• Bunkaball Radio Show 055 - Tribute To DJ Deeon On Rinse Fr

    Bunkaball Radio Show 055

    Tribute To DJ Deeon On Rinse Fr.

    Playground Productionz - Vertigo (1994) - Dance Mania (DM 076)

    DJ Deeon - Let Me Bang (1995) - Dance Mania (DM 118)

    Big Freek - Everyday (Remix) (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 160)

    DJ Deeon - The Freaks (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 175)

    DJ Deeon - 2 Be Free (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 175)

    DJ Deeon - 1112 (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 183)

    DJ Deeon & DJ Puff - Work This M.F. (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 184)

    DJ Deeon - The Truth (1996) - Dance Mania (DM 186)

    Debo & DJ Skip - Spit Game (1997) - Dance Mania (DM 214)

    Back In Da Dayz - House-O-Track 91 (1997) - Dance Mania (DM 215)

    DJ Deeon - Ride This M.F. (1997) - Dance Mania (DM 237)

    Playground Productionz - Orgy (XXX) (1997) - Dance Mania (DM 241)

    DJ Deeon & DJ Funk ‚Äď 96 U Got 2 (1999) - Underground Construction (UC 364)

    DJ Deeon & DJ Puff - The Baddest (2001) - Pro-Jex (PROX034)

    DJ Deeon ‚Äď Tear The Club Up¬†(2001) - Pro-Jex (PROX034)

    DJ Deeon - It's Working (2002) - Pro-Jex (PROX039)

    DJ Deeon - Shake It! 2002 (2002) - Pro-Jex (PROX039)

    DJ Deeon - On Da Floor (2002) - Pro-Jex (PROX039)

    DJ Deeon - Gimme Head (2002) - Booty Bar Records (BBR-003)

    DJ Deeon, Disco D - Dem Tatas (2002) - GTI Recordings (GTI-006)

    DJ Deeon - Booty Bounce (2003) - Pro-Jex (PROX048)

    DJ Deeon - Ghetto Fabolous Edit 2003 (2003) - Pro-Jex (PROX048)

    Charlie Hall & Ty-Chi - Oh Shit (DJ Deeon Remix 1) (2003) - Pro-Jex (PROX050)

    DJ Deeon ‚Äď Booty Klap (2004) - Pro-Jex (PROX059)

    Jamie Bissmire Feat .DJ Deeon ‚Äď Slamm! (2005) - 50 hz

    DJ Deeon feat. DJ Funk - Put It In Yo Mouth (2008) - Dress 2 Sweat

    DJ Deeon - Joyful (2010) - 5 Magazine Chicago

    DJ Deeon - Pushin Dik (2013) - Booty Call Records (BCR027)

    Matt Tolfrey, Frank Storm - What To Say (DJ Deeon Remix) (2017) - Rawthentic (RWM008)

    DJ Deeon - Tumble (2020) - Ghetto Rhythm Composers

    DJ Deeon & Gettoblaster - Back That Ass Up (Don Rimini Remix) (2021) - We Jack

    DJ Deeon - Drop That (2020) - Zona Music(a)

    DJ Deeon - Shouts (1995) - Dance Mania (DM 085)

    2h 0m | Sep 19, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 054 - Special Guest : edetto On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 054 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Felipe Gordon & Krewcial - The Answer (Shall Not Fade)

    Roisto - Music Melody (Youth Control)

    Alex Preston - Do You Like It Funky (HUGS)

    Lydia Eisenblätter - Shine (Shall Not Fade)

    Marco Faraone - Don't Tell Me What To Do (Uncage)

    Warehousz - Funktones (UKR)

    DJ Dextro - Free Mind (Gene Richards Jr Raw Cut) (Uncage)

    Uncertain - Pump (Kneaded Pains)

    DBFB - Small Stone (Orion Remix) (After Us)

    Aux Couture - Proteine (AEROBIK)

    Mynd - Weird Patterns (On Edge Society)

    Fresko - Inner Funk (Hayes)

    The Miller - High Tech (ANAOH)

    Ramleak - Strainge (Alexander Technique Remix) (Bikiniwax Records)

    Trunkline - Mercy (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) (Arkham Audio)

    The Miller - LIM (ANAOH)

    Italo Brutalo - Reach horizon (CYRK Remix) (Bungalo Disco)

    PART 2

    - Mix 2 - SPECIAL GUEST : edetto

    "Showcasing his own brand of Bristolian Techno, 

    edetto is an artist with intent. 

    Dishing out a continued stream of 

    high energy productions with infectious groove. 

    With releases on Eats Everything & Andres Campos EI8HT 

    and Dense & Pikas Kneaded Pains, 

    edetto is setting the tone for a luminous path ahead."

    Tracklist : 

    Coyu - Raf On A Rave (Suara)

    Carlo Lio - Back 2 Front (EI8HT)

    edetto - Keep Schtum (forthcoming - EI8HT)

    Addison Groove - Eh Wut (Pretty Weird) 

    Annika Wolfe - Flavor (Motech)

    edetto - Be More (unreleased) 

    Addison Groove - Elevator (Pretty Weird) 

    Hassler - Bread & Circuses (EI8HT) 

    Dense & Pika - Hollow Tip (Kneaded Pains)

    Uncertain - Bastard (Kneaded Pains)

    Uncertain - Frame (Suara)

    Omis (Italy) - Contrasting Details (EI8HT)

    K-Style & Carlos Perez - Getajaus (Ei8HT)

    edetto - We Don’t Know (forthcoming - EI8HT) 

    Eats Everything - Wreckage (edetto Remix) (EI8HT) 

    B. Riley - Draw The Line (CLR)

    Varosian - Send It (Suara)

    Arjun Vagale - Displaced (Quartz Rec)

    edetto - Strung Out (Kneaded Pains) 

    Taube - Teal Strobe (Boysnoize)

    K-65 - No Stop (Flightpath) 

    edetto - Lateral Collateral (forthcoming - Flat 7) 

    Ben Prophet - Step Further (self release) 

    Harvey McKay - They See My Shadow (Kneaded Pains) 

    edetto - Tight Hips (unreleased) 

    Harvey McKay - On The Drum (Kneaded Pains) 

    Sosak - The Bams Sovereign Ring (Prodigal Son)

    Marcal - Oboro (Suara) 

    Shlomi Aber - That’s The Way I Speak (CLR) 

    edetto - Step 7 (Kneaded Pains) 

    edetto - Shake The Rack (unreleased)

    2h 0m | Jul 19, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 053 - Special BUNKABALL

