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BritWres Roundtable

You know all about your WWEs, TNAs, ROHs and even the indies. You're familiar with Lucha Libre and an expert of Puroresu. But chances are you're missing out on the best kept secret in the wrestling sphere: BritWres. Let Oli, Rob and Arn be your guides to the wonderful world of British Grappling and get in on the ground floor of a true reemergence of the scene. From the underground vibe of PROGRESS to the international dream matches provided by RevPro to the sheer level of insanity provided by ICW, as well as much much more in between, there's a lot to enjoy and even more to talk about.


86. BritWres Roundtable: WON HoF European Candidates
Show Details2hr 13min
85. BritWres Roundtable: wXw World Tag Team Festival
Show Details2hr 17min
84: BritWres Roundtable: Summer Sizzler, Royal Quest, NXTUK FakeOver & More
Show Details1hr 53min
26: BritWres Roundtable: Unions, NXT UK, Smallman & State of the Pod
Show Details2hr 4min
25: BritWres Roundtable: Oli's Return; OTT WrestleRama & More
Show Details1hr 26min
24: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 & RPW Epic Encounter
Show Details1hr 16min
23: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS SSS16 Preview & Mailbag
Show Details1hr 36min
22: BritWres Roundtable: OTT ScrapperMania V & Europe's WrestleMania Vacation
Show Details1hr 16min
21: BritWres Roundtable: wXw 16 Carat Gold 2019 ft. Maffew of Botchamania
Show Details2hr 7min
20: BritWres Roundtable: wXw 16 Carat Preview & OTT Homecoming II
Show Details1hr 33min
19: BritWres Roundtable: Fourth Annual Britties
Show Details2hr 7min
18: BritWres Roundtable: Wrestle Gate's Gary Ward Interview
Show Details1hr 24min
17: BritWres Roundtable: OTT Year In Review & TakeOver: Blackpool
Show Details1hr 43min
16: BritWres Roundtable: WWE & the State of European Wrestling Going Forward
Show Details1hr 33min
15: BritWres Roundtable: ICW Fear & Loathing XI Preview
Show Details49min 13s
14: BritWres Roundtable: RPW Uprising, wXw Broken Rules & More
Show Details1hr 28min
13: BritWres Roundtable: wXw World Tag Team League Extravaganza
Show Details2hr 8min
12: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Wembley, OTT & RPW
Show Details1hr 22min
11: BritWres Roundtable: World Tag Team League Preview and Listener Questions
Show Details1hr 20min
10: BritWres Roundtable: Euro Draft III
Show Details2hr 8min
9: BritWres Roundtable: Summer Sizzler, WrestleRama 2 & EuroDraft rewind
Show Details2hr 6min
8: BritWres Roundtable: NJPW UK, NXT UK, Frontline & More
Show Details1hr 58min
7: BritWres Roundtable: WWE NXT UK Contract Situation, OTT & More
Show Details1hr 1min
6: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Super Strong Style, RPW Epic Encounter, wXw & more
Show Details1hr 10min
5: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS SSS16 Preview, True Colors Review & BritWres at Mania
Show Details1hr 1min
BritWres Roundtable: 16 Carat Interview Pack
Show Details2hr 7min
4: BritWres Roundtable: Live at the 16 Carat Wrestling Festival
Show Details2hr 7min
3: BritWres Rountable: wXw 16 Carat Preview & PROGRESS Chapter 63
Show Details1hr 41min
2: BritWres Roundtable: January Roundup, Oceania-European Exchange & More
Show Details1hr 17min
1: BritWres Roundtable: The 3rd Annual Britties; 2017 Euro Graps Awards
Show Details2hr 7min
54: Brit Wres Roundtable: RPW & NJPW Global Wars UK
Show Details1hr 19min
53: Brit Wres Roundtable: PROGRESS Chapter 56 & wXw London
Show Details1hr 17min
52: Brit Wres Roundtable: wXw Interview Pack ft. Toni Storm, Massive Product, Ilja Dragunov & More
Show Details2hr 8min
51: Brit Wres Roundtable: wXw World Tag Team League Festival
Show Details2hr 7min
50: Brit Wres Roundtable: FCP Project Mayhem & wXw World Tag League Preview
Show Details49min 28s
49: Brit Wres Roundtable: PROGRESS Ally Pally, FCP Project Mayhem & WCPW World Cup
Show Details2hr 4min
48: Brit Wres Roundtable: RPW Summer Sizzler, PROGRESS & ICW
Show Details1hr 14min
47: Brit Wres Roundtable: Euro Draft II
Show Details2hr 7min
46: Brit Wres Roundtable: Keith Lee vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & OTT WrestleRama
Show Details48min 12s
45: Brit Wres Roundtable: British J Cup, Shortcut to the Top & Mid-Year Awards
Show Details1hr 57min
44: Brit Wres Roundtable: Euro Draft Retrospective
Show Details1hr 36min
43: BritWres Roundtable: RPW Cockpit, ATTACK! & wXw
Show Details1hr 20min
42: BritWres Roundtable: Super Strong Style 16 & 5 Star Wrestling
Show Details1hr 35min
41: BritWres Roundtable: Epic Encounter, ScrapperMania III, ICW & More!
