Ep. 23: Beating Brownout: Finding Purpose Beyond Your Goals with Dr. Chris Liberatore

Season 1
33m | Dec 20, 2023

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Welcome to the Build Your Culture Brand Podcast. Today, Dr. Jay Raines is joined by Chris Liberatore, Ph.D., Owner-Operator at Chick-fil-A Cleveland in Cleveland, GA. Chris shares what led him to pursue his Ph.D. in Human Capital Management and his research findings around the concept of "Brownout". He unpacks the difference between burnout and brownout, how to move forward if you find yourself disengaging, and the importance of having a purpose behind your work. Other highlights include understanding how different generations view purpose in the workplace, and creating intentional time for resource replenishment as a business leader.

Check out "Episode 12: Brothers in Business: Fostering Success Together" to hear the woven leadership journeys of Owner-Operators, Chris and Daniel Liberatore.

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(00:00 - 01:58) Introduction

(01:59 - 06:05) Burnout vs "Brownout"

(06:06 - 10:38) Why Executives Care About Brownout

(10:39 - 14:29) Self-Care, Purpose, and Community

(14:30 - 18:41) Creating Intentional Time to Recharge

(18:42 - 22:46) Why Does Purpose Matter?

(22:47 - 28:54) How Different Generations View Purpose

(28:55 - 31:19) First Steps to Overcome Brownout

(31:20 - 33:05) Closing

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