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 053 On Rinse France :

    PART 1


    Geto Mark - Booty Pop (Original Mix) (BUNK088)

    - Mix - Don Rimini


    2 Bad Dancers - La Space (Don Rimini Jealous Mix) (Bunkaball Records)

    Ocsav - Franky Bery (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - I Gotta Try Try Try (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - I Woke Up Like This (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Let Me Tell U (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - T.I.T.O. (Bunkaball Records)

    GetCosy - You Can (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Circuit (Bunkaball Records)

    Boris Ross - Scottyard (Bunkaball Records)

    Maddjazz - Hey You (Bunkaball Records)

    Marvy - Get Raw! (Bunkaball Records)

    Geto Mark - The Workout (Torrfisk Remix) (Bunkaball Records)

    DJ NTSC, Marvy - House Brutality (Bunkaball Records)

    Manu iranzo - Celebra (Bunkaball Records)

    ProOne79 - Do The Work (Bunkaball Records)

    Geto Mark - Big Booty (Bunkaball Records)

    Geto Mark - See You Juke (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Octopussy Part 2 (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Big Fat Hum (Bunkaball Records)

    Gettoblaster Feat. Steve Gerard - Ho Bag (Bunkaball Records)

    GetCosy - Terminal (Bunkaball Records)

    Warehousz - Street Knowledge (Bunkaball Records)

    Geto Mark & John BID Simmons - On The Floor (Bunkaball Records)

    Warehousz - Poison (Bunkaball Records)

    Sascha Bouché - In My Hood (Bunkaball Records)

    COHN - Philly Is My Home Girl (Bunkaball Records)

    RISC - GO GO GO (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Saturn (Bunkaball Records)

    Geto Mark - Work It B (Bunkaball Records)

    Sascha Bouché - House Music (Bunkaball Records)

    DJ NTSC, Marvy - Southside (Bunkaball Records)

    ProOne79 - Rave In The Grave (Bunkaball Records)

    Don Rimini - Shake Dat B (Bunkaball Records)

    CEEOFUNK - Lettin Go (Bunkaball Records)

    1h 59m | Jul 3, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 052 - Special Guest : Gene Richards Jr On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 052 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    Ocsav - Shellphone (Original Mix) (BUNK087)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Jansons - Feed The Night (Future Disco Dance Club)

    ŇĆs√© - Mercy (Trick Label)

    Nash Nilson - Freak (Torrfisk Remix) (Ish)

    Inafekt - Take The Mic (Trick Label)

    Sam Townend - Kick The Cans (Trick Label)

    Adam Beyer & Green Velvet - Simulator (Drumcode)

    Marck D - Sensation (Ei8ht Records)

    Ackermann - Put In Work (Uncage Records)

    Jengi - Champion Sound (FFRR)

    The Hayden Andre Project - Tribal Life (Mark Broom Edit) (Strobe Records)

    Fireground - Never Sleep (Tresor Records)

    Fhase 87 - French.Loops 07.B (French Loops)

    Hertz Collision - Groove Collision (Truncate)

    Jaymie Silk - Be Sassy (HE.SHE.THEY)

    Mark Hawkins - Siegfried Benaultibaum (Contactless Remix) (Aus Music)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Gene Richards Jr

    ¬ę¬†Tel-Aviv based producer, born in the Ukraine and raised in Toronto, Canada.¬†

    Richards Jr gained attention in early 2020 with his first release "WITHOUT YOU" on "UNCAGE", Marco Faraone's label. 

    He continued his productive 2020 with further releases on Truncate's WRKTRX Label and REKIDS, Radio Slave's Berlin based label. 

    In later years he has remained active, constantly on the rise, forming part of labels such as Truncate,¬†Be As One Imprint, CLR, Pure Sonik, ANA√ėH and RSPX.¬†

    He has gained support by such artists as Chris Liebing, Truncate, Radio Slave, Ben Sims, The Advent, Mark Broom, Honey Dijon and DVS1. 

    With these crisp and intoxicating, Richards Jr has confirmed his status, both locally and internationally,¬†and has successfully managed to showcase his unique style and strengths.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    DJ Slugo -  DJs On The Low

    Arthur Robert - Husk

    Yoav Nizri - Elmo

    William Arist - Disto Tribal IV 

    √Öre:gone - Pachnaga

    The Southern - Bitter (Jack Souce Mix)

    Romain Richard - The Tribalist 

    Skov Bowden - Pollywog

    Eats Everything -  Pump (Mark Broom Remix)

    Not A Headliner - Infinite Gain M

    Lady Tazz -  Let's Make Love

    FA√ŹG - Magmat

    The Southern - Naked 

    Washerman - Basement Chord

    Kashpitzky - Your love

    DJ Dextro - Free Mind (Gene Richards Jr Raw Cut)

    William Arist - Techdrums V

    S-File - Paralell Drums

    Mark Broom - Late Night Rave Muncher (Tribal Mix)

    RISC - React Two

    Skov Bowden - Unite 

    PS11 - Protoplanet

    Fixon - Bruitchic

    Mark Broom - Whisper

    Kashpitzky - Determined (Shlomi Aber remix)

    Decka -  Sulphur

    Uvall - Resilience

    2h 0m | May 16, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 051 - Special Guest : Geto Mark On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 051 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    RISC - GO GO GO (BUNK086)


    Ackermann - Dat Bang Shit (Jackin Trax, Don Rimini Chicago Version)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Sound Support - Work 2 It (Toy Tonics)

    Mattei & Omich - That's Right (Mattei & Omich Music)

    Ferreck Dawn & Todd Terry - Get On Down (Insomniac Records)

    K & K - Longbeach (Dirty Version) (White Label)

    Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life (FBR Rework) (CDR)

    Torrfisk ft. Geto Mark - On The Floor (Pluralistic Records)

    Ronnie Spiteri - Rock The House (Kenja Records)

    Dillon Nathaniel - Westside Trippin (Nervous Records)

    Mad Gavs - Hoe (CDR)

    The Southern - Jam 3 (Truncate)

    Uncertain - Whack (KD Raw)

    Levzon - Baila (Frenzy Recordings)

    Skov Bowden - Imaginary Journey (CDR)

    Kaiserdisco - Do It (KD Raw)

    Alexander Technique, Munfell, Rowetta - Total Pleasure (Say What?)

