#19-Stefan Sobkowiak: Our biggest mistakes in Permaculture

1h 12m | Apr 24, 2022

Stefan Sobkowiak operates a 12 acre farm of which 6-acres are in a permaculture orchard at Miracle Farms in Quebec. Sobkowiak originally bought the farm as a conventional 12 acre 4,000 tree monoculture apple orchard and immediately transitioned it to organic, but he quickly realized that an organic monoculture merely substitutes inputs from the conventional model. The alternative he created is a diverse polyculture that produces a wide variety of different fruits, berries and perennial herbs for u-pick membership customers. Sobkowiak is also an avid teacher, having taught at the university level and now popularly, through his Permaculture Orchard video, his online virtual orchard tour and his online pruning course.

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