Bunkaball Radio Show 054 - Special Guest : edetto On Rinse Fr

Season 5 | Episode 11
2h 0m | Jul 19, 2023

BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 054 On Rinse France :


- Mix 1 - Don Rimini

Tracklist : 

Felipe Gordon & Krewcial - The Answer (Shall Not Fade)

Roisto - Music Melody (Youth Control)

Alex Preston - Do You Like It Funky (HUGS)

Lydia Eisenblätter - Shine (Shall Not Fade)

Marco Faraone - Don't Tell Me What To Do (Uncage)

Warehousz - Funktones (UKR)

DJ Dextro - Free Mind (Gene Richards Jr Raw Cut) (Uncage)

Uncertain - Pump (Kneaded Pains)

DBFB - Small Stone (Orion Remix) (After Us)

Aux Couture - Proteine (AEROBIK)

Mynd - Weird Patterns (On Edge Society)

Fresko - Inner Funk (Hayes)

The Miller - High Tech (ANAOH)

Ramleak - Strainge (Alexander Technique Remix) (Bikiniwax Records)

Trunkline - Mercy (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) (Arkham Audio)

The Miller - LIM (ANAOH)

Italo Brutalo - Reach horizon (CYRK Remix) (Bungalo Disco)


- Mix 2 - SPECIAL GUEST : edetto

"Showcasing his own brand of Bristolian Techno, 

edetto is an artist with intent. 

Dishing out a continued stream of 

high energy productions with infectious groove. 

With releases on Eats Everything & Andres Campos EI8HT 

and Dense & Pikas Kneaded Pains, 

edetto is setting the tone for a luminous path ahead."

Tracklist : 

Coyu - Raf On A Rave (Suara)

Carlo Lio - Back 2 Front (EI8HT)

edetto - Keep Schtum (forthcoming - EI8HT)

Addison Groove - Eh Wut (Pretty Weird) 

Annika Wolfe - Flavor (Motech)

edetto - Be More (unreleased) 

Addison Groove - Elevator (Pretty Weird) 

Hassler - Bread & Circuses (EI8HT) 

Dense & Pika - Hollow Tip (Kneaded Pains)

Uncertain - Bastard (Kneaded Pains)

Uncertain - Frame (Suara)

Omis (Italy) - Contrasting Details (EI8HT)

K-Style & Carlos Perez - Getajaus (Ei8HT)

edetto - We Don’t Know (forthcoming - EI8HT) 

Eats Everything - Wreckage (edetto Remix) (EI8HT) 

B. Riley - Draw The Line (CLR)

Varosian - Send It (Suara)

Arjun Vagale - Displaced (Quartz Rec)

edetto - Strung Out (Kneaded Pains) 

Taube - Teal Strobe (Boysnoize)

K-65 - No Stop (Flightpath) 

edetto - Lateral Collateral (forthcoming - Flat 7) 

Ben Prophet - Step Further (self release) 

Harvey McKay - They See My Shadow (Kneaded Pains) 

edetto - Tight Hips (unreleased) 

Harvey McKay - On The Drum (Kneaded Pains) 

Sosak - The Bams Sovereign Ring (Prodigal Son)

Marcal - Oboro (Suara) 

Shlomi Aber - That’s The Way I Speak (CLR) 

edetto - Step 7 (Kneaded Pains) 

edetto - Shake The Rack (unreleased)

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Bunkaball Radio Show at Rinse France