    Mark Broom - Ole Ole (Mutual Rytm)

    Salute & Sammy Virji - Peach (Ninja Tunes)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Geto Mark

    ¬ę¬†Geto Mark is an up and coming musical artist based out of Chicago.¬†

    With roots deep in his city's House Music scene, 

    he makes tracks that are an homage to the 90s Ghetto House sound. 

    Filthy, booty shaking, and raw, Geto Mark's productions are made strictly for the dancefloor.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    Torrfisk feat. Geto Mark - On The Flo (Geto Mark Remix) (Pluralistic)

    Geto Mark - Beat Beat (Unreleased)

    Geto Mark - Geto House (Bunkaball)

    Geto Mark - Back And Forth (Unreleased)

    Marvy & Geto Mark - TJBH It! (Unreleased)

    Geto Mark - Booty Bounce (Fresh Meat Records)

    DJ Nehpets - Beat It Down (Geto Mark Mashup) (Unreleased)

    DJ Assault - Raccoon (Geto Mark Remix) (Unreleased)

    DJ Slugo - Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too (Geto Mark Remix) (Bloc Club DJs Inc)

    DJ Rashad & DJ Chi Boogie - Ay Yo Yo (Geto Mark Remix) (Unreleased)

    RaeCola & Geto Mark - Hood Baby (Unreleased)

    Geto Mark - Bounce (Bunkaball)

    Geto Mark - Dance Like A (Bunkaball)

    Geto Mark - Pull Up (One:Thirty)

    DJ Funk - Pump That Ass Down (Geto Mark Remix) (Unreleased)

    Geto Mark - Pop That (Bunkaball)

    Geto Mark - KnifeWerk (Fresh Meat Records)

    RaeCola & Geto Mark - From The Back (Unreleased)

    DJ DMC - Birth Control (Geto Mark Remix) (Unreleased)

    Geto Mark - Come Down (Unreleased)

    2h 0m | Apr 18, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 050 - Special Guest : RISC On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 050 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    Sascha Bouché - In My Hood (BUNK085)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Dope Demeanors - Send In Da Clowns (Smokin Joe Records)

    Dillon Nathaniel - State Of Mind (Nervous Records)

    Kenny Summit - Beating Heart (Good For You Records)

    Adesse Versions - E To E (Heist Recordings)

    ZIOS - Get It (Club Sweat)

    Justin Jay - Fire (Fantastic Voyage US)

    Reset Robot - Duplicate (Poker Flat Recordings)

    Orlando Voorn feat. Emil & Boo Williams - 909 (OV remix) (Heist Recordings)

    Tom Rotzki - Alma De La Fiesta (Planet Rhythm)

    Little By Little - Catwalk

    Gene Richards Jr - Get That Thang

    Resonances (IT) - Chop (On Edge Society)

    Confidential Recipe, Lady Tazz - This Is Our Groove (Rekids)

    Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (Hotflush Recordings)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : RISC

    ¬ę¬†RISC a techno Dj and producer originally from Chicago now resides in Los Angeles.¬†

    He brings a unique, catchy, dance-floor approach to his production. 

    His tracks have a humbling feeling, 

    with an unforgettable synth lines and an array of funky drums and rhythm. 

    With a variety of styles and sounds you will be sure to hear these songs in your favorite Dj's sets. 

    With a busy release schedule on Relief Records, UKR, 

    Chicago Jaxxx, GND Records, N&N and soon on Bunkaball 

    He is definitely an exciting artist to watch!.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    Floorplan - We give thee Honor (Classic Music Company)

    Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B - I’ve got Joy (Rekids)

    Ruskin and Broom - PR1 (Blueprint Records)

    Ruskin and Broom - Drive (Blueprint Records)

    James Ruskin, Truncate - Sketch 1 (Blueprint Records)

    Female - Backlash (Downwards Records)

    RISC - The Word (Dubplate)

    Doug Cooney - Discourse ( S File rmx) (GND Records)

    Ben Sims - Unity (Hardgroove Records)

    RISC - Body Code (GND Records)

    Rene Wise - Frown like Brown (Blueprint Records)

    The Lady Machine - Collide (Mote Evolver)

    Uncertain - Base (RSPX)

    RISC - The Rewind (Bunkaball Records)

    Dustin Zahn - Wet Hot Heat (Blueprint Records)

    Mark Broom - W.W.W.W.W.W.W. Work (Hardgroove Records)

    Confidential Recipe, Lady Tazz - This is our Groove (RSPX)

    RISC - Tracer (Dubplate)

    Uncertain - Crush (RSPX)

    Geto Mark - Pop That( RISC Southside Mix) (Bunkaball Records)

    Dj Hyperactive - Climaxer (RISC Remix) (Unreleased)

    The Lady Machine - Magnify (Mote Evolver)

    DVS1 and Ruskin - Page 1 (Blueprint Records)

    Second Skin - Bare Hands (Blueprint Records)

    DVS1 and Ruskin - Page 2 (Blueprint Records) 

    RISC - Go Go Go (Bunkaball Records)

    Angel Alanis - Meet The Parents (Chicago Jaxx)

    Deadwalkman - Work Dat Body (GND Records)

    Karras Martinez - Process (GND Records)

    Regis - The Black Freighter (RISC Remix) (Unreleased)

    2h 0m | Mar 21, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 049 - Special Guest : Frank Biazzi On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 049 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - 2 Bad Dancers - La Space (Club Mix) (BUNK084)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Kanio - Inspect Ya Decks (House Of Hustle)

    Gettoblaster - Cantina De Brazil (Too Many Rules)

    Haynes - Damnnn (La Pera Records)

    Ekoboy - Yegea (Box Of Cats)

    Kristin Velvet - Perfect Division (Nothing Else Matters)

    Fancy Fux (feat. Katie Got Bandz) - Stripper (Kill Frenzy Acid Workout) (Dirtybird) 

    ProOne79 - Ritual Chords (Nervous Records)

    Deljoi - In It (Dron3 Recordings)

    Alexandre Gomez - Keep On Dancing (BEK Audio)

    Agent Orange DJ - Work Again (Tronic Music)

    Uncertain - Snitch (RSPX)

    William Arist, Alarico - Gultural (Kenji Hina House Remix) (Frenzy Recordings)

    Pablo Say - The Club Is On Fire (Ei8th Records)

    Anden - Reality (Deeparture Remix) (Odd One Out)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Frank Biazzi

    ¬ę¬†Frank Biazzi is a techno dj and producer.¬†

    He gradually became a respected dj and a well known name in 

    the techno scene. He held residencies in several well reputaded 

    clubs and played every saturday in one of the most important 

    belgian clubs ‚ÄúLagoa‚ÄĚ from 1996 till 2004.

