Poppin' The Culture

Poppin' The Culture is a weekly podcast for those who love everything to do with pop culture, film, TV, celebrity news, and maybe even a bit of gossip! Your show host, Mr. Hollywood, brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving world of entertainment. The show also features weekly guests to add more detail and insight on the entertainment industry. Don't worry, we thought of everything.


Episode 12: The Craziest Fan Theory about John Wick and The Matrix 4, Who's Scarier Than Freddy Krueger? Dexter's Bloody Return
Show Details46min 7s
Episode 11: Netflix Paid HOW MUCH for Seinfeld? Best acting performance by an athlete!? | Guest Interview with Matty Cardarople
Show Details57min 16s
Episode 10: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IS BETTER THAN JAMES BOND! | Can Kristen Stewart Win An Oscar?
Show Details46min 56s
Episode 9: Addison Rae Wants to Continue Acting! | Is Johnny Depp Done?
Show Details37min 24s
Episode 8: Did Disney Do Scarlett Johansson Dirty? Moves you Gotta Watch Once | With guests Rebecca Brayton, Ty Richardson and Ricky Starks
Show Details59min 20s
Poppin' The Culture #7: Keanu Reeves is the GOAT & Al Pacino's Worst Performance Ever!?
Show Details45min 38s
Episode 6: Napoleon Dynamite 2? Does Riverdale need to end? Top 10 Rom-coms | With Efren Ramirez & Kyra Carlton | PtC #6
Show Details55min 2s
Episode 5: What's on Your Watch List?! The Suicide Squad, Rick and Morty, Young Royals | With Malte Gårdinger & Callum Janes
Show Details48min 7s
Episode 4: Horror Films, Old, Cobra Kai, Mean Girls | With Kirsten-Ria & Jesse Kove
Show Details41min 35s
Episode 3: James Bond, Son of the Mask, Demon 2 | With Phoebe de Jeu & Jamie Kennedy
Show Details45min 29s
Episode 2: Disney, Marvel, Black Widow, Video Games | With Ricky Tucci & Todd McFarlane
Show Details44min 53s
Episode 1: Ace Ventura 3, Worst 90s Movies | With Rebecca Brayton & Todd McFarlane
Show Details41min 20s