S.2 Ep. 6: Culture Momentum with Ryan Twitchel

37m | Mar 20, 2024

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Welcome to the Build Your Culture Brand Podcast. Today, Dr. Jay Raines is joined by Ryan Twitchel, Senior Director of Development at Chick-fil-A Riverview and University at Mill (AZ). Recently promoted to his role, Ryan talks about the importance of an effective organizational structure, outlining culture expectations at every level, and weaving core values into everyday conversations. Together, Dr. Jay and Ryan highlight DISC as a development tool and what happens when personality and culture overlap. From his personal leadership experience, Ryan shares the importance of balancing empathy and accountability and modeling culture-focused behaviors as a leader. Whether an emerging leader or seasoned entrepreneur, hear about how prioritizing values can help propel your team forward.

Special shoutout to Owner-Operator, Brandon Barrett, for leading his team with excellence and investing in the development of his leaders.

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Time stamps: 

(00:00 - 02:45) Intro

(02:46 - 05:36) Balancing Empathy and Accountability

(05:37 - 10:37) An Effective Organizational Structure

(10:38- 14:17) Living Out Core Values

(14:18 - 17:29) Cascading Culture and Consistent Behavior

(17:30 - 20:38) Expectations at Every Level

(20:39 - 24:24) DISC as a Development Tool

(24:25 - 28:27) When Personality and Culture Overlap

(28:28 - 36:00) Learning from Misplaced Empathy

(36:01- 37:10) Outro

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