    Frank blazed a trail throughout the turn of the century before 

    hanging up his headphones in 2004 due to acute tinnitus. After 

    ten years he returned to the game and instantly made up for 

    lost time with outstanding releases on Tronic, Intec, Suara, 

    Kombination Research, Matter +, Driving Forces, Transmit, MB 

    Elektronics,.... and has remixed tracks by the likes of Ken Ishii, 

    Torsten Kanzler and Mauro Picotto. His tracks are often 

    supported by other club spinners such as Chris Liebing, Sam 

    Paganini and Adam Beyer.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    RMK - Rising from the Ashes

    Albert Zhirnov - Wooden Lessons

    Kenji Hina - Laced Up

    The Advent,Flug - Midnight Storm

    Egbert - Rollende Technodingen

    Dotway, Black Mirror Park - Reel To Reel (Dotwav Remix)

    Simone Tavazzi - Cherry

    Pfirter - Denial

    Frank Biazzi - Interjection

    Lewis Fautzi - Murder The Limits

    Gary Beck - Ship Went Down

    Bruce Zalcer - Harlequin

    Frank Biazzi - Turbulence (Coyu remix V1)

    Nakadia, Ramiro Lopez - Blunda (Gary Beck remix)

    Frank Biazzi - Confusion

    Lowerzone - F-ck This

    Stephen Krus - Rocket

    Frank Biazzi - Patience

    2h 0m | Feb 21, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 048 - Special Guest : The Southern On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 048 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Manu Iranzo - Celebra (Original Mix) (BUNK083)


    - Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - I Won’t Stop (Uncage)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Ashee - Sisqo (Aus Music)

    Frank Biazzi - Interjection (Tronic Music)

    Deadwalkman - Work Dat Body (GND)

    Justin Schumacher - Rough Estimate (Confidential Recipe Remix) (On Edge Society)

    b.mod - Modulation (ARTS)

    Romina Dez, Muter - Fascination (M.I.T.A. Jackin' Groove Remix) (Tronic Music) 

    Ben Sims - Snapshot '99 (Dub) (Hardgroove)

    DJ Geto Man - Tha 808 (UKR Special Series)

    Truncate - Work Ya Ass (WRKTRX)

    Robert Armani - Armani Tracks, Pt. 2 (ACV)

    A.Paul - Incidence (Planet Rhythm)

    Mark Broom - W.W.W.W.W.W.W.WORK (Hardgroove)

    Procombo - Too Much Trouble (Suara)

    The Advent, Flug - Back To The Roots (Bass Mix) (Existentia)

    Kashpitzky - I Got This (Be As One)

    The Reason Y - Blitzeis (The Southern Jackin Mix) (Gem Records)

    Artist Code 4C4220 - Redlights (Cod3 QR)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : The Southern

    ¬ę¬†The Southern (Carmine Portarulo) , born in Matera (Italy) in 90s.¬†

    It's always been passionate about music, passing through various kinds of

     undergound genres, from the pure electronic sound to the early Hip Hop sounds. 

    At the age of 17, fascinated by the best masters of Techno music as Carlo Lio, 

    Dj Rush,Truncate,Ben Sims and more, began his productions inspired by 

    its own myths and seeking a refined and sophisticated sound 

    with which he tries to distinguish itself till today.¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    The Southern - South Side’s

    The Southern - Jam 3

    DJ Rush & The Southern - My Beat

    The Southern - Shine On


    The Southern - Jam 1

    The Southern - Tribal Jam

    The Southern - Get Some

    Truncate - This Freak

    The Southern - 4cid Rain

    The Southern - Bitter (Jach Source Mix)

    The Southern - Switch

    The Southern - Killa jack


    2h 0m | Jan 17, 2023
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 047 - Special Guest : Agent Orange On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 047 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Mary - Get Raw! (Jackin Trax, Don Rimini Remix ) (BUNK081RMX)


    - Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - Groupies (Mark Broom Remix) (On Edge Society)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Damiano Von Erckert - Retrogott 'Like This (Damiano von Erckert Remix) (Aus Music)

    Frivolous Jackson, XFDS feat. Torrfisk - My House (House Of Hustle)

    Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix) (Cajual)

    Torrfisk - This And That (ISH)

    Star B - I've Got Joy (Rekids)

    DJ Unknown - A Lil Kiss (Content Records) 

    DUFAUX - KTM (Kneaded Pains)

    William Kiss - Like This (Bush records)

    Frank Biazzi - Work (Tronic)

    Confidential Recipe - Fank Groove (RSPX)

    Alexi Delano - Shift (H-Productions)

    Jess & Crabbe - The Hell And Back (Ghetto Remix By DJ Funk) (Fiat Lux)

    Uncertain - Crush (RSPX)

    DJ Dextro - Close to The Edge (Tronic)

    Avision - Freak Zone (Beard Man)

    M Bootyspoon - SH-101 PUNISHER (Rhythm Section International)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Agent Orange

    ¬ę¬†Living the motto ‚ÄúStay Young. Love Techno.‚ÄĚ has led Agent Orange (DJ)¬†to carve out his reputation as a world-class producer and exceptional live DJ. It has been his commitment to groove global dance floors since¬†having cut his teeth as a DJ during the legendary 90's era raves¬†and clubs of his native New York City.¬†

    Since then has proven himself as a pioneer and architect of underground Techno and House music. 

    His RAW and JACKING style has captivated the most discerning ears in the industry and led him to remix legends like Carl Cox, DJ Rush, Josh Wink, Armand Van Heldon, Todd Terry, Chus & Ceballos, Ken Ishii... and releasing on labels like: Tronic, Suara, Elevate, Transmit, Nervous...

