919: Chris Hunter | Building the Billion Dollar Four Loko Empire

1h 14m | May 6, 2024

What’s it like to rise from Youngstown, Ohio to flying in private jets, then lose it all? What’s it like to be an alpha male who gets what you want, then realize you have put everything that matters to you at risk? What does it mean to know exactly who you are, then understand that you don’t know yourself at all?

A born hustler, Chris Hunter co-created Four Loko, the world’s most infamous alcoholic beverage, and blew it up to a national sensation and a billion-dollar company in two years, only to be fired by his own partners. Until that moment, he thought he knew what it meant to be a man. He thought he understood—hell, embodied—masculinity.

He was wrong.

Events that would have broken other men opened a door. Chris Hunter walked through it to a new reality. A searing tale of power, grit, and unexpected reinvention – ˙his memoir, Blackout Punch is the story of a man who had it all—and wanted it all to be different.

Find his new vegan-protein drink, Koia, HERE!

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