904: David Hauser | Raising $20M as a Teen, Buying Boring Businesses, and More

50m | Jan 22, 2024

Today I'm making friends with David Hauser who has a track record of founding multiple successful companies, building exceptional teams, and investing in innovative ideas.

** What I Discuss with David:

– Constantly running into each other at LifeTime Gym in Vegas

– Why David always knew he was going to be an entrepreneur

– How David’s parents instilled work ethic in him

– Coding websites in the early '00s

– How David raised $20m as a 17 year old

– Why college can’t create entrepreneurs

– Building and exiting several successful companies

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** About David Hauser:

David Hauser is an entrepreneur hailing from New York City. He attended City & Country School, Poly Prep Country Day School, and Babson College, where he received excellent educational opportunities that fueled his never-ending quest for learning. With a track record of founding multiple successful companies, building exceptional teams, and investing in innovative ideas, David has shared his experiences through media appearances and public speaking engagements.

Currently residing in Las Vegas, he spent significant years in New York City, Boston, and Austin. David's notable entrepreneurial achievements include founding Grasshopper (bootstrapped to $30M+ ARR, acquired by Citrix), Chargify (built profitably, secured Mark Cuban investment, acquired by Battery Ventures), Vanilla (raised $42M from Venrock and Insight Partners), and ReturnPath (raised funds from Flatiron Partners, with a secured management team).

As a founding member of National Entrepreneurs’ Day, David has also made significant contributions as an angel investor in companies like Intercom, Unbounce, Groove, The Hustle, and more than 50 others. His expertise has been showcased through public speaking engagements at events such as SaaSFest, FOWA, Big Omaha, LessConf, and SuperConf, as well as his coverage in major media outlets including CNN, Fox, Inc. Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and Inc. 30 Under 30.

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