Building Your Permaculture Property

Join farmer, educator, and author Takota Coen as he explores how you can design and develop land anywhere in the world to provide for your food, water, shelter, energy, and other needs in a way that is good for all people, the planet and our future.

Takota Coen is the co-author of "Building Your Permaculture Property: A 5 Step Process To Design and Develop Land", an instructor with Verge Permaculture, and co-owner of Coen Farm, a 250 acre award winning permaculture farm, in Alberta Canada.

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#9-Kevin Mullen: Building A Healthy Home
Show Details1hr 32min
#8-Curtis Stone: The Martyr Mindset of Farmers
Show Details2hr 25min
#7-Tad Hargrave: Marketing For Hippies
Show Details1hr 19min
#6-Nicole Masters: For the Love of Soil
Show Details1hr 18min
#5-Don Ruzicka: Conversation with an Elder Agrarian
Show Details1hr 43min
#4-Rob Avis: A Permaculture Engineer's Perspective on Diet
Show Details1hr 5min
#3-Mark Anielski and Rob Avis: An Economy of Well-Being
Show Details1hr 35min
#2-Rob Avis and Takota Coen: The Permaculture Response to Every Conspiracy
Show Details2hr 5min
#1–Sally Fallon: "Nourishing Diets: How Paleo Ancestral and Traditional Peoples Really Ate"
Show Details1hr 7min
Introduction to the podcast
Show Details26s