Bridge to Buctober

A Pittsburgh Pirates podcast. No matter how long the bridge to Buctober is, we are Buccos fans. We will talk about the stories of what is, what was, and what's to come; from a fan perspective. Whether you're driving to work, riddin' up the hahse, or eatin' a sammich, come join us and our love for baseball and the Pirates.

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036 | 40-man Roster Probz
Show Details57min 31s
035 | 2021 Pirates Season Recap
Show Details1hr 12min
034 | Cruzin' Out of 2021
Show Details55min 59s
033 | One More Week
Show Details1hr 6min
032 | What's the Story Here?
Show Details1hr 4min
031 | To Sweep Or Not To Sweep
Show Details52min 20s
030 | Is Polanco Gone Now or What?
Show Details1hr 1min
029 | Eight Year Cup of Coffee
Show Details1hr 2min
028 | Red Sky in Morning
Show Details1hr 15min
027 | The Dog Days
Show Details47min 48s
026 | Trade Deadline Wins and Woes
Show Details1hr 13min
025 | The Adam Frazier Trade
Show Details50min 41s
024 | Granny Stallings
Show Details52min 10s
023 | 2021 MLB Draft
Show Details56min 4s
022 | Bucco All-Stars
Show Details50min 1s
021 | Max Kranick MLB Debut
Show Details57min 11s
020 | Sticky Stuff
Show Details1hr 13min
019 | Mitch Keller
Show Details1hr
018 | Prospect Update (Bonus)
Show Details1hr 1min
017 | Ke's Back!
Show Details42min 23s
016 | The Play of the Year (Kind of)
Show Details49min 30s
015 | From Superstition to Young to Old
Show Details54min 25s
014 | Back to Back Walkoffs
Show Details52min 38s
013 | From Our Father's Wood Shop
Show Details39min 7s
012 | Minor League Rosters Released
Show Details42min 14s
011 | Bucs Are Back to .500
Show Details35min 41s
010 | Padres and Brewers
Show Details47min 34s
009 | First Series Win
Show Details39min 52s
007 | Opening Day Roster
Show Details45min 34s
006 | Predictions
Show Details50min 57s
005 | New Rules n'at
Show Details54min 30s
004 | Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Show Details24min 24s
003 | Service Time and Baseball Stuff
Show Details57min 34s
002 | How Bad Is It?
Show Details32min 47s
001 | Spring Training n'at
Show Details27min 3s