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Bits of Happiness

Bits of Happiness shares lessons in happiness and lifestyle design learned over the course of hundreds of conversations with leaders from all over the world.

Join me, Trey Kauffman—host of The Mosaic Life Podcast, for short, digestible and actionable lessons in how we can all live our very best lives.


Don’t Put Your Heroes on a Pedestal
Show Details4min 27s
I'm Going to Die
Show Details4min 35s
I Don't Need to Have an Opinion
Show Details3min 53s
Quitting Drinking was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made
Show Details4min 53s
We Must Define Our Integrity
Show Details3min 55s
Do you want to be happy?
Show Details4min 2s
Let's Talk About Happiness
Show Details4min 19s
Bits of Happiness Trailer
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