Bonus Episode: How to be Clear about Culture with Israel Allmand

Season 1
13m | Aug 30, 2023

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Welcome to the Build Your Culture Brand Podcast. Today we’re featuring a special bonus episode where Dr. Jay Raines and Israel Allmand unpack designing a clear and measurable culture that cascades throughout the organization. Culture BrandTM is a concept, unique to each organization, that describes how you get results, how you work together, and how you show up as an individual. As a General Manager, Israel shares how he works with his Operator, Ray Cowan, to define and clarify their team culture in a way that helps each individual know when they are winning. Highlights include using Culture BrandTM to develop leaders, building accountability, and creating a framework for decision-making. If you’re curious about what Culture BrandTM can do for your organization, start here!

Want to hear more about how Culture BrandTM has impacted this organization? Tune into Episode 13 of Build Your Culture Brand, where Owner-Operator Ray Cowan shares his perspective on creating a winning culture. 

Time stamps: 

(00:00 - 02:12) Introduction 

(02:13- 04:56) The Culture BrandTM Framework

(04:57 - 06:47) Self-Reflection Using Culture BrandTM

(06:48 - 09:59) Measuring the Depth of the Impact

(10:00 - 12:45) Increasing Accountability

(12:46 - 13:36) Closing Thoughts

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