S.2 Ep. 8: Heart First: Navigating a Remodel with Matthew Kyle

37m | May 1, 2024

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Welcome to the Build Your Culture Brand Podcast. Today, Dr. Jay Raines is joined by Matthew Kyle, Owner-Operator at Chick-fil-A Athens (AL). Matthew's deep-rooted culture of hospitality stems from the example set by his parents and further honed through his family ties within Chick-fil-A and his own experience as an Owner-Operator. Dr. Jay and Matthew dive into how Matthew navigated the challenges of a four-month-long restaurant remodel, including preparing his team for reopening. Matthew shares the benefits of the remodel, as the closure allowed time for him and his top-level leaders to engage in strategic planning and clarify the culture message of the organization. Founded on his family's values, Matthew highlights how he creates a culture where everyone "has a seat at the table" and continues integrating that into all he does.

LeadersQ serves individual owner-operators and their teams and is not affiliated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Time stamps: 

(00:00 - 02:14) Intro

(02:15 - 05:27) Thinking Analytically and Hesitating to Jump

(05:28 - 12:10) Family in Business

(12:11 - 15:41) Challenges with a Restaurant Remodel

(15:42 - 19:11) Leader Investment During the Closure

(19:12 - 24:35) Dealing with Changes and Reopening

(24:36 - 30:10) Building Culture: Humble, Hungry, Heart

(30:11 - 34:00) Power Behind the Phrase

(34:01 - 36:45) Prioritizing People

(46:46 - 37:14) Closing

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