    He says: ‚ÄúStay Young. Love Techno. is the motto that perfectly represents me. Not just aimed at a specific genre but an attitude, a code to live by¬†where our passion for the things we love keeps us connected to our own youthful energy."¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    Agent Orange DJ - Always On His Laptop (Dub mix) v7 [Bandcamp]

    Don Rimini, Jackin Trax - My Thing [UNCAGE]

    BLK_BETTY - Take That Shit Back [Suara]

    Frank Biazzi - Confusion [Tronic]

    SHDW & Obscure Shape - Pulse [Mutual Rytm]

    DJ T-1000 - Get Your Effin' Ass Up And Work [Bandcamp]

    Truncate - That Thang [WRKTRX]

    Agent Orange DJ - Keep House [Tronic]

    Polyvinyl - Endgame in Mind (Chlär Remix) [Suara]

    Harvey McKay - Pull Up [UNCAGE]

    BLK_BETTY - Buggin Loco [Suara]

    Agent Orange DJ - Work Da Box [Tronic]

    Giacomo Stallone - Oblivion

    Drumcell, Thomas Hoffknecht - Arrp [CLR]

    Frank Biazzi - Turbulence (Coyu Remix v1) [Suara]

    Axel Karakasis - Distinct [Planet Rhythm]

    Agent Orange DJ - Work Again [Tronic]

    BLK_BETTY - Man & Groove [Suara]

    Hans Bouffmyhre - Crushed [Suara]

    Polyvinyl - Putting Yourself At Risk (Coyu Remix) [Suara]

    Agent Orange DJ - Trance Not Trance (Original Mix) [Tronic]

    2h 0m | Dec 20, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 046 - Special Guest : M.I.T.A. On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 046 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Geto Mark - Dance Like A (Original Mix) (BUNK080)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Boston Bun - Don't Break My Heart

    Ivory (IT) - I Need You Now (Club Edit) (Innervisions)

    Paranoid London, Mutado Pintado - Suck A Dick (Paranoid London Recordings)

    Trevor Benz - Van Grutten (Cayden Records)

    Mineo - Disko (Palm recs)

    Obando, Matheo Velez - Forever (Rawthentic)

    Drunken Kong - In The Air (Tronic Music) 

    Markantonio, Drumsauw - Foundations (On Edge Society)

    Gene Richards Jr, Confidential Recipe - Jack Tool (Mastoid Kollektive)

    Harvey McKay - Fidget (Second State)

    Ritzi Lee - Ants on Steroidz (Mord)

    Truncate - This Freak (Truncate)

    Shlomi Aber - That’s The Way I Speak (CLR)

    Rosati - Mismo (Be As One)

    Lag & X-Coast presents XL Traxx - E-Dancer (Rekids)

    ANNE - unforld (Oecus)

    MCR-T - Big Steppa (Lehmann Musik)

    Lo5ive - Fahrenheit (Black Butter)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : M.I.T.A.

    ¬ę¬†Mattia Borriello aka M.I.T.A., born in ‚Äô90.¬†He approached doing at the age of 14.¬†Hours, months and years spent in the studio working on new tracks,¬†Ableton Trainer at Masterbass Studios in Beirut (Lebanon) during summer 2019. Releasing Eps on Elevate, Mood Records, Suara, Ei8ht, Kneaded Pains,¬†Uncage, Tronic, On Edge Society‚ĶJust to mention a few¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    M.I.T.A. - Be Alright (UNRELEASED)

    M.I.T.A. - A Soul From Chicago

    Albert Zhirnov - Shooter

    M.I.T.A. - Never Mind Have Fun

    Rove Ranger - 1998

    M.I.T.A. - Tools And Grooves

    Uncertain - Conga (Uncertain Hardjack Remix)

    Rino Cerrone - Crash And Burn

    Marcal - Bellbird

    Lars Huismann - Echo

    M.I.T.A. - One Hour

    Mark Broom - Shanty Star

    Gaetano Parisio - Suprema B

    Radiohead - Reckoner (M.I.T.A. Edit)

    2h 0m | Nov 15, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 045 - Special Guest : Skov Bowden On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 045 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Geto Mark - Juke Dat (RaeCola Remix) (BUNK081RMX)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Pat Lok - Lasting Luv

    Paul Johnson - I'm Alone Until You Show me (Mark Broom Edit)

    Kahu - Be Free

    Star B - House Sound (Snatch)

    Pitter Patter - Come Out To Show Them

    Retromigration - Aslo Durag (Earl's Thunder Dub)

    Josh Wink & Truncate - Let Go

    Cypherphunk - Intarder

    Second Skin - Bare Hands

    Harvey McKay - On The Drum

    Edetto - Built Mode

    Carlo Lio - Booty Shakin (On Edge Society)

    ProOne 79 - Dark Force (DJ Ze MigL Remix)

    Uncertain - Conga (Uncertain Hardjack Remix) (Suara)

    Bit 4.2 - Beau Didier

    Gene Richards Jr, Fixon - Blood Sweat

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Stove Bowden

    ¬ę¬†Meet Skov, an over-passionate electronic music producer.¬†

    Started out collecting vinyl at quite a young age. 

    After being a vinyl Dj for several years he’s got bitten 

    by the producers-microbe and since then, 

    never skipped one single day of writing electronic music. 

    First Reason and Logic and after some years, he really got into Ableton. 

    He only started putting online own productions around ‚Äė18 but gained interest fast¬†from heavyweight dj/producers as¬†Truncate,

    Mark Broom, Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, Marco Bailey and many more. 

    He keeps pushing his own way of working, creating his own sound and 

    likes to spin some records now and then.Keep an eye on

    upcoming shows from Skov. Blending old, new, unusual and

    unpredictable vibes¬†into his sets, is part of his approach.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    Moodyman - Shades of Jae

    Sev Dah - Inat Kuca

    Temudo - Torres Vedras 8AM

    Jamal Dixon - The Cause (Disruptive Pattern Material Remix)

    Omis - Don't Look (M.I.T.A Remix)

    Skov Bowden - Afterglow (Truncate Records) 

    Ben Klock & Fadi Mohem - Hydrocarbon

    Klint - Blue Roses

    Filterheadz - Sunshine

    Marcal - Sentinel

    Shlomi Aber - Warping

    Gene Richards Jr. & Fixon - Blood Sweat

    Johhny Dangerous - Foremost Poets (Northside Remix)

    Ben Klock & Fadi Mohem - Prefix

    Skov Bowden - Unite (Unreleased)

    Skov Bowden - 42X (Unreleased

    1h 59m | Oct 28, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 044 - Special Guest : Confidential Recipe On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 044 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Warehouse - Poison (Original Mix) (BUNK079)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Alec Carlsson - Paris Fried Chicken (J Paul Getto Remix) (Fogbank Recordings)

    Hijack - Hooked (Realoop Records)

    Discoplex - Come On (Nervous Records)

    Space Jump - Do This Right (Edible]

    FIN H-J - NYC Basement Groove (System Records)

    Shadow Child & Mark Archer - Toto (Pets Recordings)

    Uncertain - Reckless (EI8HT)

    Fritz Helder - The Whistle Song (Sous Music)

    Ackermann - Heat on the streets (Safe Space)

    Mario Ochoa - Freak (Tronic)

    Frankyeffe & Resonances (IT) - It's OK (EI8HT)

    Harvey McKay - Caffeine (Uncage)

    Vil & Cravo - The Reese (Be As One)

    Drumsauw - Method (Planet Rhythm)

    Holger Zilske - Data (Hypercolour)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Special Guest : Confidential Recipe

    ¬ę¬†Carlos Siu, previously known as DJ Cuyi, has always found his interest extremely close to the dancefloor.¬†

    After being at the forefront of the Hard Techno scene in his home country for more than a decade, and after completing multiple tours in LATAM and EU, he is now based in Bogota, Colombia. 