Show Details1hr 8min
40: BritWres Roundtable: FCP DTTI, RPW, PROGRESS & More
Show Details1hr 52min
39: BritWres Roundtable: WrestleMania Weekend - RevPro, Progress, WCPW & more!
Show Details1hr 10min
38: BritWres Roundtable: 16 Carat Wrestling Festival
Show Details1hr 55min
37: BritWres Roundtable: wXw 16 Carat, PROGRESS & More
Show Details1hr 14min
36: BritWres Roundtable: OTT, WCPW World Cup, ZSJ in NJPW & More
Show Details1hr 42min
35: BritWres Roundtable: wXw London Calling, PROGRESS, ICW Square Go! & More
Show Details1hr 40min
34: BritWres Roundtable: RPW High Stakes, PROGRESS & More
Show Details1hr 35min
33: BritWres Roundtable: WWE UK Championship Tournament
Show Details1hr 24min
32: BritWres Roundtable: ITV World of Sport, PROGRESS, ATTACK! & more
Show Details2hr
31: BritWres Rountable: UK Title Tournament, World of Sport, wXw & PROGRESS
Show Details1hr 43min
30: BritWres Roundtable: Year End Awards
Show Details1hr 46min
29: BritWres Roundtable: New PROGRESS Champion & FCP Infinity Tournament
Show Details1hr 21min
28: BritWres Roundtable: Historic ICW Fear & Loathing & PROGRESS Chapter 38
Show Details59min 10s
27: BritWres Roundtable: NJPW/RPW Global Wars UK & ICW Fear & Loathing
Show Details1hr 45min
26: BritWres Roundtable: NJPW/RPW Global Wars UK, Mark Haskins situation & more!
Show Details2hr 2min
25: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS, Fight Club Pro & more!
Show Details1hr 27min
24: BritWres Roundtable: wXw World Tag Team League
Show Details1hr 51min
23: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Brixton, WCPW & more!
Show Details1hr 38min
22: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 36
Show Details44min 26s
21: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Keep It Unreal, Ospreay/Vader & more!
Show Details1hr 48min
20: BritWres Roundtable: RevPro Uprising & Smaller UK Promotions
Show Details1hr 37min
19: BritWres Roundtable: Inaugural Euro Draft!
Show Details2hr 7min
18: BritWres Roundtable: RPW Summer Sizzler, Shibata vs. Sabre & more!
Show Details1hr 35min
17: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS, ICW Financials & more!
Show Details1hr 56min
16: BritWres Roundtable: Angle vs. Sabre, wXw, PROGRESS Chapter 31 & more
Show Details1hr 46min
15: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Review & more!
Show Details2hr 7min
14: BritWres Roundtable: Angle vs. Sabre, RevPro TV, WhatCulture Wrestling & more!
Show Details1hr 39min
13: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Super Strong Style Preview
Show Details1hr 23min
12: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS, RPW & WWE Cruiserweight Classic
Show Details1hr 39min
11: BritWres Roundtable: wXw 16 Carat Gold Recap (w/ Alan Counihan)
Show Details1hr 25min
10: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Wrestling 4th Anniversary Show
Show Details55min 14s
9: BritWres Roundtable: wXw 16 Carat Gold & Will Ospreay to NJPW
Show Details1hr 24min
8: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Wrestling & UK Scene News/Notes
Show Details1hr 49min
7: BritWres Roundtable: RPW High Stakes 2016, PROGRESS 25 & more!
Show Details2hr 7min
6: BritWres Roundtable: RPW High Stakes, 5-Star Wrestling & more!
Show Details2hr 6min
5: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS Wrestling Chapters 23 & 24 & Year in Review
Show Details1hr 49min
4: BritWres Roundtable: ICW's Fear & Loathing VIII, PROGRESS & more!
Show Details1hr 32min
3: BritWres Roundtable: PROGRESS, Tetsujin Strong Style & 5* Wrestling
Show Details1hr 35min
2: BritWres Roundtable: Callum Leslie & PROGRESS Wrestling!
Show Details2hr 8min
1: BritWres Roundtable (Episode 4): New Japan/RevPro
Show Details2hr 4min