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BGodInspired is an inclusive place… where we want to help you build a relationship with God… where we want you to better understand yourself… where we want to provide you the motivation to get more from life... as only God can provide it. 

Be connected with God through these bible verses of the day. We provide short messages so they are easy to consume in the busyness of life.

It just takes a few minutes for you to connect with God each day and receive the blessings He has for you. Reach out. Connect. Let Him guide you.

We believe in Inclusion: One God, multiple religions. One Jesus with two core commandments: Love God and Love Others (no exceptions). One Spirit that connects us all, many perspectives.

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Psalm 40 16 Bible Study with Meaning, Action and Prayer
Show Details1min 57s
Isaiah 54:17 Bible Study with Meaning, Action and Prayer
Show Details2min 35s
Philippians 4:19 Bible Study with Meaning, Action and Prayer
Show Details2min 21s
Deuteronomy 28:12 Bible Study
Show Details3min 26s
Deuteronomy 28:12 Prayer
Show Details30s
Verses about Holy Spirit - 1 Corinthians 2
Show Details2min 8s
What Love is in the Bible? The Blessings from Living Bible Love
Show Details4min 19s
The Importance of Prayer for Positive Living
Show Details4min 52s
What Psalm 121 KJV Means - Trusting God's Protection For Your Life
Show Details4min 30s
Bible Scriptures on Giving: A Collection of Inspiring Bible Verses to Help You
Show Details4min 48s
Proverbs 3:5 - Bible Scripture about Trusting God
Show Details3min 31s
Bible Scripture on Peace - Finding Comfort in Your World
Show Details4min 41s
Encouraging Bible Verses on Faith to Inspire You
Show Details7min 12s
Psalm 84 11 - A Psalm of Praise - How to Understand the Meaning of a Scripture
Show Details4min 2s
The Inspirational New Testament Quotes of Jesus on Forgiveness, Love, Wealth and more...
Show Details4min 53s
How to Activate the Holy Spirit Within You
Show Details2min 50s
Encouraging Bible Verses That Help Us When We're Going Through Hard Times
Show Details4min 10s
Motivational Bible Verses about Finding Your Inner Strength
Show Details4min 24s
Inspiring Bible Verses about the Holy Spirit
Show Details6min 27s
3 Ways to Cultivate the Holy Spirit to Help with Anxiety
Show Details3min 47s
3 Ways to Get Closer with God - Experience More Joy
Show Details3min 21s
Trust God to Overcome Your Anxiety
Show Details3min 33s
4 Reasons to Love God - Even When It's Difficult
Show Details6min 24s
4 Ways to Connect with God When You Feel Lost
Show Details3min 45s
How to Improve Your Trust in God
Show Details4min 17s
Encouraging Bible Verses with Meaning that Will Inspire You
Show Details7min 17s
The Importance of Faith and Courage in the Face of Adversity
Show Details3min 43s
Your Identity In Christ - You Are Valuable
Show Details3min 35s
Paul's Message in Hebrews 6: Perseverance of the Faithful
Show Details3min 54s
5 Ways to Seek and Find God's Joy and Happiness in Your Everyday Life
Show Details5min 9s
5 Biblical Tips for Living a Life of Peace
Show Details5min 35s
4 Tips to Pray More and Worry Less
Show Details3min 44s
Putting God First is Challenging
Show Details4min 28s
The Bible's Take on Giving and Receiving: Meaning of James 1:17
Show Details5min 9s
1 Corinthians 13:4–8 Meaning - Inspire Your Love for God
Show Details5min 31s
The Holy Spirit is a Gift from God and What that Means for You
Show Details6min 32s
Meaning of Matthew 11:28 - Finding Rest in Jesus
Show Details2min 47s
2 Corinthians 5:17 - Don't Lose Heart
Show Details5min 24s
The 5 Beauty Tips from 1 Peter 3 That Will Make You Look Better on the Inside and Out
Show Details5min 48s
4 Biblical Ways to Deal with Anxiety
Show Details4min 59s
How to Find Inspiration From Hebrews 13
Show Details4min 21s
Meaning of John 10:10 — God Promises Abundance for Us and 7 Ways it Applies Today
Show Details4min 49s
The Meaning of Luke 12:7 and How it can Help You
Show Details3min 24s
5 Ways to Praise God Daily
Show Details5min 10s
Habakkuk 3:19 meaning — God is Your Strength
Show Details5min 37s
John 14:27 - God Gives You Peace To Overcome Your Stress and Anxiety
Show Details4min 52s
What Does God Want to Say to Me?
Show Details3min 35s
The Power of Faith in Your Life - Hebrews 11
Show Details5min 11s
4 Ways to Improve Your Life — According to Luke 6
Show Details3min 28s
5 Benefits of Prayer in Your Life
Show Details4min 27s
How to be Human: 7 Tips from the Life of Jesus Christ
Show Details5min 7s
5 Tips to Finding Peace in a World of Chaos: The Bible's Hidden Message
Show Details6min 25s
7 Tips to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life - from a Godly Perspective
Show Details4min 7s
3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety through Your Relationship with God
Show Details4min 32s
5 Ways to Stop Worrying and Trust God
Show Details5min 2s
1 Timothy: The Grace of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Show Details7min 17s
You Have Not Because You Ask Not - Lessons from James 4 for Your Life
Show Details3min 2s
Galatians 5: The Fruits of the Spirit from Your Connection with God
Show Details5min 47s
Proverbs 16:3 - Commit To God and He Will Direct Your Plans
Show Details3min 12s
Bible Verses of Encouragement — Help to Smile during Difficult Times
Show Details5min 15s
Trust In God - Lessons from Jeremiah 17
Show Details4min 40s
Philippians 4 - The Peace that Passes All Understanding is with You
Show Details4min 19s
James 1: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith and Receive Blessings from God
Show Details4min 54s
Psalm 100:4 — Ways to Connect with God through Thankfulness
Show Details5min
The Parable of the Sower - Importance of Continual Growth
Show Details5min
Matthew 5:14 - what the Parable of the Lamp can Teach You about Life
Show Details3min 48s
2 Kings 4: The Empty Jar and a Wonderful Story of Trusting God
Show Details5min 5s
The Significance of Romans 1:16 for Your Life
Show Details3min 32s
The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Fear: Practical Tips for Christians
Show Details5min 36s
2 Chronicles 7 - How to Keep Your Soul Healthy
Show Details4min 52s
Matthew 6:31 - God Knows What You Need and He Will Provide
Show Details3min 13s
John 16 - the Holy Spirit's Comfort for You
Show Details4min 56s
Abundance from Jesus for You - the Importance of John 4:16
Show Details6min 11s
Matthew 22 - Last Words of Jesus
Show Details5min 38s
Love is Patient. Love is Kind. Bible Verse on Love: 1 Corinthians 13
Show Details5min 13s
God’s Love for You — the Heart of 1 Peter 5 and Why it Matters to You
Show Details3min 50s
5 Tips to Strengthen Your Faith and Grow Your Connection with God
Show Details4min 26s
5 Tips to Start Your Day with God and Finish on Top
Show Details4min 59s
Philippians 2 - Benefits of Being a Mindful Christian
Show Details6min 20s
2 Timothy - Beware False Teachers
Show Details4min 47s
Joshua 1:9 - Be Strong and Courageous
Show Details5min 4s
Romans 13 - Trust God in Troubling Times
Show Details4min 28s
Isaiah 41 - Do Not Fear - God Is With You
Show Details3min 2s
God's Dream For You Will Come True
Show Details3min 3s