    Here, Carlos found comfort in a new sound, a new aesthetic, and a new alias that references the core of his influences as a young raver. Confidential Recipe is the outcome of a lifetime of explorations in the raw sounds of Techno, Jacking, House, and Electro. 

    His DJ'ing style is something that characterizes his approach when it comes to making tunes. Having created and promoted several events throughout his entire career, Confidential Recipe knows how to engage with the energy of the crowd. 

    Delivering hard pounding kick drums, neck-snapping percussions,¬†and hypnotic melodies that will ensure a unique experience for every booth he plays.¬†¬Ľ

    Tracklist : 

    DJ Rush - Freaks On Hubbard

    Maan - Jackin Pt 2

    Cypherphunk - Intarder

    ProOne79 - All Night

    Confidential Recipe & Dj Haus - Melody 89 

    KETTAMA - Raw cuts 

    KINK feat Redeye - Room to jack (Red Eyes occupants life on mars revision) 

    Cypherphunk - Voltage

    Confidential Recipe - Jackpack (909 Lunch Mix)

    Geeeman - Wanna Go Bang (Catz N' Dogz Interpretation) 

    Mark Broom - Midnight

    Adelphi - Sample Seduction (Club Mix)

    Samuel L Session - Paramount (DJ T-1000 remix) 

    Thomas Bangalter - Outrun

    Mija - Give Em What They Want (Shadow Child Remix) 

    Fake ID (Confidential Recipe Edit)

    Sam Duties - Bruna 

    2h 0m | Sep 20, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 043 - Special UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 043 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - ProOne79 - Sinister (Original Mix) (BUNK077)

    - DJ NTSC, Marvy - Ghetto Trax (Original Mix) (BUNK078)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Mark Hawkins - Sanctuary (Hot Haus Recs)

    Kristin Velvet - Beat Street (Arms & Legs)

    BDK - Blow Your Mind (Say Namm)

    Dynamic Dual - Drop The Base! (Underground Construction)

    DJ Hyperactive - King of Swing (Contact)

    Kristin Velvet - Beats On The Rocks (System Records)

    Riva Starr - Maria (Carl Cox Remix) (Snatch! Records)

    Dubesque - You Got My Love (All We Have Is Now)

    Celene - No Love (Planet Rhythm)

    Janeda - Rozkmina (Uncage)

    Hassler - Bread And Circuses (EI8HT Records)

    Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion (Truncate Remix) (Token)

    Christian Smith - Brava (Symbolism)

    Black Girl / White Girl - Ascension (Hardgroove)

    Uncertain - Conflict (BLK DRP)

    131BPM - Bring Dat Back ()

    PART 2 


    Tracklist : 

    Underground Resistance - Amazon - UR 020 - 1992

    Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Timeline - UR 2001 - 2001

    Underground Resistance - Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix) - UR 044 - 2001

    Mad Mike - Hi-Tech Dreams - UR 071 - 2007

    Suburban Knight - The Warning - UR036 - 1996 

    Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science) - UR025 - 1993

    Underground Resistance Feat. Yolanda - 

    Living For The Night (Kevin Saunderson Mix) - UR007 - 1991

    Mark Flash - King Of Light - UR090 - 2011

    Underground Resistance - Transition - UR7-3000 - 2003

    Davina - Don't You Want It - UR016 - 1992

    John Collins - All We Need - UR080 - 2009

    Underground Resistance - 

    Electronic Warfare (Take Control Mix By Aux 88) - UR034 - 1996

    Dj Skurge - Shut It Down - UR077 - 2007

    Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier - UR003 - 1991

    2h 0m | Jul 19, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 042 - Special Guest : Hertz Collision On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 042 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Geto Mark - Pop That ( RISC Southside Mix) (SOON ON BUNKABALL)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Sammy Deuce - Treat Them Guilty (Good For You Records)

    Pass The 40 - #1 In The Ghetto (Holy Molé Music)

    Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon, Missy - In The House (Jason Hodges Remix) (Aliens On Mushrooms)

    Matt Sargeant & Suddi Raval - Shadow of the Dragonfly (Tuft Wax)

    Lester Fitzpatrick - Feel (Urban Kickz Recordings)

    The Deepshakerz ft. Marck Jamz - Bounce With It (REALM Records)

    Mike Mair - My City (Carti Records)

    Dense & Pika - Bricks (Uncage)

    Confidential Recipe - La Danza (RSPX)

    Andres Campo - Slam (EI8HT Records)

    Cesar Almena - Patitas Blue (Code Records)

    Drumsauw - Drop Out (Planet Rhythm)

    DJ D ReDD - Who Raise You (UKR Special Series)

    Agent Orange DJ - Work That Shhh (Tronic Music)

    Dj Dextro - The Message (Suara)

    Deniro - MPC Tracks A2 (Self Reflektion)

    Agent Orange DJ - Keep House (Tronic Music)

    S-File - Shelter (GND Records)

    Mutable Mercury - Vexation (Scuffed Recordings)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Guest : HERTZ COLLISION

    Francesco Profeti, aka Hertz Collision, began producing music in 2009 

    together with Pietro Franchini.

    After a decade of releases and various collaborations,

     in 2019, the duo breaks up, and Francesco continues alone, keeping the historical alias.

    Many satisfactions arrived in the last 2 years, 

    becoming one of the most attractive emerging names on the Italian and international scene.

    Be as One with Marco Faraone, then Uncage, Truncate, and CLR, 

    to mention some of his latest works. 

    There are many projects in the pipeline in 2022 for a young boy on the launch pad.

