast" joins Warwick Capper & Tony Marks as they discuss sport, music and popular culture with fascinating people. Each week TM & The Wiz will recap stories and contribute absolutely nothing to civilised society.

"Balls & All Episodes" Be a fly on the wall with TM & the Wiz where they provide commentary and entertaining insights while watching AFL matches and UFC fight cards and other sporting events. Laying the foundation for all future broadcasters and aspiring commentators to avoid.

"T-Wiz Bangers" Exclusive content for subscribers and VIP members only. Keep an eye out for access to the T-Wiz Bangers Club for discounted merchandise, exclusive content and access to the Wiz Capper & Tony Marks Podcast Annual Member Party.


The T-Wiz Podcast - Episode 5 -Brian Mannix & Tim Henwood
Show Details54min 25s
The T-Wiz Podcast - Episode 4 - Scott Carne & Jason Vorherr
Show Details47min 56s
The T-Wiz Podcast - Episode 3 - Dale Ryder & Simon Hosford
Show Details50min 8s
The T-Wiz Podcast - Episode 2 - Grant Hansen
Show Details17min 12s
The T-Wiz Podcast - Episode 1 - Our little Pilot
Show Details3min 48s