    Tracklist : 

    Einerlei, C√ėRE -¬†Mindside (Spaced Out Meditation Mix) (Sungate)

    Biemsix - Roads (Original Mix) (Who Whom)

    Marco Bailey - Life Is A Rhytm (Original Mix) (On Edge Society)

    Surgeon - Box (Original Mix) (Tresor Records)

    The Subjective - Tremmer (Remastered 2022) (Rotation Records)

    Mark Broom - Reverse (Original Mix) (Rekids)

    Marcal - Staircase (Original Mix) (Hargroove)

    Forum - Backstab (Original Mix) (OOM Records)

    TWR72 - Simplex (Original Mix) (Float Records)

    CRAVO - Papabinghi (Hayes) 

    The Advent - The Vault (Original Mix) (Tresor Records)

    Hertz Collision - Unreleased

    Frank Biazzi - Take Control (Uncertain Remix) (KD Raw)

    Planetary Assault Systems - Eden Tide (Barker Remix) (Token)

    2h 0m | Jun 21, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 041 - Special Guest : Tenzella On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 041 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Get Mark - That B (BUNK075)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Vindata - Faded (Never Worry Records)

    Javi Bora, Richard Ulh - Get Down To Work (Nothing Else Matters)

    The Southern - Loop Like This (Mindshake Records)

    Deetron - Come On Back (Hot Creations)

    2COLD - I Like That

    Will Taylor (UK) - Wannabe (Nervous Records)

    DJ Assault - Raccoon (Geto Mark Edit)

    Distant Lover - Sexual Chocolate (Soirée Records)

    Stephen Brown & Fossil Archive aka Roberto - More House (Fossil Archive)

    Skov Bowden - Mind Crawling (On Edge Society)

    Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - Let Me See U Work It (Uncage)

    Ackermann - I Got My Man (M.I.T.A. Remix) (Uncage)

    BLK_BETTY - Buggin Loco (Suara)

    Sascha Bouché - Work That (UKR)

    Frank Biazzi - Take Control (Uncertain Remix) (KD RAW)

    BLK_BETTY - Take That Shit Back (Suara)

    Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - My Thing (Uncage)

    Drumcomplex - Way To (Kneaded Pains)

    Wetworks - Petey C's Groove (S-File Philly Edit) (GND)

    Callum Plant - Chord's Of Infinity (Code Records)

    Elisa Bee - Rituale (Truncate)

    Max Ulis - Shower Scene (Club Designs)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Guest : TENZELLA 

    Tenzella is the impelling music project 

    from UK producer Gav Crellin. 

    A groove laden, techno infused style of electronic dance music

    which has garnered support from industry heavyweights

    Nina Kraviz, Truncate, Len Faki, Marco Faraone,

    Alan Fitzpatrick, Mark Broom, DJ Rush, 

    Kevin Saunderson & more

    Tracklist : 

    Truncate - The Drill (Truncate)

    Mark Broom - Rainbow Bridge (Rekids)

    Tenzella x Ecilo - Dobermann (Hardgroove)

    Tenzella - ID

    Tenzella - ID

    Tenzella - The Mule (Hardgroove)

    Mark Broom - I Want (Rekids)

    Cravo - Domain (SK_Eleven)

    Tenzella x Josef - Slippin (Uncage)

    Mendesidis/Broom - Too Much Profile (Tenzella Edit)

    Truncate - First Phase (Truncate)

    Tenzella - Santiago (We Are The Brave)

    Marcal - Matsu (Rekids)

    The Southern - Rhythm Bells (Riot Recordings)

    Mark Broom - Wiggle Me This (Rekids)

    2h 0m | Jun 13, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 040 - Special Guest : DJ NTSC On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 040 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Sascha Bouché - Work My Body (BUNK074)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    The Creator - Throw Your Hands

    Feiertag - How U Do It 

    Chaney - Make It 

    Gettoblaster Feat. DJ Funk - Booty Shake

    Eldon - Think It's Time 

    Nikolas Fezza - Funky Boy (ProOne79 Remix)

    The Royal Academy Of Fierce, Larry Tee, Radio Slave, Tobell von Cartier - Black Pussy’s Revenge

    DJ Emerson - Give Me Some Signal

    Catz 'n Dogz & Megane Mercury - Toma (Truncate Remix)

    Granary 12 - Dance Traxx (Ambivalent Rmx)

    Star B - Fire (Confidential Recipe Remix)

    Vil - Cobra (Ritzi Lee [R]3construction)

    Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr - Impressions 

    Temudo - Torres Vedras 8am

    Reset Robot - Organs

    Skov Bowden - Fusebox

    DJ Savage - Puerta

    Deetron, Samuel Geiser - Tokyo

    Harvey McKay - Pull Up

    Protect Ryan - Bro Magnum

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Guest : DJ NTSC

    Tracklist : 

    DJ Trafic - Work It

    Alex Peace - I Dominate Break Loops! (Cant Forget Da Hard)

    DJ Attack - The Return Of The Unicorn (All Out Attack Mix) 

    ??? - Explode! 

    Dave Rockin' Duke - I Wanna F_ck 

    Trak-O-Holic - Pick Of The Club 

    Poogie Bear - Twisted Horn 

    Kevin Halstead - Hands In The Air 

    ??? - Track ID

    ??? - Fear 

    Dem Rat's! - Like A Donkey (Untilted Mix 1) 

    Dance Works! - Luv Cums (DJ Sundance 115th Street Mix) 

    ??? - Track ID

    Mark V. & Poogie Bear - War (World War III Kevin Halstead Remix) 

    Marvy & DJ NTSC - House Brutality 

    2h 0m | Apr 19, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 039 - Special Guest : Ackermann On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 039 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 


    - Don Rimini - Pluto (Original Mix) (BUNK073)


    -Don Rimini - Like This (Original Mix) (iSH Recording Co)

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    96 Vibe - Go Down

    Todd Terry - House is a Feeling (Paola Shea Remix)

    Mike & Me - Hands In The Air 

    Ian Allen & TechNeekz - Funky Fresh

    Frank Buxton - Bustin

    Don Rimini - Like This (Torrfisk Remix)

    Don Rimini - Saturn (BUNK073)

    B Goody - Dred 

    S-File - Uncage (Skov Bowden Remix)

    Tenzella, Mark Broom - SPV3

    DJ Rush - Let Me See You Clap

    Uncertain - Engine

    Edetto - Make It Work 

    M.I.T.A. - Saturday Night Cleaver

    DJ T-1000 - Resonance ( Gene Richards Jr Remix)

    Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - TWK

    Harvey McKay - Echo

    Tiga - There Is No Difference Between Us

    NOCUI - K.O.

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Guest : Ackermann

    Tracklist : 

    Mr G - My Sound (Monique Musique)

    Ackermann & William Arist - Bigger Than Mine (Safe Space)

    Elisa Bee - Travel To Light (Outerworld)

    Ackermann - Dat Bang Shit (unreleased)

    Black Mirror Park - It’s Not What It Sounds Like (Entourage Concept)

    Uncertain - Flex (Suara)

    Big Miz - Flashbang (Miz Records)

    Testpress - Tell Ya (Shall not Fade)

    Avision - Party started (Factory 93)

    Gene Richards Jr & Hertz Collision - Impressions (Uncage)

    Thomas Bangalter - What TO Do ( Mark Brom Edit) (Roule)

    Anika Kunst - Detox (Symbolism)

    Ackermann - Ooofft There It Is (Entourage Concept)

    Anne - Border (Symbolism) 

    2h 0m | Mar 15, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 038 - Special Guest : Marvy On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 038 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Back Is Beautifull, Life For Love - Uhhhh

    Alex Gomez - I Go Back

    Lukas Lyrestam - H.O.Y.L. (High On Your Love) (CINTHIE's Back to the Raw Remix)

    Ray Martinez - Feel The Groove

    Carlo - Moving Forward

    Reboot - Acele

    Piero Pirupa - Bass Club

    Armand Van Helden - Donkey (Ghostwhip's TR-707 Jam)

    Jasper James - Warped

    PhyzEdd - Pyroxin

    Warehousz - Smokin’

    Thomas Bangalter - What To Do (Mark Broom Edit)

    Agent Orange - Squaring Mantis

    Pablo Say - Light On

    Tinhead - Flipside


    Pablo Say - Ninja

    Lester Fitzpatrick - Run Tell That Jak


    BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL - Restricted Tool

    Lag - Znoj

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Guest : Marvy

    Tracklist : 

    Marvy - Track ID

    Track ID

    Don Rimini - Circuit (Original Mix)

    Gettoblaster Feat. Steve Gerard - Ho Bag

    Geto Mark - Bounce

    Track ID

    Marvy - Track ID

    Track ID

    Track ID

    Track ID

    DJ NTSC, Marvy - House Brutality

    Track ID

    Track ID

    Track ID

    2h 0m | Feb 10, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 037 - Special BUNKABALL On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 037 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 

    - @bunkaball Exclusive Tracks :

    Flanders - Aranjuez Mon Amour (BUNK072) 

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    Overthinking - Werk It

    Harry Romero - Tania (Honey Dijon Remix) 

    Wh0 - Fun Inside

    Groove Armada feat. Parris Mitchell - House With Me (Paco Osuna Remix)

    Lester Fitzpatrick, DJ Geto Man - Freak 

    Jordan Fields - In the Basement

    KiNK - Disco Spectrum

    Gettoblaster, Illyus & Barrientos, DJ Deeon - Ghetto Thang (Carlo Lio Remix)

    DSC - Synth Codex (Josh Moseley's South Side Scripture Remix)

    Johannes Volk - Keep Going

    Ackermann, Michael Klein - FTDJ

    Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr. - Must Do It

    Uncertain - Motion

    Alexander Technique feat. Angelala - Real

    Confidential Recipe - Dance (Gene Richards Jr 'Detroit Cut')

    Mark Broom, Thomas Hoffknecht - Combination

    Sirius Brown, Alex Peace - Wanted To Say

    K.E.N.Y.U. - Concept

    Mark Broom - Recessive

    Dexter - Space Booty

    PART 2 


    Tracklist : 

    Geto Mark - The Workout (Torrfisk Remix)

    DJ Hansz - Sure Shot (Original Mix)

    Don Rimini - Circuit (Original Mix)

    GetCosy - Codes (Original Mix)

    DJ NTSC, Marvy - House Brutality (Original Mix)

    Geto Mark - Pop That (Original Mix)

    ProOne79 - Feed The Freak (Original Mix)

    Geto Mark - Bang The Box (Original Mix)

    Don Rimini - Let Me Tell U (Original Mix)

    Don Rimini - Shake Dat B (Original Mix)

    Ocsav - Marcel Prosed (Original Mix)

    2h 0m | Jan 13, 2022
  • Bunkaball Radio Show 036 - Special Guest : Fhase 87 On Rinse Fr

    BUNKABALL RADIO SHOW 036 On Rinse France :

    PART 1 

    - @bunkaball Exclusive Tracks :

    ProOne 79 - Feed The Freak (BUNK070) 

    - Mix 1 - Don Rimini

    Tracklist : 

    DJ Bruce Lee - Bumpin (Ron Bacardi Edit)

    Ango Tamarin - Hand Luggage 

    Nevalu & Kidd Wrek - Where's The Jack

    Stacey Pullen - Circus Act

    DJ Godfather Featuring King Saadi - Not Me 

    Fossil Archive, Roberto - Modify

    Preza, Cali (US) - Butterfly Effect

    Ejeca - Cell Block

    Queer On Acid - Not The Time

    Elliot Adamson - Don’t Be Too Polite

    Asquith & DJ Mountain Dad - It Ain't A Mistake If You Win

    Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. - Bonk

    Black Girl / White Girl - Phaeses

    Ackermann - In My Hood

    Truncate - Process

    Raavel - Protoplasm (Erhalder Remix)

    Filterheadz - Skreamer (The Southern RAW Mix)

    Mario Ochoa - Binary

    Uncertain - Machine

    Bastian Bux - Algon

    Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier (Nomadico Remix)

    PART 2 

    - Mix 2 - Fhase 87

    Tracklist : 

    Don Rimini - See Ya On The Floor

    Ackermann - Jack Dis

    Uncertain - Bump

    Dubfire & Flug - Algorithm

    Temudo - E08

    Jay Clarke - Titanium (Audio Units Dotdat re

    Holden Federico - Either One Of Us

    Drumsauw - Renegade

    DAVMA - Theorical (Pushmann remix)

    Responder - Assign

    Fhase 87 - Don't Sleep

    Vinicius Honorio - Deadpan

    Glenn Wilson Mattias Fridell - Observation

    The Southern Tenzella - Salient


    Marco Bailey - Electrip

    Maccari - The Gatecrasher

    Globurst - Constructed Memories

    Fractious - Hidden Spark

    A.Paul - Duplicated

    Anders (BR) - Earth Response (Mattias Fridell Alexander Johansson remix)

    Ceriselune - Funky Bell (The Other Version)

    Doug Cooney - Mask

    Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. - Clap

    Fhase 87 - Glamour Machine

    Tenzella - Frazil

    Tevatron - Basic Surgery

    2h 0m | Dec 9, 2021
Bunkaball Radio Show at Rinse France